10 New Year Resolutions for Small Business Owners [Part 1]

Running a small business is hard work. Every day brings forth pressing deadlines aimed at meeting the business’ immediate goals. But what about all those other to-dos? Setting New Year Resolutions forces small business owners to identify tasks that will be beneficial over the long-term. Creating this list is the first step to ensuring a better more successful future for your company.


Here are some resolutions we think might inspire your list:


1. Get a website or update your current page

A website is incredibly important for the visibility and discoverability of your business. If you don’t have one, building one should be your most important resolution. Domains.co.za’s website building solution Site Builder can help you get your brand online quickly, easily and very affordably.

If you already have a website – fantastic! Make sure it is responsive (mobile-ready), and that all the information, content and prices displayed are still relevant.


2. Make your website “sticky”

A “sticky” website is a website that encourages visitors to browse a little longer and come back regularly. Sticky websites don’t just happen – they are planned. Think about adding blogs, vlogs or videos. Before and after posts, success stories and testimonials can also be quite interesting. Ask yourself what your customers would like to see or read and create and upload it. Remember, adding new, unique and interesting content is also great for your website’s SEO.


3. Relook at your social media presence

What do your social media feeds look like? Are they active enough? Are they enticing enough? Without proper planning content can become a little stale. Brainstorm content ideas with the entire team. The social media of any company, big or small, is more effective when planned as a team.


4. Network

During a pandemic, traditional networking events with hundreds of delegates will unfortunately not be allowed to take place. However, now more than ever small business owners need to be part of forums and discussion groups in order to learn from others in the field. Join digital networking groups and sign up for video conferences (local and global).


5. Train and develop your team’s skills

While a business is a lot about “what” you sell (products/services) it is most definitely also about “who” does this “selling” for you. Your team is a valuable asset of your business and by investing in their skills you directly invest in your success too. Upskill your team in 2021.

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