GREAT NEWS: The Registry has dropped the renewal price on .africa, .joburg, .durban and .capetown domains to R90.00* p/y

After a hugely successful first half of The Great Domains Rush promotion , we are happy to announce that from 1st October 2022   the Registry has dropped the renewal price on all .africa & dotCities domains to R90.00* p/y. Whoohooo! Just R90.00* per year?!   This is a massive saving as the annual renewal prices for these domains are currently R270 and R340 respectively. The annual renewal reduction of africa, .joburg, .durban and .capetown domains make it possible for companies to build a domain name strategy for their business without breaking any budgets. If there was yet another excellent reason to Stake your claim at only R3.00* a domain in The Great Domains Rush – this is it. But wait there’s more.... If you have your [...]

What is Hosted PBX? Reasons to choose’s Uncapped Voice Communication Solution.

Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a cloud-based phone system that allows customers to make and take calls over the internet. Hosted PBX is often referred to as Cloud-based VoIP PBX, VoIP PABX or just VoIP. Small- to medium-sized businesses can benefit from using this form of telephonic communication because it allows an entire business to make, and take calls, via an App on desktops, laptops and smartphones, or via a SIP telephone – using fast internet instead of traditional copper lines.   Switching over from a traditional PBX solution to a Hosted PBX is a great idea if you: own a growing business; don’t have an in-house IT team; have employees working remotely; have introduced hybrid working conditions; employ multiple [...]

It is MORE than just a domain name – it’s an Opportunity!

It All Starts With a Domain Name! This is the slogan that we chose to best represent our brand. What do we mean with this? We mean that the moment you register your domain name, it is a tangible start to the business idea you’ve had in your mind. Suddenly, your business is real, and ready for you to give it ‘wings’. But that’s not the only reason we decided on this slogan. We also believe that having a domain is more than just a name on the World Wide Web. We believe that a domain name gives your business credibility, assists with name recognition, user retention, and will influence your marketing strategies for years to come. Furthermore, we believe that sometimes a domain name can be an opportunity in itself, because: [...] supports Animal Cruelty Prevention Month

April is the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month. It is a month to bring extra awareness to the plight of our animal rescue centres and the great work they are doing, as well as to support them whereever possible. It is a never-ending mommoth of a task to take in and care for neglected, abandoned, or lost, animals and they cannot do it alone.     As a domains and hosting company, is about fast, reliable and secure service and support, but that’s not all we are about. Our branding suggests a bunch of quirky, fun and tech-savvy innovators, and this is of course spot-on. But we also have a lot of heart. In the past we’ve always tried to pair our passion for cycling (and healthy exercise) with charitable donating by getting [...]

7 Best WordPress Plugins for 2022

Plugins for WordPress are allowing WordPress website owners to customise their websites and improve its functionality and performance. With nearly 60 000 plugins to choose from, finding the right plugin can seem daunting. Luckily, the internet is bursting with guides to help you pick the best. Along with the list of WordPress plugins we shared recently , we think the following are worth a visit:   1. WPForms – Create custom forms quickly and easily Forms are a great tool to include on your website, as it is an easy way to obtain contact information, gain email subscribers, run surveys and polls etc. With WPForms you can drag and drop pre-built forms or customise your own.   2. MemberPress – Create & restrict access Websites that offer [...]

7 Reasons to register a .joburg, .durban, .capetown or .africa alongside your

It all starts with a domain name, but it doesn’t have to end with just that one!   Your business can benefit from having a domain strategy that includes owning multiple domain names. It shows vision and out-of-the-box-thinking, and with Geo-TLDs like .joburg , .durban , capetown and .africa your brand can literally demand the online attention it deserves.    Benefit 1: We are selling the available domain extensions to our current customers for R3.00* each We’ve got excellent news for all our current customers! We have just launched the Great Domains Rush campaign in which we have reserved the equivalent of your domain name in the available .joburg, . durban , .capetown and .africa domain name [...] announces The Great Domains Rush – Stake your Claim!

Do you own a domain? Then register the available .joburg, .durban, .capetown or .africa domain name equivalent for only R3.00*! has just launched The Great Domains Rush – a campaign that will allow all its customers to register the matching domain name in a .joburg, .durban, .capetown and .africa for only R3.00* per domain name (if available). This promotion aims to make it easier for local businesses to grow their online visibility and brand presence. has reserved all the available .joburg, .durban, capetown and .africa domain name equivalents of its current customers. These customers have until midnight 30 June 2022 to Stake their Claim and register the available domains at the [...]

What to consider when choosing your Web Hosting Provider

Website hosting is the most important foundation of every website, it may seem less important as a “back-end” feature, than what is happening on the “front-end”, but it certainly is not. The hosting you choose will directly influence your website’s performance online. If you’ve chosen incorrectly, it won’t matter that you have an incredibly optimised, user-friendly website because it simply won’t function properly. Here are the top things to consider for your Web Hosting: 1. Server Reliability You want your website to be live and fully functional all the time because any downtime will mean damage to your reputation, less leads and less sales. Also, did you know search engines are not fond of weak servers? [...]

How to get More Online Reviews for your Business

In marketing , tools and platforms change, but one thing always stays the same: the importance of “ word of mouth ”. People do not necessarily trust brands; but they do trust what other people say about them. Statistics show that 91% of consumers are more likely to buy products, or make use of a service, after reading positive reviews about the business. Furthermore, 76% of consumers feel the same way about online reviews as they do about recommendations from friends and family. In other words: reviews matter! That’s why irrespective of the size of your business, positive online reviews will be your company’s best sales pitch . It’s time to invest in an Online Review Strategy for your brand.   Things to keep in mind:   [...]

The benefits of Inbound Marketing for your SME

Digital marketing is constantly changing and adapting according to the needs and behaviours of consumers. A method of marketing that is standing the test of time is ‘ inbound marketing '. Inbound marketing is the use of digital tactics that draw in selective customers, as opposed to just sending out a message to ‘the masses’ ( outbound marketing ). Essentially, inbound marketing aims to provide targeted individuals with interesting and/or educational content that’s relevant to them. Various types of inbound marketing include Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Call to Actions, Landing Pages, Whitepapers, Blogs, eBooks, videos, podcasts etc. EXAMPLE: A hair salon will use inbound marketing to share hair styling tips and to educate customers (and [...]

How important is geographic redundancy to your domain’s name server?

The geographic redundancy of a domain name server (DNS), also referred to as DNS geo-redundancy, forms part of a company’s continuity. In other words, if your company is serious about limiting any downtime and disruptions regarding your hosting, perhaps due to a power outage or other challenges, geo-redundancy will be a pressing matter to prioritise. Not really sure what a DNS has to do with your domain name or hosting? Let’s take a few steps back to explain the relevance a little.   What is a domain name server (DNS)? A domain name is a short name that humans can remember and relate to. However, computers and the internet talk in IP address lingo. A domain name server (DNS) is the system used to translate domain names into IP addresses. [...]

The rise of the hybrid office and why your business needs Hosted PBX in the Cloud

Much like the past two years, the office will look a whole lot different than in 2019, however, now it is through choice, and with employee convenience and health in mind. That’s because while working from home, corporate employees across the globe realised they are more productive and have extra time for other things, like exercise and doctor’s appointments during the workweek. According to iAfrica , 50% of South African workers have been working from home full-time since June 2021. But is there longevity in this? Maybe, for some job roles, but experts believe that in order to be truly productive, office workers need to network and engage with each other and clients on a regular basis. They also fear that working from home could have a negative impact on [...]

7 Ways to Save your Start-up Money in 2022

Uncertain times have always been a catalyst for opportunity. Changes in consumer behaviour, and their adjusted needs, spur new business ideas.  Never has there been a better time to turn an idea into a start-up, than now. Irrespective of how great your idea is and how many investors you have at the ready, it is always a good idea to cut costs and keep overheads as low as possible while you grow your business.   Here are some ideas to save during the year ahead: 1. Ask: Do you really need an office yet? Part of the excitement of starting your own thing is moving into that dedicated office space where ideas will surely flow naturally…An office makes a business look and feel professional, but on the flip side it also costs a whole lot of money. [...]

Our Top 10 Small Business Trends for 2022

The small businesses that have survived the initial shock of Covid-19 and its effects on trade, services, manufacture, etc., and that have successfully adapted, will come into 2022 with their ‘guns blazing’. That’s because after nearly two years of “uncertainty” there is some normalcy in the ‘abnormalcy’. Now, at least, business owners know more or less what to expect, and can be better prepared. Here’s what we do know: Consumers spend more time at home browsing the internet and shopping via mobile devices and they want to feel important. Based on this, and everything else the past two years has taught us, these are the 10 things we think will stand out in the year ahead.   1. Flexible working conditions - [...]

Get your New Website Indexed by Google & Bing – Step-by step Guide

Search Engines e.g. Google and Bing , use web crawlers (also known as spiders, or spiderbots). This is software technology that crawls the entire World Wide Web daily, finding new hyperlinks and indexing new content. When search engines index website content, it means that content gets added to their gigantic database. If a website has not been indexed by a Search Engine (SE), it won’t rank on organic searches, because they are unaware of the site’s existence. The SE bots will eventually crawl your website and index it, however, this can take weeks. Every new website owner is excited to get their website live asap and they want it to be seen in search results. Manually submitting a website to a Search Engine can speed up the process. Follow our simple steps [...]

