Choosing the right web hosting hero to power your website

Web hosting is the behind-the-scenes HERO or VILLAIN of every website on the planet. But the true master-mind behind your website’s functionality is the web hosting company powering it all. Choose correctly –  and you’ll have a well-behaved website that functions precisely as it should. Choose incorrectly – and you could have an inconsistent, slow website that could be open to hackers and other security threats.

So, let’s help you choose. Make sure your web hoster ticks the following boxes:

Fast loading speeds

Have you ever visited a website and waited for the content to download? Or even worse, some of the images didn’t display at all? Chances are you didn’t hang around to learn much about the website after that. As a website owner you have to respect your visitors’ time. So, opt for a web hosting company that makes loading speeds a priority!


As more and more people and businesses use the digital space to work and transact on, the risks for cyber fraud and theft increases substantially. You need a hosting company that not only recognises these risks but have measures and protocols in place to counter them  (i.e. Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, SSLs, frequent backups etc.) These measures are not only to protect your website from hackers but also help to protect your website visitors’ from any security risks. People want to know that your website is a safe and secure place to visit.

Server infrastructure that rocks!

In order to be the best where it matters most, your hosting provider needs to boast next-level server infrastructure (hardware and software). This means international carrier-grade infrastructure. Look for a hosting company that can offer you this!


Stability of 99.9% and more

Stability is to your website what a bulb is to your light fixture. You can have the most beautiful light, but if the bulb is faulty you’ll have constant issues. That’s why your hosting company has to offer you stable hosting. In fact, they have to guarantee 99.9% or more up-time so that your website doesn’t experience frequent periods of downtime. As the watchdogs of internet surfers, Search Engines favour sites that function optimally, as this will add value to a visitor’s experience. Unstable sites therefore rank poorly.

Regular backups

We all have had enough encounters with lost files or deleted documents to know there is considerable value in backing up. Just imagine losing your entire website? Make sure your hosting provider makes backing up part of their service.

Value-added customer care

A great product might get you a client, but it is service that will determine whether you will keep this client forever. Do your homework. What are other customers saying about them? Do they have a reputation as a company that cares for its customers? Web hosting requires regular server maintenance, technical support and friendly advice. Look for a hosting company that offers these.

A local company

A local hosting company with a local data centre offers local website visitors great speeds. It is also extremely beneficial, not to mention convenient, to have a locally based support centre. In supporting a local company you directly support the local economy and the creation of local jobs. has built up a great name in the industry. Not only do we offer high quality, fast, secure hosting with 99.99% uptime guaranteed, but we also push the envelope. We are at the forefront of new developments within the industry, plus we know what our customers want, and we bring it!

Look no further than for your website’s supernatural hosting!