7 Eco-friendly Gadgets for the Office

Businesses around the world can benefit from adopting greener, more eco-friendly technologies and habits. Eco-friendly practices often save money too. Just think of how much your company could save if it went paperless, for example. In addition to cost-cutting benefits, green technology can also improve a business’ reputation.

June is National Environment Month. In light of this we share some of our favourite gadgets and accessories for the office that ticks the “eco-friendly” box as well.


1. Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse

Click your way to a greener office with the wireless, Bluetooth Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse. The shell of this mouse has been made from plastic that has been recovered from the ocean.


2. Urbanista Los Angeles Solar Powered Headphones

One of the coolest things we’ve seen all year is the Urbanista Los Angeles Solar Powered Headphones that charges when exposed to light (even while you are using it). It not only has active noise-cancelling but it also boasts an incredble 80-hour battery life.


3. Urth Tech Organiser

Hybrid working is amazing, but travelling to and from work with chargers and flashdrives all over the place – not so much! Luckily, the Urth Tech Organiser is here to save the day. It is made from recycled nylon, has a weatherproof shell and with every purchase the company plants 5 trees.


4. Dualit Eco Press Aluminium Capsule Recycler

Fresh filter coffee is just what the doctor ordered to combat the post-lunch energy dip at the office. While aluminium capsules can be recycled, the hardened coffee that stays behind needs to be removed first. The Dualit Eco Press Aluminium Capsule Recycler does this job like a boss. It is compatible with most mainstream machines.


5. Joekikimd Smart Reusable Notebook

Yes, many of you have already adapted to making your notes digitally but for those who still need to make physical notes by hand, have a look at the Joekikimd Smart Reusable Notebook. It has 40 waterproof pages, works with an erasable pen and can be reused indefinitely.


6. Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Straws

Using a plastic straw is the equivalent of throwing trash from the car window – simply not cool, and highly frowned upon. Not sure about you, but a paper straw on the flipside, is just gross. Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Straws has come to the rescue with recycled stainless steel straws with silicone flex tips.


7. Reusable Silicone Sandwich Bags

A packed lunch is often healthier and most definitely more cost-effective (not to mention greener). However, somewhere in the office kitchen a portal exist where all lunch boxes vanish into. As a result there’s never a lunch box handy at home when you need it. Stop resorting to foil or plastic wrap. Instead, check out these Reusable Silicone Sandwich Bags. They are sturdy and dishwasher, freezer and microwave friendly.


Any “green” step, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction. Good luck!

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