9 Myths About A Business Website

It’s 2021, every business should have a professional website. A website is not just a carrier that transports your business to potential customers, it’s also your business’ online hub. The first-place prospects will turn to, to find out more about you. Sadly, less than 64% of small businesses have websites.

Don’t let the following myths stand between your business and professional growth:

1. My business is too small, so I don't need it.

Are you running more of a side hustle than a “real” business? First off, well done! Many large well-known corporations started out like this. Secondly, get a website. Even if you are baking biscuits or pet-sitting neighbours’ dogs. The only thing standing between your business and its growth is you because you are not giving it any ‘wings to spread’.

2. I’m on Social Media, so I’m sorted!

Yes, you are on Facebook and Instagram (and that’s great), but what if your customers are not? You must consider how people make their purchasing decisions and Social Media creates awareness and desire. Generally speaking, when somebody is in the market to buy something right now, they tend to turn to the internet to look for suppliers and/or online retail outlets. Don’t miss this opportunity.

3. It is too expensive to get a website, so I'll wait.

Everyone knows the expression: “You need to spend money to make money”. Luckily, Domains.co.za realises the predicament start-ups and entrepreneurs are in; and that is why our website builder ‘Site Builder allows you to create your own site for as little as R100 per month.

4. A website will deliver instant results and sales.

Unfortunately, not, once your website is up on the World Wide Web, it first needs to be ‘crawled’ by search engines to be indexed on them. This can take anything from a couple of days to months depending on many variables, so do not rely on Google. After making your site live, start writing and publishing more content for your site (blogs, videos, product or service descriptions, etc.). and market your website by using Social Media to link back to your website. All this activity will encourage search engines’ ‘spiders’ to come check you out sooner rather than later.

5. Go big or go home.

While it may be a good motto to live your life by, it is not necessarily a prerequisite for your website. You can start off small with a one-pager; a simple, professional website will work better for you than no website at all.

6. I'll wait until I feel ready to launch my website.

Like we mentioned in point 3, it does take a while for search engines to index your website. Therefore, the sooner it can be live, the better in the long run. With a Site Builder website, you can log in any time and edit your page content, upload more pictures etc. – all at your own pace. So, it doesn’t need to be perfect right from the start, it can be a work in progress.

7. It's a once-off thing!

Nothing is constant, everything changes; costs increase making product pricing change, or service offerings become more advanced – ensure your website is always updated to reflect these changes. It is also a good thing to add new and interesting titbits to your site because this invites Google to revisit, again and again, which directly improves your site’s SEO rankings.

8. I don't sell online so why bother getting a website then?

You do not need to sell online in order to have a professional website. It’s about creating awareness and being visible to potential customers who would have otherwise gone to a different shop to find the products that you sell. But no, they Googled the closest shop and you popped up. Yay! Now, here’s a question for you: Why aren’t you selling online as well? Two birds with one stone...Think about it!

9. All I need is a pretty and fast website - conversions will just happen naturally.

Sure enough, it isn’t impossible to get a sale after the first glimpse of a product or service you sell, but it is an exception, not the rule. Studies have shown that it generally takes around seven interactions with a brand before a prospect could potentially convert. So, how do you interact with prospects? Through marketing! Social media marketing, email marketing, and paid media can all help you get those conversions you are after. Need to get online? Domains.co.za offers a bouquet of best-in-breed products to achieve this goal. From website hosting to domain name registrations, SSL Certificates and a website builder – everything you need in one place.