2021 Business Trends

Did 2020 turn out like you anticipated 12 months ago? Saying “no” to this would be a gross understatement. Businesses everywhere were forced to change overnight in order to survive, and sadly some did not make it through. Insights after the first COVID-19 wave and foresights into the second, could perhaps allow us to better prepare for the year ahead.


Here’s what businesses across the world will be moving to the top of their agenda going forward:


1. WFH

By now, many corporate companies have made Remote Working work for them. Realising that this could perhaps be a requirement for a few months if not years to come, these companies could be relooking the ‘traditional’ office space. Wasted resources are never good for business and we may even see some companies relocate to smaller office spaces while others may do away with a fixed office space altogether.

Companies will also be looking at offering better support to employees working from home, especially those who aren’t flourishing.


2. Advanced Technology

Working from home is a nice ideal in theory but without the right infrastructure, software and hardware in place, optimum productivity could always remain an elusive goal. That’s why we may see more corporate companies investing in the technology that will help make working from home a real, powerhouse solution.

From advanced security and video conferencing software, to new 5G infrastructure and VPS Hosting, upgrading technology is a must in 2021.


3. Pivoting the Business Model

A quick search on the Mr D app will indicate how diverse deliveries have become. Multiple restaurants and shops have pivoted their business model to cater for home deliveries. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. As some sales avenues are closing, or have shrunk, we’ll see more companies innovate themselves toward opening up new ones, or growing existing ones. From selling online for example to selling something completely different. We will definitely see creativity and resourcefulness in the year ahead.


4. Automation

In an attempt to reduce overheads and improve productivity, whilst having fewer ‘hands on deck’, automation software will play an important role this year and, in the years, to come. In automating mundane tasks, employees have more time to spend on more important tasks.


5. Local Focus

#SupportLocal is a movement that isn’t going away any time soon. People want to support each other and when buying from local businesses they believe they are making a difference. Companies have also had to find local suppliers to prevent supply issues and will continue to do so throughout the second wave and beyond. This local focus has spurred various new local startups during 2020 and could be something we will continue to see in 2021.


6. Real Social Media Connections

Masks, social distancing, online shopping, contactless deliveries and the like have made customers “hungry” for more personal and authentic connections with brands. Be real and share this authenticity with your customers.


7. Online Education & E-Learning

Online education and e-learning/ virtual training will continue to grow in the year ahead. A large emphasis will be placed on helping teachers and trainers master distance education, as well as creating appropriate and successful content. Mobile as an education platform will also play a central role.

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