4 Good Reasons To Build Your Own Website using our Website Builder

A quick search on Google will deliver several highly talented website designers and developers ready to build you the perfect website.

Unfortunately, many start-ups and small businesses don’t have the capital to pay for a professionally designed website but desperately need the exposure it could give.

A website builder can offer cash-strapped start-ups the best of both worlds. A website builder is an easy website solution that offers various design templates and plugins that allow you to create a website yourself.


If you are considering building your own website, here are 4 good reasons to sign up today:


1. It is cheap:

With a traditional website you have a once-off design and development fee and from thereon you pay monthly hosting and an annual domain registration fee. In addition to this you also have to pay maintenance every time you want to make a change to your website. With a website builder solution, on the other hand, you only pay a small monthly fee that includes everything. Plus, you can make as many changes as you wish at no extra cost.


2. It is easy:

Building your own website is as easy as picking a template, changing the colours and then dragging and dropping plugins such as gallery, Google maps and You Tube. Then all you need to do is to write the text for your pages, add images of your products and make your website live.


3. It allows you to test the market

With a website builder like domains.co.za’s Site Builder you pay as little as R85 pm.

This includes website hosting, a domain name and email addresses for your domain name.

If you have a business idea and some time on your hands, R85 is a small price to pay to test your concept. Perhaps you have paintings or hand-made jewellery you want to sell? A website can also help you get your freelance business off the ground. What do you have to lose?


4. You can do updates at a whim

Things change. Whether it is something small like a product’s price or something larger like your company’s address, changes should be updated on your website ASAP.

With your website builder you can make changes, big or small by yourself in real-time. You don’t need to brief a designer, wait or pay for its execution.

Building your own website using a website builder is simple, quick and easy.


Let’s start turning your business dreams into a reality!

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