Gearing up for Christmas Online: 3 Things to Do Right Now [Part 3]

With only three weeks left until Christmas, you might think it is too late to start a marketing campaign. The truth is, it is never too late. A large percentage of Christmas shoppers leave it until the last minute, either holding out for specials, or until they have time. ‘Now’ is therefore an excellent time to start and take your campaign to the next level with ideas like these:   1. Run a deal of the day Create daily deals and use all your marketing platforms (email, social, SMS and WhatsApp) to communicate them. See it as being similar to Black Friday, use these deals to create a sense of urgency and excitement amongst your customers, leads and followers. TIP: Utilise Facebook and Instagram Stories to give your deal extra exposure!   [...]

Hosted PBX: Video Web Conferencing Productivity Tips

It seems that ‘Working from Home’ is here to stay! As we head nearer to SA’s next ‘round’ of Covid-19, strong remote-working strategies are a must. Video web conferencing software is helping management and teams stay up to date on what needs to be done on a ‘face-to-face' basis, remotely. While video is an excellent time-saving tool it is still only 2D, and team energy and non-verbal cues may be diminished. As a result employees may leave meetings feeling unfocused and unproductive. Now more than ever, companies need to work and communicate efficiently.   Make the most of video web conferences with these tips: 1. Use the right platform Productive video meetings require reliable, secure, and [...]

Top On-page SEO factors to include when building your website

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is a term that refers to the online tools that a company can implement to assist in increasing its organic (unpaid) ranking on search engines. The purpose of SEO is to help increase your website’s online visibility and attract customers. SEO is divided into three categories: On-page SEO - what can be implemented on the website itself. Off-site SEO – other aspects that you (or others) can do online that links to a page/s on your website, in other words building your credibility. Technical SEO - the items that your hosting company , or website building platform, that can contribute to, i.e. site speed (hosting), mobile readiness and domain trust . If you are using a website builder like Site Builder you [...]

Gearing up for Christmas Online: 3 Things To Do Right Now [Part 2]

By now your Christmas campaigns are already running or lying in wait for the Black Friday hype to die down. In the first part of this series we looked at strategy marketing and ways to build an email marketing list. As there is still enough time, let’s tackle some of the details of your campaign – its tinsel, if you will. Ultimately, if you (and your team) aren’t really excited about your Christmas specials, you’ll have trouble enticing anyone else. So, get psyched! If you haven’t done so already, start thinking about the following 3 things: 1.Packaging This depends entirely on what you sell and how many sales you are expecting this season. Be creative and resourceful. While it is great to design and print bespoke Christmas packaging for [...]

eCommerce Tips & Tricks for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two American-named, major shopping days that have in recent years grown in popularity in South Africa. In fact, many SA stores are now making an entire weekend of it. This year, Black Friday will take place on the 26th of November and Cyber Monday on the 29th. Shoppers can expect to pick up incredible deals in-store and online respectively. Did you know that in-store sales dropped by 30% last year, but the increase in eCommerce jumped by 60% ? Is your eCommerce store ready? Tips & Tricks to increase visibility and boost sales this Black Friday & Cyber Monday 1. Sweeten the deal more to stand-out Competition will be manic this year, as customers will be spoiled for choice and pricing won’t be the only thing [...]

10 Cyber Security Tips for Businesses & WFH Employees

It’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month but in truth, recognition of this growing hazard should take precedence every day. South Africa experiences the third highest number of cybercrime attacks in the world, suffering 577 malware attacks every hour. Companies need to intensify their defence strategies. Unfortunately, with most of the attacks focussed on employees, a company’s mitigation protocols are only as strong as their ‘weakest’ link. Here are our top 10 cyber security tips to protect your business and your remote workforce from the digital age’s biggest threat! Cyber Security Tips for Businesses 1. Create and implement a cyber security strategy for in-house and remote-working employees Defend your data assets and [...]

Why Prioritising Cyber Security is Critical to Your Business

Cyber Security is non-negotiable! Cyber-attacks can affect businesses and individuals in a professional, or personal capacity, with disastrous consequences. While October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month , the seriousness of cyber-crime should always take precedence; particularly in companies where a ‘work-from-anywhere’ culture is the order of the day. Did you know? Malware – It has been estimated, that South African businesses suffer 577 malware attacks every hour via online communications. Malware is malicious software such as a virus, worm, spyware, ransomware etc., which are designed to steal information and disrupt or damage a network. Phishing & Social Engineering – A Mimecast report found that social engineering [...]

Gearing up for Christmas Online: 3 Things to Do Right Now [Part1]

When it comes to Christmas, there is no such thing as starting too early. Brick and mortar shops are getting the decorations out, why shouldn’t online stores follow suit? Gearing up for Christmas means you can better prepare your business for the “silly season” and be one of the first online stores to grab the attention of your specific Christmas shopping market. In retail, Black Friday and Cyber Monday warm up shoppers for the grand finale of the year: Christmas, which is traditionally the busiest and most revenue-generating time of the year. That means everyone with something to sell will be “bringing it” and doing it sooner rather than later. Are you ready?   3 Things to Do Right Now: 1. Strategise Now isn’t the [...]

Cultivating a Culture of Entrepreneurship in South Africa

The unemployment rate in South Africa is currently at a staggering 34.4%. That’s 7.826-million people without jobs. First-world, developed countries that do not have this problem, also have something else we do not have - many entrepreneurs. Why is there such a shortage of entrepreneurs in this country? Could it be that we aren’t encouraging or rewarding entrepreneurial thinking enough? The pandemic may have clipped the wings of many start-ups, but it has also seen many innovators coming to the fore.   Why we need to cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship in SA: 1. It creates jobs and assists in growing the economy Let’s look at the most obvious benefit first. Entrepreneurs create businesses and businesses essentially need three [...]

5 Excellent Plugins for Your WordPress Website Right Now

There are tens of thousands of plugins available for WordPress, many of which are overhyped. At a loss as to which to single out? We’ve tried and tested a few and think these are the five your WordPress site should consider investigating further.   1. Yoast SEO to help you optimise better Only 5% of the search results shown are paid ads. This means optimised organic ranking is one of the best things you can do for your website. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) does not have to be daunting, thanks to Yoast SEO . Yoast SEO is a website content optimisation plugin that gives tips on how to improve SEO. This plugin also analyses content readability making it easier for you to see how your improvements are affecting your optimisation.   2. Elementor [...]

Time to Spring Clean Your Business

When it comes to change, humans seem to favour two periods on the annual calendar: January (after New Year celebrations) and Springtime. In January we try and form new habits (or break old ones), and in September we tend to clean, throw out and organise. This internal desire to sort out and improve our environment during spring is also great for business. Every “corner” of your business can do with a good “sweep”. Remember, Christmas is only three months away... Give your business a new sense of structure by:   1. Cleaning your website Go through your website page by page. Look for outdated information, old pricing, discontinued product references etc. and update all of these. Is your website hosting still efficient enough or [...]

Top 5 Office Gadgets to Improve Health, Productivity & Fun

Humans are often inspired by the change of seasons (especially winter into spring) to take charge of their work and personal lives. Now is the best time to use that extra motivation to start that business, register the domain name , paint that wall, spring clean the garage and sort out your life in general. If there’s no change on the horizon for you, don’t fear. has found 5 gadgets that will help you improve your productivity and mental and physical wellness at the office (even if it is your home office).   Gadget 1: Logitech Zone Wired Headset It doesn’t matter where you work, at the office or at home, web conferencing has become a part of business. Looking for the perfect headset to block out noise, whether from [...]

Email for Marketing: Why it is still a great tool for your business!

Using email for marketing is still very much in use. Sceptical? With the floods of spam and junk mail everyone is constantly receiving, it could easily seem like a waste of effort. The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) , requires companies to send emails to an ‘opted-in database’ only, which makes reaching your customers via email even harder. Keeping the above in mind, would you believe it, if we said that 50% of customers actually like receiving brand emails? This means POPIA is actually doing you a favour and helping you separate those that wish to engage with you, from those who don’t. It seems as if email has become the red wine of marketing tools. Instead of fading into the background against the likes of social media and SEO, email has [...]

7 Must-Haves To Help Your Small Business Get Ahead

Do you feel that your small business has lost some of the momentum that it originally had? That’s because word-of-mouth advertising and walk-ins can only get you so far. Now’s the time to take your business to the next-level.   Try implementing the following 7 must-haves one by one to grow your small business:   1. Get a website - build it yourself Now isn’t the time to create unnecessary expenses, we understand. That’s why a website builder is a great way to get online quickly and cost-effectively.’s Site Builder offers hundreds of templates and Drag & Drop functionality so you can have a professional website live within hours. From just R100 per month (domain name* & monthly hosting included) you can [...]

