7 Reasons to Register a .joburg, .durban, .capetown or .africa alongside your .co.za

It all starts with a domain name, but it doesn’t have to end with just that one!


Your business can benefit from having a domain strategy that includes owning multiple domain names. It shows vision and out-of-the-box-thinking, and with Geo-TLDs like .joburg, .durban, capetown and .africa your brand can literally demand the online attention it deserves. 


Benefit 1: We are selling the available domain extensions to our current .co.za customers for R3.00* each

We’ve got excellent news for all our current .co.za customers! We have just launched the Great Domains Rush campaign in which we have reserved the equivalent of your .co.za domain name in the available .joburg, .durban, .capetown and .africa domain name extensions. During the reservation period (until midnight 30 June 2022) you can register the relevant Geo-TLDs of your choice for only R3.00* each. These domains normally sell for R360 each, making this a promotion not to be missed. (T&Cs apply.) 


GREAT NEWS!!! From 1 October 2022 all existing .africa, .joburg, .durban and .capetown domain names can be renewed for R90.00** p/y only. This means that when the time comes to renew the domains you register during The Great Domains Rush you'll only pay R90.00* instead of R260 for .joburg, .durban and .capetown and R360 for .africa. Whoohoo!!!


Benefit 2: It will increase your online visibility and protect your brand identity

Here’s the thing: your domain name is your brand’s identity on the World Wide Web. Are you the only company in Africa that has thought of that name? Most probably not.  

Owning all the relevant TLDs for your name not only aids your online visibility but also protects your brand’s identity online. Think your competitors won’t register your domain? Think again. One more domain you own is one less competitor they have online. 


Benefit 3: It can help you highlight a focus area

If you are a company that has branches in Durban, Cape Town or Johannesburg, a matching Geo-TLD is great for business as it will allow you to highlight and target geo-specific markets. If most of your customers live in any of these cities, then owning the relevant Geo-TLD can be conducive to boosting that market.  

Perhaps your business has extended itself into Africa? Owning this domain for your market can help you refocus your approach and content as well.  


Benefit 4: It can support your future growth strategy

If it is part of your company’s future growth strategy to target Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg, or the greater African continent, then consider registering these domains now. In securing them upfront and by pointing them to your main domain, they will be yours to utilise when you need to.


Benefit 5: It can give your SEO and geo-location a boost

Owning multiple domain names for one company does not mean you need to build multiple websites or landing pages. You can simply set up a “301 redirect” and have these domains redirect visitors to your main website.

If your sitemap has been set up correctly it can benefit your indexing and how Google will group your business. It is also beneficial for geo-locations, which can assist in obtaining more local traffic for “near me” searches.


Benefit 6: It can be an excellent marketing tool when the time comes

Owning these domains can give you leverage. You can create geo-specific landing pages for future promotions. When looking at running a location-specific promotion, or event, you can then easily utilise the perfect and relevant domain name for this purpose and create more buzz for the occasion. 


Benefit 7: It shows your brand has pride in our towns and our continent

“Local is lekker” is a concept that has grown even more in popularity since the pandemic hit in 2019. Consumers are looking to support local businesses because they realise what a difference it can make not only to the country’s economy, but to their local community as well. Owning the relevant Geo-TLDs can help improve your image with local target audiences! 


Learn more about The Great Domains Rush here.


*Terms and Conditions Apply. Premium domains, reserved domains, trademarked domains, or domains that have already been registered do not qualify for this offer. Reservations are valid for 60 days.
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