Become an ADSL Reseller

Grow your revenue and start selling unshaped ADSL connectivity to your customers.

No Monthly Costs
Great Network & Performance
Easy Account Management
Our WHMCS Module

Available ADSL Packages

Generic Realm
Centralized Account Management
Free Dynamic DNS per Account
Session Management
Easy Integration
Bandwidth stats with Breakdown
Powered by VOX Network
6 Month Bandwidth Roll-over
No Contracts


Below is an overview of the platform features, these features are continually expanded on based on what our Resellers are looking for.

Great Network & Performance

Our unshaped DSL bandwidth and connectivity is powered by the robust and redundant VOX Network, ensuring your customers enjoy the best possible internet experience.

Easy Account Management

Centralized management of all your ADSL accounts with the ability to upgrade & top-up accounts, reset ADSL sessions, view the last phone number connected to the account as well as the ADSL account IP.

WHMCS module

We provide a WHMCS ADSL module absolutely free to all resellers. Save time on development and integration by simply downloading our WHMCS ADSL module and installing it on your WHMCS billing system.

API interface for automation

For custom billing systems and solutions we provide a complete RESTful json API which allows for integration between your system and our ADSL reseller platform.

White labeled & Walled in garden

Our solution is completely white-labeled and you are able to sell these ADSL accounts as your own.

Best Equipment

We only use the very best in SuperMicro enterprise hardware for our Reseller Hosting. All Servers are configured with RAID and Redundant Power Supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a R250 setup Fee?

The setup fee is for creating the reseller account, the full amount will then be loaded as a credit for you to use on your account.

What is included?

You get access to our full web-based control panel, our WHMCS ADSL module for automating the sales & provisioning of the service, our API for those developers who would like to do a custom development and integration, plus we also offer generic marketing banners in various sizes.

Can I brand my accounts?

You are able to add your logo to the page when a client is capped as called the “Walled in Garden”. All accounts created use a generic REALM (

Do you support custom realms?

We currently do not support custom realms, however, this will be implemented in the future. We do however provision as accounts on a generic realm.

Is there port prioritization or shaping?

No, all ADSL accounts are unshaped.

What is Bandwidth Roll-over?

All accounts come with a 6 month bandwidth roll-over. If your customer does not use their cap limit in a month, the unused bandwidth will roll-over and be available for them to use for 6 months.

Is there any contract period?

There is no contract period, all accounts are on a month-to-month basis.

Can I cancel an account?

You can cancel an account automatically any-time prior to our billing run. Should you wish to do this after the billing / invoice run, you will have to contact our account department in order to do so.

Can I top-up an account if capped?

Absolutely, you can top-up an account at any time. Unused top-ups also roll-over for 6 months.

Are there any minimum requirements?

You must have a minimum of 3 ADSL accounts within your profile. Should you have less, you are not really a Reseller and we reserve the right to move you from our Reseller Pricing / Platform and bill you the regular Retail pricing.
New accounts will be vetted in order to ensure authenticity.