Verisign / DiaMatrix became the first Verisign-accredited Registrar in South Africa in November 2012 for both .com and .net Top Level Domains (TLDs), we are the first Registrar in South Africa to have both ICANN and Verisign accreditations.

Verisign is the authorised Registry for .com and .net TLD domain names. They are one of the most reliable providers of infrastructures for the Internet today.

Verisign is IPV6 compliant, offers cyber security resources and supports the Domain Name System Security Extension (DNSSEC). Verisign are continually developing and enhancing their products and services to play a significant role in the Internet’s evolution.

Verisign actively participates in technical forums, as well as applied research in securing the Internet, whilst supporting its community, to ensure one’s interaction on the Internet is safe, secure and reliable.

TLDs by Verisign

.com TLD

Generating sales is of paramount importance to any business with a presence on the internet. The best way to do this is to drive traffic to your website. Since the mid-1990s .com domain names which were designated to commercial entities only, were opened up for purchase to the general public and have now become the most recognised worldwide TLD.

In the international online community today, a .com domain name still carries a more business-like image than a, as it is used to represent the word "commercial".

Now you can own a Top Level Domain (TLD) .com domain name. Whether you have a website or not, you can still register a .com domain name now. It’s a quick and easy process with offers affordable .com domain names to the business community.

.net TLD

In today’s growing entrepreneurial internet environment, the community created by a .net TLD can be utilised by virtually anyone, companies and individuals alike. More and more are realising the importance of internet exposure for their businesses, innovations, technology, etc. and that is where .net comes in.

A .net TLD domain name is derived from the word ‘network’ and indicates to the global community that not only are you a business, but that this is a creative and innovative endeavour that has something worthwhile to share with them.

Become a dynamic participant in the community with your own .net, that signifies to the world that you have credibility, reliability, and a supportive community, to assist you in your endeavours.

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