7 Ways as to how Hosted PBX in the Cloud by Domains.co.za will Add Value to your SME

Switching from a traditional PABX telephone system to a Hosted PBX in the Cloud by Domains.co.za is not only quick, easy, and affordable, but it also unlocks a variety of other business-crucial benefits for SMEs in SA.

Hosted PBX in the Cloud, also referred to as Cloud-based PABX, is essentially the making and taking of calls over the internet, with the ability to transfer to other extensions. A huge misconception is that Hosted PBX is only suitable for large organisations because it is too expensive and difficult to implement. This is completely false, of course; any size company with a team to manage and customers to support, can and should have Cloud-based PBX.

Truth be told, no two Cloud-based PBX solutions currently on the market are the same. Domains.co.za has spent the last year developing and perfecting our solution. We’ve partnered with leaders in the industry that we use, 3CX and VOX, to ensure that our solution hits the brief when it comes to software and voice quality. Paired with our industry-leading infrastructure, we are confident that our Hosted PBX in the Cloud, Powered by 3CX & UnCapped VOX Voice solution, is set to change the telephony industry forever.


7 Excellent reasons why your business is set to benefit from Hosted PBX by Domains.co.za

1. It will help you reduce your company’s telephone bill

An UnCapped* Cloud-based PBX solution means never again dreading opening your telephone bill. A set monthly fee means you can reduce your telephonic account substantially and reduce your budget appropriately. From R1195 per month, our Hosted PBX in the Cloud product is most definitely a cost-effective solution for your SME.


2. It will give your company and its employees more mobility & flexibility

Cloud-based PBX is portable. Your employees only need to download an APP onto their smartphones, tablets, PCs or laptops to gain access to their own individual office extension. This means there is literally no difference between working from the office or working from home.


3. It will enhance your teams’ communication and productivity

With incredible features* like Web Conferencing, Live Chat, Voicemail via Email, Call Routing, Call Recordings, Click2Call, Click2Meet etc. your team can have one environment on which to communicate more effectively and productively. The various features offered also allow for multitasking. (* Features are package specific)


4. It will improve customer experience

The quality of our Hosted PBX in the Cloud calls are so superior that customers will never distinguish whether your employees are at the office, at home, or even abroad. No dropped calls, and no lagging. Just crystal-clear voice and value-added features that allow you to better serve your customers.


5. It is reliable and secure

Unlike traditional switchboard systems, Cloud-based PBX is not threatened by cable thefts or load-shedding. The solution is hosted in the Cloud on Domains.co.za’s local Teraco hosting infrastructure which boasts 99.99% uptime. In addition, all calls and data are encrypted to offer customers the ultimate peace of mind.


6. It is quick and easy to set up, manage & maintain

Compared to traditional PABX, Hosted PBX in the Cloud doesn’t need any cabling or wiring. This not only means less handset clutter in and around the office but also ensures a quick and seamless roll-out of the system. Integration into other software programmes like CRM is also supported. Plus, maintaining this VoIP solution is so easy as Domains.co.za’s Cloud-based PBX is a fully managed solution, which means you don’t have to do a thing!


7. It can be scaled to meet demand

As your company’s needs grow, our Hosted PBX in the Cloud can be easily scaled to meet demand. Starting out small and growing into something more substantial is therefore very doable.

Since launching in early July 2021, product interest has been phenomenal. This solution has already added value to multiple SMEs.

The days where a phone system only needed to complete telephony tasks are gone. Companies need more, and Cloud-based PBX by Domains.co.za is the answer.

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