Ways to Reduce eCommerce Abandonment Rates for Your Online Store

Most shoppers in a brick & mortar store behave conventionally, whilst some are on a mission for something specific, others are casually browsing. However, generally speaking, the majority of items that go into a shopping basket, or trolley, lead to a successful checkout. Rarely do we see abandoned baskets and trolleys in a physical store. Yet, in the world of online shopping nearly 70% of shoppers leave their carts deserted. Why is that? Often: Customers aren’t ready to commit to buying at that moment. They find the full total plus delivery more expensive than they anticipated. The checkout process was too long, or time-consuming. They first need to obtain approval from a spouse, or parent. Added to the above, online shoppers are very [...]

Tips to getting started with a side hustle

Resourceful, go-getting personalities across the country are dipping their little toes into the entrepreneurial pool by starting a side hustle. A side hustle is a start-up someone creates in their spare time in order to make extra money and build their dream idea into a real business. The great thing about a side hustle is that owners can run it on the “side” while still securing a monthly salary through their day jobs. The flip side however, is it requires excellent time management skills, will demand that owners put in nearly all their free time, and sacrifices will have to be made along the way. A side hustle can be as small, or as big, as you want it to be. From selling muffins at busy intersections on weekdays, or before work, to supplying the public with a [...]

7 Ways as to how Hosted PBX in the Cloud by will add value to your SME

Switching from a traditional PABX telephone system to a Hosted PBX in the Cloud by is not only quick, easy, and affordable, but it also unlocks a variety of other business-crucial benefits for SMEs in SA. Hosted PBX in the Cloud, also referred to as Cloud-based PABX, is essentially the making and taking of calls over the internet, with the ability to transfer to other extensions. A huge misconception is that Hosted PBX is only suitable for large organisations because it is too expensive and difficult to implement. This is completely false, of course; any size company with a team to manage and customers to support, can and should have Cloud-based PBX. Truth be told, no two Cloud-based PBX solutions currently on the market are the same. has [...] Launches the Perfect UnCapped* VoIP PBX Solution for Small Business is proud to launch their latest innovative product for the SME market: Cloud based VoIP PBX, Powered by 3CX with UnCapped Calling* Powered by VOX Voice . This solution is set to change the telephony industry within the South African SME market forever! Boost your business’ communications with this fully managed, Cloud-based, PBX phone system with its world-leading; 3CX software, VOX carrier-grade Voice and Uncapped local and cell phone calls. SME businesses across SA have had to face many challenges over the past 15 months. These range from load-shedding, copper cable thefts and remote working due to lockdown, causing complications with traditional PABX systems. At, we do not believe making and accepting calls needs to be part of those [...]

7 Ways to keep website visitors interested

The purpose of a business website is to ‘educate’ the site’s visitors and turn them into customers… ideally returning ones. The problem according to Google however, is that 90% of website visitors are easily distracted. So, how can your website keep your visitors’ attention long enough to make a lasting impact? By creating a website that is not only easy on the eyes but engaging as well. Try these tips to increase average visitor sessions, improve your site’s credibility and enhance the chances of a return.   1. Live Chat Live Chat is rapidly increasing in popularity. Statistics show that over the course of the next year this form of add-in software will grow by 87%. People prefer having their questions answered in real-time. It [...]

Site Builder: Website Content Tips to Improve the Success of Your Site

Site Builder is’s website builder . It assists in creating a professional website easily; and is as simple as “dragging” and “dropping” plugins to work with your content and images. This solution makes it easy and affordable to get a professional website online quickly and easily with well-designed templates for you to add your information and images to. Bear in mind that your website content has to fulfil two purposes. Firstly, it must convince visitors that your product, or service, is the way to go. Secondly, it has to be able to ‘talk’ to search engines, especially Google; so that it is indexed correctly. Therefore, mediocre website content will do more harm than good; so spend some time to do it properly and it will [...]

Why having a mentor could be essential for a new business.

What makes a business successful? There are many variables for this, but at its core a business’s success is predominantly dependent on the quality of the leader behind the steering wheel. While degrees, books, real life experiences, challenges, family, friends, failures and accomplishments all contribute to the making of a great "boss”, there is one essential facet that is often overlooked: A mentor. In light of Youth Month, we would like to unpack the role a mentor can play for start-ups. What is a mentor? A mentor is someone with more business experience than yourself. It is someone with whom you get along, can build a long-term relationship with and someone you respect and admire. A mentor is not a coach, a consultant, an investor or a business [...]

5 Online Trends Your SME Should Know About & Follow

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the adoption of online transacting in South Africa gained considerable traction. In fact, according to Statista there are now 38.13 million active internet users in the country.  Each of these users are using online to work, research products and prices, check social platforms, or buy items for home delivery. Whatever your SME is selling, start rethinking what you are doing online ASAP. If you are not prioritising these online trends just yet now is the time to do so. It is never too late to re-strategise your business’s plan of action.   Online Trend 1: Search Engine Optimisation Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is not only still very relevant, it’s constantly improving. There is no such thing as once-off [...]

Cybercrimes: What are the latest trends in South Africa?

Before the pandemic, cyber security was a serious concern for most companies, however, in the past year it has pushed its way higher up on the daily business agenda and now includes most individuals as well! Here’s why... The pandemic’s influence increased digitalization of several companies’ processes, while other businesses had neglected to upgrade ageing networks due to budget restraints. Added to this, the work-from-home culture in many industries has led to more uncontrolled server access. All of the above are opportunities for cyber criminals, especially those who have used the past year to hone their skills. It is therefore no surprise that cyberattacks have increased dramatically since lockdown . Cyber criminals are using more sophisticated [...]

How to diversify your small business for growth and not just survival

“It is not a failure to readjust my sails to fit the waters I find myself in.” ― Mackenzi Lee   Life changed, literally overnight for everybody worldwide. The pandemic has changed habits and adapted the way humans think about everyday things like going to the shops or interacting with a service provider. It would therefore be naive to think that companies would survive this pandemic unscathed. As the adage goes: Adapt or die; however, there is an alternative: Adapt and GROW!  Traditionally, businesses diversify in order to grow which we all agree with. Survival-mode is temporary, while the pandemic’s impact on human behaviour could actually be long lasting. It’s time to rethink the way we do business during and after the pandemic.  [...]

New TLDs like .Tech help set up start-ups for online success

New Top Level Domains (TLDs) such as .tech are raising the bar for those start-ups and SMEs who are wanting to stand out online. How better to state your business’ involvement in a particular industry, than having it prominently displayed in the domain extension? As businesses within the technology industry rethink their current, or future domain names, .tech is the perfect shining diamond to attract attention. Read our top 5 reasons why .Tech is the right domain for your business below: 1. .Tech is marketable .Tech is short and sweet, easy to recall and it has a nice ring to it. With the traditional or .com domain extensions, technological companies had various marketing limitations in the recent past. In order to get the “tech” idea across, domain names [...]

9 Myths About A Business Website

It’s 2021, every business should have a professional website. A website is not just a carrier that transports your business to potential customers, it’s also your business’ online hub. The first-place prospects will turn to, to find out more about you. Sadly, less than 64% of small businesses have websites. Don’t let the following myths stand between your business and professional growth: 1. My business is too small, so I don't need it. Are you running more of a side hustle than a “real” business? First off, well done! Many large well-known corporations started out like this. Secondly, get a website. Even if you are baking biscuits or pet-sitting neighbours’ dogs. The only thing standing between your business and [...]

How to attract repeat customers to your eCommerce store

“Get an eCommerce store”, they said. “It will be fun”, they said. But the truth is, more like most of the things in life that are actually worth doing, it is hard work. So, you’ve got a great eCommerce website, you are selling quality goods at reasonable prices, and you are using good marketing strategies to keep your business visible… but, why are you still spending a lot of time (and money) on customer acquisition and your customer retention doesn’t seem successful yet? Repeat customers are loyal customers, you can gain a wealth of insights from them; plus, they will do free word-of-mouth-marketing for your brand. They are your business lifeline!   Here are our top tips to help you to keep those happy shoppers coming back.   [...]

7 eCommerce Trends to Keep in Mind During the Year Ahead

The eCommerce boom is real and, it turns out that lockdown was the little ‘nudge’ that South African consumers needed to develop a crush for online shopping. In fact, eCommerce revenue in SA is estimated to reach R225-billion by 2025.   Here are some interesting trends to keep in mind now that eCommerce is really here: 1. Competition is heating up The competition is now ‘on’ and unlike physical shops that are essentially only competing with their neighbours, online stores have a far wider competitive field. Your Gauteng online store will now be competing with the likes of Cape Town stores, and that funky Vellie shop in White River. Thankfully, the flip side is also true. Your target audience is far bigger and can literally be [...]

#eCommerceDay2021: Celebrating online shopping in South Africa

Something new and exciting is afoot. A new initiative called eCommerce Day , which will take place on the 10th of March 2021. Much like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, eCommerce Day aims to get South African consumers comfortable and enthusiastic about shopping online, and who knows, it may even inspire new online stores in the process… The global pandemic and lockdown regulations have put the eCommerce industry in the spotlight and asked it to “sing”. Many companies were already ready for it, but it is particularly promising to see how many businesses have pivoted for eCommerce or have actually created an eCommerce startup in answer to the lockdowns. Now more than ever people are generally open to adopting shopping online as an alternative to shopping [...]

