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South Africa’s 5 Most Popular Top Level Domains, and Beyond

The Top Level Domains’ (TLD) game in South Africa is still mostly about .co.za, but a shift is taking place. The growing battle for available domain names with this extension, coupled with the rise in popularity of other new domain extensions, have created an exciting world of domain opportunities. In this article we look at the top domains in South Africa and explore some of the trending extensions to take note of locally, and abroad. We also share some tips to help you choose the best fit and make a case for registering multiple Top Level Domains alongside your main domain name. Table of Contents
Top Level Domain Names Explained
South Africa’s Top 5 Most Popular Top Level Domains 1. .co.za
2. .org.za
3. .web.za
4. .net.za

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Social Media: Tips for Startups & Small Businesses in South Africa

Introduction Since 2010, International Social Media Day is celebrated on the 30th of June every year. It is a day to commemorate the value social platforms bring to digital communication and their ability to bring people together. Social media is also a great tool for startups and small businesses. It can be used to connect with target audiences, increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, generate leads, boost sales, etc. In this blog post we emphasize the importance of social media marketing for startups and pay homage to it by looking at some local statistics and offering beginner tips to help small businesses and entrepreneurs, create an effective social media marketing plan from scratch. Table of Contents Introduct […]

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Transfer Domain Names: The What, Why, How & Where

Did you know it is easy and relatively quick to transfer domain names from one provider to another? Whether you’re looking to consolidate multiple domains, seeking better features, or dissatisfied with the service you are currently receiving, transferring your domain name can be a wise decision. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll demystify the “what,” “why,” “how,“ and “where” of domain transfers, equipping you with the knowledge to make an informed choice about whether transferring your domain is the right move, or not. We’ll explore the reasons that might prompt a transfer, the key steps involved in the process, and the essential factors to consider when selecting a new domain provider, to ensure a smooth and successful […]

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7 Strategies to Help Build Customer Loyalty for Your Online Store

The quest for new leads is an ongoing battle for any online store, but what about the customers you already have? By investing in your existing customers, you can help encourage customer loyalty, which is key to securing long-term success. A great e-commerce website with reliable web hosting, excellent products and quick delivery procedures are non-negotiable of course, but building customer loyalty involves doing MORE. In this article, we share seven strategies that can help you create a client base dedicated to your brand. Table of Contents What is Customer Loyalty?
The Benefits of Customer Loyalty
7 Ways on How to Build Customer Loyalty 1. Start a Rewards Programme
2. Consider Starting a Referral Programme
3. Communicate […]

Happy 21st Birthday WordPress - The World's Most Loved CMS, WordPress Celebrates Its 21st Birthday!

The World’s Most Loved CMS, WordPress Celebrates Its 21st Birthday!

It’s WordPress’ 21st birthday on the 27th May 2024! And as the world’s most popular and most adored Content Management System (CMS), we wanted to dedicate an entire post to it. What started out as a simple, yet highly unique blogging system evolved to such an extent that today you’ll find that 43.4% of the websites on the internet are built on this platform. Customers can now choose from over 12 000 free themes and more than 60 000 free plugins to build and customise a website that’s true to their brand. The platform is also available in more than 178 countries and over 70 languages. WordPress has come a long way over the years. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and celebrate the milestones, innovations, and the vibrant c […]

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Choosing The Best Website Builder In South Africa: 10 Point Checklist

If you are looking for the best website builder in South Africa, you need to know what the criteria are to compare to. Website builders can differ dramatically from one provider to the next, so arm yourself with some basic knowledge first. Continue reading to learn which 10 points your ideal website builder must deliver on. Table of Contents What Is a Website Builder? 4 Benefits of Website Builders
Top 10 Checkpoints To Choose the Best Website Builder in South Africa 1. Value and Price
2. Ease of Use and Included Tools
3. Templates and Ability to Customise Them
4. Mobile Responsiveness
5. SEO Optimisation
6. The Quality of the Web Hosting
7. Security Features
8. Ongoing Support
9. Quality Plugins
10. E-Commerce Tools and Pay […]

Best Web Hosting For Small Businesses In South Africa: 7 Tips To Get Started

Best Web Hosting For Small Businesses In South Africa: 7 Tips To Get Started

As a small business owner in South Africa, your website is the cornerstone of your online marketing efforts. Finding and choosing the best web hosting for your website, for example WordPress Hosting or Shared Web Hosting etc., is therefore very important. The wrong type of hosting can not only affect the performance of your site but by default, cause damage to your online reputation. If you feel overwhelmed when it comes to the technicalities of hosting, this blog is for you. Read on as we explore the various types of hosting, their unique benefits, and identify which one could be the ideal solution for your small business. Table of Contents The 4 Best Web Hosting Types for Small Business 1. Shared Hosting: If your website h […]

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SSL Certificate Meaning Unpacked: What Is It and Which Type Is Best for Your Website?

Your website offers you direct access to customers and potential customers around the world. Website security is therefore fundamental. One of the first steps to securing your website is through an SSL Certificate. The SSL Certificate meaning is that it provides a layer of security that encrypts communication between a website and its visitors. In this comprehensive guide, we unpack everything you need to know about SSLs. We explore the benefits of owning one, look at the various types, and help you determine which one is the perfect fit for your business website. Table of Contents Understanding SSL Certificate Meaning
What is an SSL Certificate?
7 Benefits of owning an SSL Certificate
Types of SSL Certificates and Their Mea […]

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Looking for Fast, Secure & Stable WordPress Hosting for Your Website?

It’s a known fact that a website will only be as effective as the web hosting that powers it. You wouldn’t rush when designing the perfect WordPress website for your business, would you? Neither should you hurry the decision for the right choice of WordPress Hosting plans to accompany it. But what is WordPress Hosting anyway? Due to the immense popularity of the WordPress Content Management System (CMS), there arose a need for tailor-made hosting to accommodate it. WordPress Hosting, is a type of hosting specifically structured to optimise the speed, security, and performance of WordPress websites, was born. In this article, we introduce you to WordPress Hosting, look at its advantages and investigate why you should sign up […]

Image of a Green Tech - Why Sustainability in Your SME Matters

Green Tech: Why Sustainability in Your SME Matters

Running a Small-to-Medium-Enterprise (SME) in South Africa is demanding and keeping Green Tech in mind doesn’t need to add to the burden. Not only are you competing with big organisations for a “slice of the pie”, but you also need to go the extra mile to build trust in your small brand. Added to this, SMEs need to innovate and adopt trends. One such a trend is sustainability, particularly investing in green technology. This is important because SMEs contribute to approximately 34% of the country’s GDP and employ 50-60% of the labour force. This means that SMEs are also responsible for subsequent carbon emissions. But there is another, perhaps more important reason to going green: Consumers now expect it from you! Read o […]

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