10 Ideas for your Festive Marketing Shop

The festive-holiday season is here. However, dramatic increases in sales – welcome as they are – don’t just ‘happen’. Yes, people are shopping more during the holidays because they might have saved up for the occasion or received a bonus. But you will need to work for your share.

Since Covid-19, customers have started thinking differently too. Added to this they are currently being influenced and burdened by price increases on everything from electricity to fuel. Great deals alone won’t be enough. Customers are looking to support brands that solve their problems, are trustworthy, and care.

What will you do to draw them in? A Christmas marketing strategy that’s relevant, relatable and cheerful, can help to boost sales, increase brand awareness and target new customers.


Try these ideas:

1. Sell the solution, not the product
Whatever you sell, ‘sell’ the problems your products will help to solve and not the product itself. For example: If you are in the food, kitchen appliances, supplements or general health industries, share budget-friendly, healthy holiday recipes. If you are in the auto industry, share tips for getting more kilos per litre of fuel. Show people how to use your products and why it is worth it.


2. Create a gift guide
Some people are naturally great at choosing the perfect gift. The rest of us need specific guidance, and a whole lot of hints to get it right. You know your products, consider releasing a Gift Guide, Christmas Catalogue, or Wishlist to help confused shoppers buy the ideal gifts.


3. Don’t forget your loyal customers
Once-off shoppers are great but the customers that really help your store succeed are the ones that return regularly. Single out your loyal customers by sharing special promotions or discount codes with them.


4. Offer an experience
Share in the festive cheer by creating an experience. Make use of special festive wrapping, write personal cards, offer free delivery, or a gift, with purchases over R800. Make a fuss, and your customers will feel and appreciate it.


5. Run a give-away
There is nothing like a great prize give-away to get everyone excited and in the mood for the holidays. A competition can create brand awareness and increase your social media followers. It can also most certainly help you win over new customers.


6. Make the most of user-generated content
The customers who already know and love your products can help you generate valuable content. Don’t be ashamed to ask them to help you out. Give them your social media handles and ask them to tag you on social media.


7. Get an influencer in
Paid partnerships are a very handy tool and can help you reach a highly targeted audience of like-minded individuals. Influencers have built up an audience of people that trust their taste. It’s important that your paid partnerships be relevant and fitting. Don’t just choose anyone.


8. Spruce up your shop and give it a festive appearance
Another way to share in the festive cheer is to look the part. Decorate your store, play Christmas music, dress your staff, set-up a photo booth, and generally just have fun and try and boost your customer’s morale by going beyond the call of duty when it comes to service. This approach can work on your eCommerce site too. Improve functionality and web hosting and include festive banners and visuals.


9. Launch a holiday-themed product
If you design your own products a holiday-themed product could create some extra buzz around your festive marketing campaign. But you can also order in a product that fits the bill. Products in gold, green, red, and silver, can also be considered “festive” if you group them well, or perhaps give a new product a festive name aka ‘Santa’s Body Scrub’.

Examples: A make-up store can focus on a “glow” product, a pet store can market Christmas accessories for pets like Elf Hats, etc., a bookstore can group books with a holiday theme in front of the shop, bakeries can bake special pies, vitamin infusion bars can offer tailored Holiday IV drips to rehydrate holiday goers, and so on and so forth. Think creatively!


10. Show you care
These days consumers are spoiled for choice. If you are not the only company in South Africa offering an exclusive range of products, you will need to step up your game to stand out and encourage consumers to shop from you instead of your competition.

Great service is of course an excellent differentiator, but this should be a given. People want to know your business cares about the things they care about. Like global warming and charitable giving. What does your business care about?

Good luck!

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