How to find the best web hosting provider for your website

A website is the ‘unsung hero’ for many companies. It is always on, always ready to convert visitors into potential customers, or relay their website queries through to your sales staff post-haste. Unless of course, your website hosting isn’t up to scratch, then the chances of any of the above actually happening are slim. Here’s the thing… web hosting from one provider to the next may look similar in theory but the way it functions can be an entirely different thing altogether. You didn’t spend all that time and money on creating a mega-machine-like website only to give it a fraction of the ‘power’ it actually needs. No, you need to power it up all the way with the best possible hosting. These features can help you separate [...]

8 Productivity Tips for Startups & Small Business Owners

Small business owners and startups have never-ending to-do lists, meetings, networking events, admin etc., and simply not enough time in which to do all of it in. Getting more done seems impossible, but hopefully these productivity tips can help you curb interruptions and make the most of the time that you do have.   1. Create a daily to-do list Take 10 minutes daily to jot down a to-do list; it will allow you to gain perspective on all that has to achieved and assist you to keep on course as much as possible. Prioritise tasks according to urgency, group similar tasks together and endeavour to schedule meeting-free days.   2. Switch off notifications Anything that takes your attention away from the matter at hand is a distraction, [...] extends R79 .africa promotion is happy to announce that all new .africa domain name registrations can now be registered at the promotional rate of R79 until 31 March 2021. This comes after the huge success of the initial promotion, which ran until 31 December 2020. The continent of Africa is known for many things; a diverse cultural heritage, gold, cobalt and other metals, the Big Five and of course its abundance of tourism hotspots. Africa is also the second largest continent in the world boasting 17% of the globe’s population. Despite it being one of the poorest and underdeveloped continents in the world, Africa has the most potential with its wealth of natural resources and people. In 2017, .africa was launched with the goal to support and develop business on the African continent. The [...]

What’s Site Builder can do for your small business

Does your small business have a website? If not, 2021 could be a great year to consider getting your business online. Statistics show that a large majority of consumers research companies and their competitors before engaging with a few. Not having a website means you are not even in the running. Don’t have a website - why not build your own? There is no question that a website designed and developed by experts does come with a hefty price tag. Unfortunately, this is a price that few startups and small businesses can afford, especially during their early years. But what if you were able to build a great website yourself from as little as R100 per month? With Site Builder you can! Site Builder is’s website building solution that makes use of hundreds of [...]

2021 Business Trends

Did 2020 turn out like you anticipated 12 months ago? Saying “no” to this would be a gross understatement. Businesses everywhere were forced to change overnight in order to survive, and sadly some did not make it through. Insights after the first COVID-19 wave and foresights into the second, could perhaps allow us to better prepare for the year ahead.   Here’s what businesses across the world will be moving to the top of their agenda going forward:   1. WFH By now, many corporate companies have made Remote Working work for them. Realising that this could perhaps be a requirement for a few months if not years to come, these companies could be relooking the ‘traditional’ office space. Wasted resources are never good for business and we may even see some [...]

10 New Year Resolutions for Small Business Owners [Part 2]

Small business owners have a lot on their plates. Often times the planning and prioritising of certain tasks will fall onto the backburner. However, in today’s economic circumstances it is essential to cover as much ground as possible. The upside though, is you don’t have to manage it all on your own. Delegate what you can to other members of your team or consider outsourcing.   Click here to read Part 1 of this article.   6. Join a cause If there is one thing Covid-19 has taught every individual and every company it is that we are all stronger together. Do something good for the local community. Join and support a worthy cause.   7. Communicate like a Master Good communication is effective in every human relationship, especially at [...]

10 New Year Resolutions for Small Business Owners [Part 1]

Running a small business is hard work. Every day brings forth pressing deadlines aimed at meeting the business’ immediate goals. But what about all those other to-dos? Setting New Year Resolutions forces small business owners to identify tasks that will be beneficial over the long-term. Creating this list is the first step to ensuring a better more successful future for your company.   Here are some resolutions we think might inspire your list:   1. Get a website or update your current page A website is incredibly important for the visibility and discoverability of your business. If you don’t have one, building one should be your most important resolution.’s website building solution Site Builder can help you get [...]

How to be productive despite the holidays

Do companies plan properly for times when resources (man, machine or material) run low? This year, it is safe to say that Lockdown regulations have literally forced every company in the world to adapt to functioning with fewer resources. As we head into the festive season, we look at how companies can better prepare for quieter periods and circumvent production or sales losses as a result.   1. Be proactive Vacation is good for employee energy, creativity and overall morale, which is why managers need to be aware of every school holiday and public holiday that could potentially leave the company short-staffed. In identifying “red” days on which productivity could be affected negatively, managers can plan an appropriate course of action.   [...]

Why Local Hosting?

Is the website hosting that is powering your business’ website a priority of yours? Business owners have a lot to think about and hosting is generally the IT department, web developer or web designer’s “baby”. However, if your website’s performance is important to you, and we know it is, then so should your website hosting and its provider. Here’s what you can ask your relevant teams to ensure that your website performs optimally: • Do we have fast website hosting? • Is our website hosting reliable and secure? • Is our website hosting sufficient for the amount of visitors we receive and the content we display? • Is our website hosting company based in South Africa? Why it is a Good Idea to Host Locally 1. Local web hosting loads [...]’s Gadgets Picks for Christmas [Part 2]

After a year like this one, everyone deserves a spoil. Here’s our second installment of the top gadgets we’d love to see under the Christmas tree. Missed the first part? Click here . Xbox Series X Xbox has just released its fastest and most powerful series yet. The Xbox Series X offers 4K gaming at 120 frames per second 8K HDR. It also boasts Xbox Velocity Architecture and 3D Spatial Audio for larger-than-life immersive gaming. Samsung 49-inch Super Ultra-Wide Curved Gaming Monitor Avid gamers will love the Samsung 49-inch curved gaming monitor . It is huge! Its HDR, metal Quantum Dot and QLED means you can experience the latest in colour technology. It is like having 2 x 27 inch 16:9 monitors side-by-side and is also perfect for [...]

How to attract more traffic to your eCommerce store this festive season

As we head into the festive season, it’s an important time to ramp up marketing initiatives to ensure that your eCommerce store stands out online. In a Covid-19-reality, there will be less feet hitting the shop floors and probably smaller Christmas shopping budgets as well. Yet now, more than ever, it is eCommerce’s time to shine . Make your website “sticky” this Christmas with our top 7 tips to attract more traffic. But before we jump in, we would like to mention two very website must-haves: • mobile responsiveness; • and fast, secure & reliable web hosting . If the above two factors are not in place, any efforts you make could fail, as online shoppers expect nothing less. 1. Provide Great Content Great content [...]’s Gadget Picks for Christmas [Part 1]

It is hard to believe, but Christmas is almost right around the corner; visiting your nearest mall will confirm this, as the decor is already up! That’s why we thought it is a great time to share our favourite, most innovative, 2020 gadget-picks.    Whether you are staying home or heading out for the December holidays, here are a few practical gadgets that will either entertain you or simplify your life.     1. Nintendo Switch Not a fan of the kids hogging the television for their noisy games? Let’s talk about the  Nintendo Switch . This home console can entertain the kids literally anywhere and doesn’t need a TV in order to work. However, it can [...]

How to Start a Business on a Budget… Must Haves!

Having your own business can be hard but can also be very cool. You can work the hours you want and do the things you love. Contrary to popular belief not all types of businesses need investments of hundreds of thousands of Rands before they hit the ground running. Some, particularly home-based sole proprietorships, can be started within a modest budget. If a large upfront cash flow problem was the only thing standing between you and your own startup... hesitate no more.    Here are some tips to get you started:   1. Find a great idea The pièce de résistance of any successful business is  a great idea . Consider your skills, the tools you have in your [...] is happy to announce our R79 .africa Domain Registration Promotion*!

The African continent is brimming with opportunity. Not only is it a top tourism destination, host to an abundance of wildlife and nature, but it is also a continent rich in a diversity of cultures, languages, cuisines and traditions. With a population nearing the 1.4-billion mark, business opportunities on this huge (30,37 million km²) continent are looking very promising. Its wide-open spaces and bright sunny days make it ideally suited for renewable energy for example, and plans for biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar and wind power plants are extremely topical at the moment.    While access to reliable energy will boost Africa’s mining, agriculture and industrial sectors, [...]

Is Your Small Business Ready for Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is a journey. It differs from company to company because your goals and challenges will dictate the technology you need. For the same reason it is not only about technology but also about the people. The benefits to you, your staff and ultimately your customers will navigate your business in the digital era. In 2020, digital transformation is well underway with large corporations allocating substantial budgets towards their digital investments. Organisations need to transform multiple departments and processes within their current infrastructure. Although transformation needs to be customised, take place over a lengthy period, and is usually expensive, the benefits far outweigh these challenges. By implementing the right digital strategies companies will [...]

