API WHMCS Integration Information


domains.co.za offers Registrars and Resellers a RESTful JSON API which allows both Registrars, or Resellers, the ability to integrate their existing systems into our Multi-Registrar / Reseller platform. Our API is extremely extensive and acts as an abstraction layer above EPP, while also including features and functions over and above the standard EPP protocol. It acts as an entry point for registering domains on multiple TLDs.

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There are over 48 API functions, some of which are listed below:

Domain Management
  • Create Domain
  • Transfer Domain
  • Delete Domain
  • Renew Domain
  • Enable/Disable Domain Auto-Renew
  • Check Domain Availability
  • Update Domain Registrant Information
  • Enable/Disable Registrar Lock
  • Cancel Domain Update
  • Cancel Domain Transfer
  • Cancel Domain Delete
  • Accept / Decline Domain Transfers
Domain(s) Information
  • View Domain Information
  • Registrar Lock Status
  • View Domain EPP Key
  • Transfer Domain Check
  • Domain List of All Domains with Filters
  • Domain Totals
  • Incoming Domain Transfer List
  • Outgoing Domain Transfer List
  • Domain Statistics
Reseller Management (Registrars Only)
  • Reseller Information
  • Reseller List
  • View Reseller Prices
  • Set Reseller Prices
  • Add Reseller Credit
  • Remove Reseller Credit
  • Enable / Disable Reseller Notifications
Nameserver Management
  • Update Nameservers
  • Create Nameserver Glue Records [ZARC]
  • View Nameserver Glue Records [ZARC]
  • Create Nameserver Host Records
  • Update Nameserver Host Records
  • View Nameserver Host Records
  • Delete Nameserver Host Record
Premium DNS
  • Create Domain
  • Delete Domain
  • Update Service Type (Master / Slave)
  • Get DNS Records
  • Save DNS Records
Poll Management
  • Poll Totals
  • Poll List with Filters
  • Acknowledge Poll Messages

WHMCS Plugin

domains.co.za provides BOTH Registrars and Resellers with a free WHMCS module that plugs into their WHMCS billing system. The Registrar version plugs directly into the Registrar's account on the domains.co.za platform allowing seamless registrations, transfers and management of clients' domains through the WHMCS installation. The Reseller WHMCS version works as a Reseller via the domains.co.za Registrar accreditation. A Reseller has almost all the benefits of an accredited Registrar, but without the required initial capital outlay.

Key Features

  • Domain Registrations
  • Domain Transfers with Automatic Monitoring
  • Automatically Synchronize Expiry Dates with the Registry
  • Update Nameservers
  • Manage Nameserver GLUE Records (IPV4 and IPV6 Support)
  • Manage Nameserver Host Records
  • Automated Domain Transfer Notifications for Successful or Failed Transfers
  • Manual / Automated Domain Renewal
  • Update Registrant Contact Information
  • Ability to use the domains.co.za Premium DNS Service
  • Registrar .pem File Stored in the domains.co.za Secure Environment, and not in the WHMCS installation.
  • 4 x Redundant IPV4/IPV6 Enterprise Nameservers on 4 x Separate IP Networks

WHMCS Dashboard Widget

domains.co.za provides our Registrars and Resellers with a WHMCS Dashboard Widget. This Widget will provide an overview of their domains' account information.

This Includes:

  • Available Funds
  • Total Domains
  • Domains Registered in the last 24 hours / 7 days / 30 days
  • Amount of Domains Transferring In / Transferring Out
  • Expiring Domains in 1 day / 7 days / 14 days / 30 days / 60 days / 90 days
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