Neustar is an accredited Registrar for Neustar Registry, which handles the .biz gTLD (generic Top Level Domain). Neustar Registry is well known as, for more than 10 years, it has successfully managed the .us ccTLD on behalf of the United States Department of Commerce.

The business gTLD, .biz, was initially created for businesses to use instead of .com, especially when their preferred .com domain name had been registered by another party. The only pre-requisite for owning a .biz name, is that it is a commercial operation, i.e. not for individual or personal use.

With over 2 million .biz registrations, this gTLD is gaining popularity and ranking in the top ten global registries. South African businesses looking to use a .biz gTLD can now register their domain name locally through our Neustar accreditation.

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