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities: 10 Work from Home Ideas

A lot can happen over six months. During the first 4 levels of Lockdown many industries have shown agility in their “creative” responses; new ways of doing business have started and employees have adapted to the “new normal”. Unfortunately, there is the other side to this coin, where some industries have just been unable to survive, stores that have closed and employees that have been retrenched, or have had to take less than half their salaries in pay cuts.     What can you do if nobody is hiring in your industry sector and your prospects seem bleak? What may seem like an obstacle, may actually be the [...]

12 Marketing Tips for your Tourism Business

As South Africa celebrates the Tourism industry as well as its Heritage during September, it seems fitting to shine a massive spotlight on local travel. Lockdown restrictions have severely impacted the growth of our tourism businesses. However, under Level 1, and going forward, companies within this industry can bring more travellers to their towns and cities by implementing smart and inexpensive marketing strategies.     Don’t wait for people to come, invite them!     Tips to get your tourism business noticed:    1. List, list, list  Visibility online is critical in getting the word out about what your tourism hotspot has to offer. [...]

SPAM ALERT: South Africa is under attack!

Over the course of the past few weeks, has seen a dramatic increase in SPAM attacks on our servers. Internationally, many other hosting companies have reported the same problem. Fortunately, due to our multi-pronged, proactive approach with regards to malicious emails, we have been able to detect this surge early on and have implemented mitigation for it.   What does this mean for you? Don’t panic! A SPAM attack means you’ll perhaps see more emails in your SPAM folder and experience a slight time delay when sending or receiving mails. Malicious emails can only deploy a virus onto your computer after an action has been taken from your side. That is why it is so critical to remain vigilant when opening and reading emails. [...]

Email is not dying - it is Adapting and Becoming Smarter

With the numerous collaboration platforms and popular instant messaging apps on the market, it is easy to think that email could be on its way out... However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Email for business is still the primary communication tool as it’s global and convenient.   Depending on your mailbox provider, they are becoming faster and larger, and now have features like:  Automatically decluttering and organising your inbox   Snoozing non-urgent emails and allowing them to pop back as priority at a later stage   Allow you to sign email attachments [...]

Pivot your Company for the Covid-19 eCommerce Boom

During the ‘pandemic’ eCommerce is booming! Prior to Covid-19, South African shoppers were generally ‘slower’ to adopt to online shopping. However, according to a Nielsen Study,  The New Shopper Normal , the general buying behaviours of South Africans have changed. People are not buying in bulk anymore, but are preferring quick trips to the shops, or avoiding them altogether by switching to online shopping.  Recently, companies like  Mobicred , FNB and released online sales statistics for the first half of the year. Online sales measured via these platforms increased around 30-40%. Unsurprisingly, home and office [...]

How to Make Working from Home, Work for You [Part 2]

Working from home requires extra self-motivation and a whole lot of discipline. The ability to work remotely is something many employees need to acknowledge, as it is being labelled the “Future of Work”. In a Covid-19 world many of us are forced to make it work, but is it really working? In order to be productive, employees need to be happy and find a balance between what used to be “normal” and what could now be considered as such. To assist newbies of the #workfromhome lifestyle, our remote employees gave some guidance tips and tricks that have worked for them over the years. If you’ve missed the first installment, please click here .   Tip 7:   Communication is “King” Communication is always [...]

How to Make Working from Home, Work for You [Part 1]

Working from home isn’t a new concept. In fact, prior to Covid-19 it had become so popular that some even referred to it as “the future of work”. While many South Africans have grown accustomed to remote work and have settled in nicely, others are new to this notion and are struggling to adapt. In order to be highly productive in the home environment, employees new to this would need to change some habits and learn new ones. At, we are known for our flexible working conditions and functional working environment. Our experienced remote employees share their best tips for making working from home “work” for them.   Tip 1:   The Basics Must be in Place It is critical to have a dedicated workspace and to [...]

Mastering the art of Netiquette

A lot of our interaction online is often “faceless”, which could create a sense of anonymity or “distance” when we communicate with others. Irrespective of this, online etiquette always applies. In fact, as we grow more dependent on the internet for work and play, it is essential to sharpen our network/internet etiquette (Netiquette) skills and kill off bad habits in the process.   Why Netiquette matters In real life and in the virtual world, manners matter. Netiquette is nothing other than a polite, favourable online behavioural protocol. Companies are strict about the reputation they wish to build and uphold and therefore employees need to conduct themselves online accordingly. Practicing good Netiquette is invaluable on all digital [...]

Adopting a culture of online safety & cyber security in the workplace

The matter of online safety and cyber security has made its way up the ranks of ExCo agendas across the globe. Companies both big and small not only realise the importance of safeguarding personal and company data, but also their responsibility towards protecting the data of their customers. Obtaining and maintaining the best and most secure networks, hosting and operating systems needed to limit risk come at a cost. Sadly, unless your workforce is properly trained on online safety, your company cannot be fully protected.   The role of online security awareness and training in your business The Why? A Kapersky Lab report identified that 46% of cyber incidents were related to human error. Every employee with access to the company's network opens [...]

How to protect your website & personal information from cyber security risks

Digital transformation can help to improve, automate and streamline the way we do business. Amongst many other realisations,the current pandemic has highlighted just how reliant humans are on the internet. However, without following the correct security protocols, the cyber security risks associated with being "connected" could become catastrophic. In adopting change, we must accept and address the risks, first. This can be done by prioritising online safety on the monthly agenda and proactively implement encryption and protection strategies as a matter of urgency. The latest survey conducted by Citrix showed that 74% of South African business owners are ready to invest more in data security. Here are our Top 3 online safety tips companies can implement [...]

The 3 Best Free Video Chat Apps to Virtually Socialise with in 2020

Challenging times, like #Lockdown has the ability to bring out both the best and the worst in people. If social media streams are anything to judge by, the mindset of the average online South African appears generally positive. People are concerned, but they are being sensible and practicing social distancing. They are cooking and exercising, getting their hands dirty in the garden, educating their kids, and creating and sharing hilarious and inspirational videos. Thanks to the internet, those able to work from home are keeping the mantra: "business as usual", by joining on conference calls, meetings and maintaining deadlines. On a deeper, more emotional, level groups of families and friends are using video chat software to socialise virtually (virtualise, if you [...]

WordPress plugins and the security of your website. Are you asking to get hacked?

WordPress is most definitely a favourite in the Content Management System (CMS) arena. It's free, it's flexible and the amount of plugins available is unbelievable. Unfortunately though, without proper maintenance, the system's vast selection of plugins could also be its pitfall. In real life, a virus has disrupted the world as we knew it; in the cyber world an increase in viruses has been experienced, that are exploiting this disruption. Since the start of lockdown the amount of malware on South African websites increased by more than 300%. Now more than ever companies and individuals have to reconsider cyber security and how they will be protecting their businesses, websites, data, devices etc. going forward. Your website is a great place to start. With [...]

Reasons to update your WordPress Plugins

Regularly receiving SPAM or is malware an issue... check your WordPress Plugin updates, chances are you have several updates ready to be installed. With one in every three websites on the market powered by WordPress, the market for WordPress plugins is huge. Developers are regularly rolling out new or updated plugins that contribute to users’ experiences and websites’ functionality. By making sure your plugins are up to date you can ensure that your site functions optimally, from a front-end as well as back-end perspective. Why updating WordPress Plugins is essential It will improve your website’s security Perhaps one of the most critical reasons why it is important to run updates, is to protect your WordPress website from security [...]

How to turn your small business idea into a reality

You’ve got a great business idea, researched the market and found that there is a demand for what you want to sell. After some additional research and lots of conversations with experts in the field, you’ve come to a decision: you are going to do it! You are going to start your own small business. Congratulations! Now the real fun can begin. Get ready, you are about to embark on one of the most challenging yet rewarding journeys of your life. Step 1: Get the Domain Name This is not only a tactical move but also a highly practical one. When registering your domain name you’ve literally purchased your own virtual real estate . The place your business will reside online once your company is up and running. It is liberating and an inexpensive way [...]

Grow your small business despite Lockdown restrictions 

Lockdown restrictions and Covid-19 regulations are placing immense pressure on businesses across the world. Whether your business is currently unable to run normally, or at all, aim to use this forced “pause” in pace to reflect, adapt and find new ways to grow your company and sell your products or services. 1. Register a domain & build a company website A company website is an absolute must in the digital age. Yet, 40% of small businesses don’t have one. In 702 Radio’s #TheMoneyShow successful entrepreneur and businessman Pavlo Phitidis expresses that he has been urging businesses to digitize for a couple of years because of the value it could add to your business. Being too busy, not having the funds, or perhaps not realising its true value, could be behind [...]

