7 Ways to keep website visitors interested

The purpose of a business website is to ‘educate’ the site’s visitors and turn them into customers… ideally returning ones. The problem according to Google however, is that 90% of website visitors are easily distracted. So, how can your website keep your visitors’ attention long enough to make a lasting impact? By creating a website that is not only easy on the eyes but engaging as well.

Try these tips to increase average visitor sessions, improve your site’s credibility and enhance the chances of a return.


1. Live Chat
Live Chat is rapidly increasing in popularity. Statistics show that over the course of the next year this form of add-in software will grow by 87%. People prefer having their questions answered in real-time. It makes a website seem “alive” and builds trust in a brand – especially if support agents are quick to answer, professional and helpful.

2. Imagery
As covered in our previous article, Site Builder: Website Content Tips to Improve the Success of Your Site, images are an important part of creating good website content. However, it is about more than just that. Yes, images can help you sell better, and they can help build SEO. But did you know your images can help visitors engage with your brand? Rethink your imagery. Invest in purchasing professional images, or a good graphic designer, or photographer!

3. Video
In addition to point 2 above, is the effective use of video material. Good quality videos can help visitors stay longer, learn more about your products, or services, and leave the site with a better impression of your company and what it is you offer.

4. Forms
Forms are a good engagement tool for websites. Make your contact forms, downloadable PDFs, booking enquiries and newsletter signups interesting and informative. You can even bring in some fun by asking a really random question or crack a joke. Try something different!

5. Blog
A blog gives your brand a regular voice and helps boost SEO. Here you can write about literally anything that is relevant to your industry, the products you sell and the people behind the products (both ends). A blog also makes your website more “sticky” and engaging.

The ultimate goal of an online store is obviously to boost sales. But what if it could do that and more? Listing your products in an online shop with photographs, descriptions and prices can make your website more interesting, impressive and memorable.

7. Reviews
Here is a truth that will never change: People believe people and not brands. Telling people that you are awesome does not necessarily make it so. But if other people are prepared to vouch for you, well, that makes potential customers think. Reviews and testimonials are practical and interesting to read, so make sure you include them on your site.

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