Listen: SA Musicians Rock Away Lockdown Blues through SA Anthem Rendition

Just because the country (and world) is in lockdown, it doesn’t mean that our musicians (and their talents) are locked away as well. Our musical artists are using their talents to combat cabin fever the only way they know how: by entertaining us.    This has inspired collaborations like the  #AnthemChallengerSA  and the  #TsekCorona!  music video. The goal:  To unite and spread a message of hope.     Now, together with composer Mauritz Lotz,  proudly brings you an absolutely rocking version of Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika featuring some of SA’s best bassists and guitarists as well as UK’s Phil Manzanera, who co-produced Pink Floyd’s “On an Island” with David Gillmore. Goosebumps are in order for this one, and so are your air guitar skills! [...]

New Powerup 4.0: Twice the Power & Fun

A paper airplane is perhaps the only “toy” every child – and young-at-heart adult – across the world has in common. It is “free”, and it frees up the imagination. It also encourages children to be creative, learn from their mistakes, and most importantly: have fun. And then a genius innovator called Shai Goitein came along and literally powered it all up. Imagine being able to give your paper plane real flight power? Imagine being able to control it all via your smartphone? Well, you don’t have to imagine it anymore because it has been successfully done. In fact,  Powerup 4.0  will launch later this year. Powerup 4.0 and its three preceding paper airplane conversion kits are all part of   Kickstarter programmes  by pilot, [...]

Tips to starting a business of your own

There are many reasons to start a business. Perhaps you’ve got a great idea... Maybe you are looking for more flexibility with your time... But most probably you would like to create true wealth, right? But there is another influencer behind business innovation: Necessity! In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic and SA’s downgrade into Junk status, many South Africans might not have a job to return to after all this has blown over. Now is the best time to start your small business. Here’s how: Tip #1: Research the market: Having an idea is all good and well, but is there a market for it? And what does your competition look like? Before deciding on a business venture to pursue, make sure there will be a gap in the market [...]

Shared Hosting vs VPS Hosting

You’ve heard that there are different types of web and email hosting, mainly Shared Hosting vs VPS Hosting. Although both options will ensure your website is live on the internet and give you a professional email address, there are distinct differences between the two. What is Shared Hosting? Shared Hosting is an environment where multiple users on a server are allocated a set percentage of its full resources. This is an easily managed, affordable and securely encrypted option for the individual, entrepreneur and small business owner. Very Affordable: As the server resources are ‘shared’, it offers an inexpensive cost to company (or self) whilst still utilising full server functionality. offers Shared Hosting from as little as [...]

Why the right domain name makes business sense

In a digital age, a strong online presence is non-negotiable. Making an impact on the World Wide Web involves a whole lot of thinking, planning and strategising, and it all starts with choosing the RIGHT domain name.  Years ago the options for domain name extensions were limited. You had your premium domain names like .com and and generally, most companies went with something like - and it worked. Today, there are far more options and simply registering might not be the best and only way forward. Some companies could benefit from choosing a more modern domain name extension while others can benefit from sticking to a traditional extension but opting for a keyword name instead.  Here’s why choosing the right domain [...]

Signs you are ready for new and improved hosting

Website hosting is often one of the things a company take out and forget about. Things change. And surely your business have grown substantially. Don’t let bad hosting happen to a good company because it can do far more harm than good. How poor hosting can damage your company It can lead to a damaged reputation The way you portray your products and services online is critical to your brand’s reputation. A slow, ill-responding or poorly loading site could irritate potential customers and leave a bad impression about your company. It can lead to a loss of potential sales A website that isn’t functioning optimally could potentially cost you sales. Who would trust a site that takes too long to load or displays products disjointly?  [...]

Is your website Black-Friday-ready?

Over the past few years America’s most anticipated shopping-day, Black Friday, has caught on heavily in South Africa as well. Followed by Cyber Monday, many retailers are making a weekend of it. Consumers can, therefore, expect to see great promotions and limited-time-only deals popping up around every corner. As Thanksgiving weekend isn’t a holiday in SA, many consumers will be getting their shopping fixes online, which means smaller online stores can get in on the action too. With this epic weekend only a week away, it’s time to take action now. Here are our top tips to get your website Black-Friday-ready: Talk to your hosting company Much like a shopper at a physical store will be tempted to leave if there are crowds and lengthy [...] an Official Sponsor of Discovery 947 Ride Joburg is proud to announce that we are one of the official sponsors of the Discovery 947 Ride Joburg 2019 and its respective races. The Kids’ Ride, MTB Ride, 947 Vitality Short Ride and Discovery 947 Ride Joburg boast approximately 27 500 riders in total and is excited to be sponsoring the water bottles for all of the riders. The demands of everyday life can be challenging but physical exercise is a great way to destress, blow off steam and promote cardiovascular health. realises the importance of investing in the health of the community and do this by endorsing various racing events as well as sport and race days organised by charities. In October, in preparation for the Discovery 947 Ride Joburg, the team participated in the 2019 [...] partners with the world’s 3rd largest TLD: .Org has recently partnered with domain name giant, .org, to bring our customers this trusted, popular, recognisable and inspiring domain name extension for less. Either get it FREE when signing up for any of our Shared Hosting , newly launched  Premium WordPress Hosting or Site Builder plans, or shop it for the discounted price of R190. Both of these offers are valid until 5 November 2019 and ideal for any business or project, group or association with the public interest in mind. Did you know that .org is the third-largest To-Level Domain (TLD) in the world with over 10-million domains registered? While the domain was initially thought to be suitable for non-profit organisations only, this is no longer the case. The list of .org domain name owners includes [...]

Introducing Unmatched, Warp-Speed Premium WordPress Hosting is proud to launch our latest, industry-leading and innovative hosting solution: Premium WordPress Hosting . After multiple months of development, we can now offer customers an unmatched, optimised hosting solution tailored specifically for WordPress customers in South Africa. The 2nd Generation Intel Scalable 24-core CPU, redundant 10 GBit network interface and 8 x Samsung enterprise SSD in RAID 10 server hardware ensures “warp speed” WordPress hosting. “We have designed WordPress hosting packages that deliver on both performance and convenience, boasting server hardware that has been specifically configured for WordPress websites,” says Wayne Diamond, CEO. “We have even gone as far as hosting client emails on [...]

Competition: Win a Kit for the Discovery 947 Ride Joburg

On Sunday 17 November thousands will flock to partake in the Discovery 947 Ride Joburg competition. While this challenge might go by a new name this year it is still the same gruelling and addictive “Cycle Challenge” we’ve come to love. This year the route will once again be in reverse, as it proved to be quite popular last year.  NEW: Discovery joins the challenge as part of their commitment to getting 100-million people 20% more active by 2025. Plus, there is also an option to do a shorter ride (40Km). As a domains and hosting provider with a dedicated support team, a lot of what we do takes place at desks. That’s why we’ve introduced innovative and informal brainstorming and meeting hubs at the office where we get to stand and move [...]

Cyber security risks and your business

We live in an age that is entirely dominated by digital. A company’s ability to adapt to key digital advancements will directly affect how successful and agile it will be over the years to come. The digital space is vibrant, exciting and brimming with potential for businesses to automate and streamline processes. There is unfortunately a dark side to this too. Without critical data security measures in place, this new exciting field could open companies up to cyber security risks.  The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Risk Report of 2019 ranked “massive data fraud and theft” fourth and “cyber attacks” fifth. In 2018 personal data breaches via the MyFitnessPall encountered 150-million personal data breaches and Facebook 50-million. [...]

Tech trends for 2020

On Sunday 17 November thousands will flock to partake in the Discovery 947 Ride Joburg competition. While this challenge might go by a new name this year it is still the same gruelling and addictive “Cycle Challenge” we’ve come to love. This year the route will once again be in reverse, as it proved to be quite popular last year.  NEW: Discovery joins the challenge as part of their commitment to getting 100-million people 20% more active by 2025. Plus, there is also an option to do a shorter ride (40Km). As a domains and hosting provider with a dedicated support team, a lot of what we do takes place at desks. That’s why we’ve introduced innovative and informal brainstorming and meeting hubs at the office where we get to stand and [...]

A Site Builder Website For Your Start-Up

Starting a new business is time intensive, and depending on the type of business, costly as well. Something every (new or established) business needs is customers. And the way to gaining customers is marketing. How and where you market will be largely dependent on the type of business you run and where your target audience spends their time. But one thing is certain, irrespective of where potential leads hears about you, they will all look for you online. What Site Builder can do for your start-up: The cost-effective way to get your business online A website is an important part of any company’s business module, but it is also expensive. With Site Builder you can create, run and manage your own professional website from R85 per month (website hosting and [...]

Start the virtual-side of your business in 30 minutes!

Small to medium sized businesses are the backbone of economies, and here in South Africa, and in 2019, we need more self-starters than ever. During his state of the nation address, President Cyril Ramaphosa expressed his vision for a tech-savvy, smart and small-business-orientated South Africa. While he has been criticised for being a bit too “dreamy”, those who don’t dream at all are those furthest away from achieving greatness, in my opinion. In times when companies are cutting jobs left, right and centre, there isn’t time to sulk and wallow, we need new business owners to create new opportunities.Marnus Broodryk, entrepreneur, best-selling Author and TV personality recently posted on LinkedIn: “It's a bloodbath out there. A few days ago, [...]

Choosing the right web hosting hero to power your website

Web hosting is the behind-the-scenes HERO or VILLAIN of every website on the planet. But the true master-mind behind your website’s functionality is the web hosting company powering it all. Choose correctly –  and you’ll have a well-behaved website that functions precisely as it should. Choose incorrectly – and you could have an inconsistent, slow website that could be open to hackers and other security threats. So, let’s help you choose. Make sure your web hoster ticks the following boxes: Fast loading speeds Have you ever visited a website and waited for the content to download? Or even worse, some of the images didn’t display at all? Chances are you didn’t hang around to learn much about the website after that. As a website [...]

Is now the right time to start your small business? Hell yes!

by Wayne Diamond The past couple of years have by no means been an easy ride for South Africans, corporations or  startups. According to the Bloomberg’s Misery Index , the index that zooms in on a country’s inflation and unemployment figures, SA ranks third “miserable” out of 62 countries. Add loadshedding, fuel prices and retrenchments to the mix and the picture appears gloomy indeed. Should we all mope around or jump ship to more economic affluent countries? Or is there a glimmer of hope?  Some reports suggest that the economy is nearing the end of its slump. Mike Schüssler, a leading economist believes that we will start to see an improvement over the next few quarters . “We’re probably over the worst, and by [...]

The rise of AMD

Since the launch of AMD’s EPYC™ 7000 Series processors in June 2017 , AMD’s server market share has quadrupled . Although this is still far from the 22% market share AMD held in 2006, the EPYC™ 7000 Series is already being backed by some of the world’s most renowned cloud computing companies including, Microsoft, DropBox, and Oracle. A short history Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) started manufacturing microchips in 1969, just one year after Intel. This would be the birth of a rivalry that would span more than half a century. Although AMD is often seen as the underdog, the company has managed to beat Intel quite a few times  when it comes to CPU technology innovation: 2000 – AMD produces the [...]

Keeping it local is lekker

There was a time when having a “.com” or “” behind your website’s name was an absolute necessity. The popularity of these domain name extensions have over the years left fewer domain name options for new businesses. A new shift in domain name extensions have created endless  Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) options such as .net, .org and .biz. for startups and entrepreneurs. In recent years, even more gTLD options became available, including some that show where your business operates from. These are called geographic domain names. Some of the available geographic domain names that are relevant to the South African context include .joburg, .capetown .durban and .africa. And if you get most of your business from the local market, [...] is supporting Slipper Day: 10 May!

This Friday 10 May marks the annual celebration of the Reach For A Dream Foundation’s (RFAD) annual Slipper Day. This initiative is aimed at gaining support and awareness for children with life-threatening illnesses in a fun and positive manor: by wearing slippers to work, school etc. Participants can purchase a wristband for R10 at Wimpy, Pick ‘n Pay or Dischem. The Reach For A Dream Foundation’s main goal is to realise dreams of kids with illnesses such as cancer in an attempt to give them encouragement and hope. The campaign’s slogan of “Not all heroes wear capes” is extremely fitting. In multiple hospitals (and at home) many children are fighting for their lives and are heroes in the hearts of those near to them. At, we [...]

The Power of Online in the 2019 Elections in South Africa

In a couple of days voters across the country will line up at the polls to vote in the 2019 elections in South Africa. This year 48 parties have successfully made it to the ballots. Over the past several months most of these parties have been using various platforms to aggressively broadcast their messages of change. While news channels, digital and print media will always be effective political tools, most parties realise that running a powerful online presence should also be at the order of the day. It is impossible for a political leader to visit every town in the country or guarantee that their messages are conveyed in the news in the manner it was intended. Online (via a political party website and social media platforms owned by the party) gives some of this power back [...]

How to make the most of your online store in 2019

Online stores are huge in America and China, but this trend is also on the rise in SA. An eCommerce report by PayPal together with research firm Ipsos, believes that the online market in SA will grow by R17 billion over the next two years (currently R43-billion). Being successful online requires several things of which a user-friendly, visually-pleasing website, with a memorable domain name and fast, reliable hosting forms the basis. Naturally, you also have to market your store via social media and other platforms to boost visibility etc., but there are a few other important factors that can contribute to the success of your online store, namely: 1.Safety According to a study by Sabric, SA has the third-highest cyber attacks in the world. Making your site safe [...] sponsoring local youth’s soccer team

There are lots are passionate about. Entrepreneurship, cool domains names , UltraFast and secure web VPS hosting as well as delivering incredible service to our customers, but these aren’t the only things. We are passionate about giving back to the community too. Through last year’s   947 charity drive  we were able to help nearly 70 charities by donating thousands of water bottles for the cyclist who were competing for their respective causes. Helping charities through events that encourage physical fitness are particularly important to us as we believe that leading a balanced lifestyle is crucial in the demanding and stressful times we live in. That’s why we are happy to announce that we are sponsoring a local soccer team for [...]

Turn your business dreams into reality by registering the right domain name

It is not unusual to notice a spike in new domain name registrations during the first quarter of every year. Generally, the holidays offer entrepreneurs and startups with clarity surrounding great business ideas, whereas the hype of the New Year in turn, offers enough motivation to turn these ideas into viable businesses. And as we like to say: “It all starts with a domain name”. A domain name is an incredibly important part of creating and setting up a business. The physical location of your business is something no company will take up lightly. It should be the same when you choose a domain name. Your domain name is where your business will live on the World Wide Web. A domain name contributes towards your online visibility, that’s why the domain name itself [...]

Register a new African gTLD for just R30

We are happy to announce that all our African geographic Top Level Domain (gTLD) names will sell for only R30 (incl.VAT) until end March. This promotion, in conjunction with the Registry, is valid for all new .africa, .joburg, .capetown and .durban domain name registrations. This promotion is unfortunately not valid for any domain name renewals, however ALL our domain names are still FREE with any   website builder package , web hosting or EPYC VPS Hosting package signups. Why consider an African gTLD for your business or venture? Connect with your audience: A .africa or city domain name immediately shows commitment to a target audience located in a specific geographical area. It shows your patriotism towards your continent or city and [...]

Introducing our Epyc VPS hosting featuring the AMD EPYC Processors

We are excited to officially launch our new Epyc Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting solution featuring the new AMD EPYC™ 7000 Series processors. Over the past several months the AMD EPYC™ 7000 Series processors have created quite a stir in the Cloud industry. Innovators in the field, including, Microsoft, DropBox and Oracle, have all started using AMD processors in their infrastructure. We are extremely proud to join these industry-leaders as one of the first hosting providers in South Africa to make use of it for our VPS solution. The’s Epyc VPS platform is built on SuperMicro servers with 512GB RAM and 24 x 2TB Samsung Enterprise SSD drives in Raid 100 configuration, which facilitates disk access speeds of 4 Gigabytes per second [...] teams up with multiple charities on 947 Cycle Challenge

At, we have a soft spot for those in need, especially those  who cannot stand up for themselves. We have therefore sponsored a large number of our branded BPA free water bottles to The Society for Animals in Distress (SAID), DL Link, The Smile Foundation, Reach for a dream, the Hope Foundation (to name a few) to use as part of their Cycle Challenge goody bags. To date, have sponsored thousands of water bottles to over 65 charities to show our appreciation for the good work these guys are doing. We would like to share what these charities are about: SAID The Society for Animals in Distress (SAID) is the single largest welfare vet care provider in SA. It has been assisting domestic animals since 1958 and currently treat around 100 [...] announces its 14 x Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge competition winners

In mid September  launched a Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge competition  in which we offered 10 branded tops and bib kits (each to the value of R2500) up for grabs to 10 lucky race entrants. Overwhelmed by the interest, we decided to choose 14 winners instead of just 10. After a random selection process, we are happy to announce our 14 winners:   Andre Liebenberg Nick Pluck Norman van der Merwe Garreth Keet Kyle Petersen Hilton Tarrant Ben de Klerk Adam Orpen Sherylee McBride Madondo Daniel Mahlaule Lisa O’ Neill Gideon Fourie Andrew Dixon Shaun Smith   Congratulations to each of you. Your prizes are ready and waiting to be delivered! We received hundreds of entries and sincerely appreciate [...]

How to protect yourself (and your business) from ransomware

Earlier this year, the insurance company Liberty Life’s IT infrastructure was hacked by ransomware . Ransomware is a malicious software that can either find its way into a system through a security vulnerability or by being installed by someone unknowingly. The latter is usually as a result of clicking on a suspicious pop-up, link or email attachment. Once installed, ransomware encrypts a company or individual’s data or blocks access to a website or system until a ransom is paid. Although Liberty Life applied immediate security protocols to alleviate as much of the damages as possible, some data was extracted. This is just one example of how cyber crimes have become a great concern, not only for businesses, but for its customers. Over the past several years, [...]

947 Cycle Challenge Cyclists: Win a R2500 Cycling Kit

At we are enthusiastic about leading a balanced lifestyle. Life is busy and stressful and it is important to blow off steam in a healthy way. When it comes to getting your sweat on, we are particularly passionate about cycling. The wind in your hair…that thrill after successfully completing a challenging race… The 947 Cycle Challenge is the beast of all cycle races and this year's race will be in “reverse”. Hill after hill in an unforgiving city setting for the 1st roughly 55 kms are tough to say the least. But this year there is some good news too: 1. The route is now in reverse, which means the usual climbs will now be downhill and vice versa. 2. is giving away 10 Cycle Kits to the value of R2500 each to 10 [...]

Keywords in domain names: How important are they?

The right domain name can do a lot for your business behind the scenes, and should by no means be chosen lightly. While there are many that favour the branded domain name (i.e. your business name), others again believe a keyword domain name (i.e. what your business does) could be more effective in more ways than one. Is this still the case? To answer this, let’s take a step back and look at what the right domain name should do. The right domain name should: • Be memorable: A domain name that is easy to remember makes it easier for potential customers to recall and search it later. It is a cost-effective marketing tool that could help you get more traffic as a result. Just think about or . They are hard to [...]

Domains Website Builder vs. Professional Build: Which is best for an SMME?

Domains’ website builder, called Site Builder has multiple features and benefits for SMMEs. From as little as R85 per month, a Site Builder website can free up cashflow for other important expenses. But what is the best option for an SMME, our website builder solution or a professionally built website? As an SMME owner, you already know how important it is to have a website. It is like having a shopfront in the largest mall in the world – the internet. Unfortunately, like all things in business, getting from “I need a website” to “Ta-da!” requires making important decisions. Once you’ve settled on and bought your domain name , you still need to get the site built. There are basically two main options: A website [...]

Google Chrome 68 to mark all sites that aren’t https as “Not Secure” in July

In light of the rise in cyber hacking worldwide and the recent GDPR laws for the EU , many search engines have shown their commitment to website security and privacy by rolling out additional security features. At Google, one of these are the soon to launch Google Chrome 68, which will mark all sites that aren’t encrypted as “Not Secure”. It has therefore become essential for business websites to install an SSL Certificate as soon as possible in order to avoid it. In February, Chrome Security Product Manager, Emily Schechter wrote in a Google blog post : “For the past several years, we’ve moved toward a more secure web by strongly advocating that sites adopt HTTPS encryption. And within the last year, we’ve also helped users understand [...]

What is a domain name?

Back in the day, a business wasn’t a business if it wasn’t in the Yellow Pages. Nowadays, if a business isn’t on the internet it might as well be invisible. That is where domain names come in. Just like a telephone number, a domain name is unique to the business who owns it. This is the easiest and most direct way for users to find your business’ website on the web. Domain names were created to make it simpler to find a website. Before domain names, websites were accessed by typing in the IP (internet protocol) address of the host computer. But the internet is used by people, not computers, and we aren’t very good at remembering strings of numbers. And so domain names were born. The first ever domain name ever registered,, was [...]

Which SSL certificate is the right choice for your website?

SSL certificates are an important part of any company’s security protocol but with the various options available, choosing the right fit for your business’ website can be overwhelming. In some of our previous articles we’ve looked at why SSL certificates are so significant in this day and age and also at the advantages SSL certificates can unlock for small businesses . Now, let’s unpack this topic further by helping you choose the right option. Online security has come under massive scrutiny over the past few years. Companies across the globe are investing hundreds of millions of dollars on advancing cyber security in all aspects of their business. While government initiatives, such as the recently adopted General Data Protection Regulation , are [...]

Know your Netiquette

The internet has leveled the playing field for large and small businesses alike. In order to make this platform work in your favour, there are important rules to follow. Netiquette is a combination of the words “network” or “internet” and “etiquette”, and it basically means good internet manners. In general, netiquette follows the same rules as the “real world” like being polite and respecting others, but there are a few other rules that you need to follow. Don’t spam Subject: FW: FW: FW: FW: Funny cat falls from tree! If you’ve ever received one of these mails, you know what a pain spam can be. Spamming is when someone/or a company sends you (and a hundred others) a message that you haven’t subscribed to. [...]

What is WHOIS Privacy and why do domain owners need it?

In short, if you own a domain name, you can benefit from WHOIS Privacy. But let’s unpack this for a moment. The world of the internet unlocks many benefits for companies and individuals alike. With it you can work faster, more seamlessly and efficiently, and with a strong online presence it is possible to take your company as far as London and Japan. If you know how to use the internet effectively, the world is most definitely your oyster. In the process, however, you also expose yourself to the threats of the World Wide Web. Cyber security is something that every single one of us using the internet is vulnerable to. That is why companies are installing things like anti-virus software and SSL certificates on their website to protect their customers from any potential [...]

How does the GDPR affect domain registrars & resellers in South Africa?

How does the GDPR affect domain registrars & resellers in South Africa? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), also referred to as the EU Regulation 2016/679, is an internet data privacy regulation aimed at protecting personal data of individuals in the European Economic Area. All companies that supply a service to anyone that resides in the EU, needs to be GDPR-compliant by 25 May 2018. In essence GDPR addresses how companies are collecting, storing and protecting the data they obtain from people in the EU. It gives customers control over their data in the following ways: • Customers need to give companies consent to obtain data, and companies are required to disclose what the information will be used for. • Customers can request to be [...]

7 Reasons To Choose

At, we know running a business, big or small is hard work. Business owners therefore need simple, smart and secure web solutions to get their business online.   Here’s why you should choose us to do just that:   1. We give domains and hosting the mojo it deserves Domains and hosting is often seen as the less exciting part of the web world. This couldn’t be further from the truth because here, “It all starts with a domain name!”. A great domain name together with excellent hosting are two of the key building blocks to ensuring your business’ online success. We make domains and hosting trendy and über cool by giving it its mojo back! Every business needs a professional email address from which [...]

Advantages of SSL for your small business

In this day and age, cyber security is a major concern for any business, big or small. SSL certificates are one of the best ways in which a company can protect its website and its customers from cyber vulnerabilities.   What is a SSL Certificate and who needs them? A SSL Certificate is a Secure Socket Layer Certificate that encrypts data in real-time so that information is kept secure between a customer’s website browser and the business’ server.   It is a necessity for websites that gather personal data or online stores that process payments. Websites that are purely informative in nature, such as blogs or information-based business sites, don’t necessarily need it, but it could be advantageous.   Why? [...]

What the right domain name can do for you

Choosing the right domain name is just as important as choosing the name of your company. It is not just as simple as taking your company’s name and adding extension to it.   Why not? Because you first need to know what the options are and what a domain name can do for you, before you can make an informed decision.   1. A domain name lets your company stand out Your website will form part of the billion plus websites out there. While Search Engine Optimisation, Google Adwords and other forms of online marketing will surely improve your awareness, a carefully chosen domain can make you more memorable, help build your brand and make it easy to find you online without having to spend extra.   [...]

Reasons To Start Your Own Business Reselling Hosting and Domains

Do you have some technical internet background and a whole lot of passion for the web? Do you want to start your own web business but lack quality products to sell? With’s reselling platforms, you can realise your entrepreneurial dreams as a hosting and domain reseller. Other benefits of starting your own business as a hosting and domains reseller include: 1. Make money : Whether you start your business on the side or decide to go into it full-time, reselling could earn you a generous income. It all depends, of course, on how effective you are at gaining leads and turning them into customers. 2. Do it your way: As the boss of your own small business, you can run your business exactly the way you want. You can set the goals and [...]

4 Good Reasons To Build Your Own Website using our Website Builder

A quick search on Google will deliver several highly talented website designers and developers ready to build you the perfect website. Unfortunately, many start-ups and small businesses don’t have the capital to pay for a professionally designed website but desperately need the exposure it could give. A website builder can offer cash-strapped start-ups the best of both worlds. A website builder is an easy website solution that offers various design templates and plugins that allow you to create a website yourself.   If you are considering building your own website, here are 4 good reasons to sign up today:   1. It is cheap: With a traditional website you have a once-off design and development fee and from thereon [...]

How to Kick Start Your Start-up in 2018

Resolutions are not only effective in a personal capacity but also on a business level. If you are starting a business in 2018 setting clear goals for the year ahead can be crucial to its success.    Here are 5 resolutions that can make all the difference:   Resolution #1: Get online. With 21-million people regularly browsing the internet in South Africa, your business needs to have a website with good, informative content. Your target audience will be browsing the internet at random hours of the day and night, and soon you will find that it will become your most valued sales agent.   How to get started: STEP 1: ”It all starts with a domain name!” We offer all the best domain names in the [...]

The Importance of HTTPS via SSL Certificates

You, as a website owner, need to be your client’s ‘online-bodyguard’, especially if you are asking them to submit personal information via your website. They could be accessing your unprotected website with WiFi in a public place and not realizing that someone is ‘eavesdropping’ and stealing their private information that was requested from either a signup form or even worse, a purchase. If you had a SSL Certificate it would create encrypted traffic and HTTPS is used to portray this. HTTPS means that the TLS (Transport Layer Security)* has been added to encrypt traffic travelling to and from your website. This encrypted traffic between your website’s server and your client’s browser (whether on a personal computer or mobile [...]