How to attract more traffic to your eCommerce store this festive season

As we head into the festive season, it’s an important time to ramp up marketing initiatives to ensure that your eCommerce store stands out online. In a Covid-19-reality, there will be less feet hitting the shop floors and probably smaller Christmas shopping budgets as well. Yet now, more than ever, it is eCommerce’s time to shine . Make your website “sticky” this Christmas with our top 7 tips to attract more traffic. But before we jump in, we would like to mention two very website must-haves: • mobile responsiveness; • and fast, secure & reliable web hosting . If the above two factors are not in place, any efforts you make could fail, as online shoppers expect nothing less. 1. Provide Great Content Great content [...]

How to Start a Business on a Budget… Must Haves!

Having your own business can be hard but can also be very cool. You can work the hours you want and do the things you love. Contrary to popular belief not all types of businesses need investments of hundreds of thousands of Rands before they hit the ground running. Some, particularly home-based sole proprietorships, can be started within a modest budget. If a large upfront cash flow problem was the only thing standing between you and your own startup... hesitate no more.    Here are some tips to get you started:   1. Find a great idea The pièce de résistance of any successful business is  a great idea . Consider your skills, the tools you have in your [...]

Is Your Small Business Ready for Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is a journey. It differs from company to company because your goals and challenges will dictate the technology you need. For the same reason it is not only about technology but also about the people. The benefits to you, your staff and ultimately your customers will navigate your business in the digital era. In 2020, digital transformation is well underway with large corporations allocating substantial budgets towards their digital investments. Organisations need to transform multiple departments and processes within their current infrastructure. Although transformation needs to be customised, take place over a lengthy period, and is usually expensive, the benefits far outweigh these challenges. By implementing the right digital strategies companies will [...]

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities: 10 Work from Home Ideas

A lot can happen over six months. During the first 4 levels of Lockdown many industries have shown agility in their “creative” responses; new ways of doing business have started and employees have adapted to the “new normal”. Unfortunately, there is the other side to this coin, where some industries have just been unable to survive, stores that have closed and employees that have been retrenched, or have had to take less than half their salaries in pay cuts.     What can you do if nobody is hiring in your industry sector and your prospects seem bleak? What may seem like an obstacle, may actually be the [...]

12 Marketing Tips for your Tourism Business

As South Africa celebrates the Tourism industry as well as its Heritage during September, it seems fitting to shine a massive spotlight on local travel. Lockdown restrictions have severely impacted the growth of our tourism businesses. However, under Level 1, and going forward, companies within this industry can bring more travellers to their towns and cities by implementing smart and inexpensive marketing strategies.     Don’t wait for people to come, invite them!     Tips to get your tourism business noticed:    1. List, list, list  Visibility online is critical in getting the word out about what your tourism hotspot has to offer. [...]

Mastering the art of Netiquette

A lot of our interaction online is often “faceless”, which could create a sense of anonymity or “distance” when we communicate with others. Irrespective of this, online etiquette always applies. In fact, as we grow more dependent on the internet for work and play, it is essential to sharpen our network/internet etiquette (Netiquette) skills and kill off bad habits in the process.   Why Netiquette matters In real life and in the virtual world, manners matter. Netiquette is nothing other than a polite, favourable online behavioural protocol. Companies are strict about the reputation they wish to build and uphold and therefore employees need to conduct themselves online accordingly. Practicing good Netiquette is invaluable on all digital [...]

Adopting a culture of online safety & cyber security in the workplace

The matter of online safety and cyber security has made its way up the ranks of ExCo agendas across the globe. Companies both big and small not only realise the importance of safeguarding personal and company data, but also their responsibility towards protecting the data of their customers. Obtaining and maintaining the best and most secure networks, hosting and operating systems needed to limit risk come at a cost. Sadly, unless your workforce is properly trained on online safety, your company cannot be fully protected.   The role of online security awareness and training in your business The Why? A Kapersky Lab report identified that 46% of cyber incidents were related to human error. Every employee with access to the company's network opens [...]

How to turn your small business idea into a reality

You’ve got a great business idea, researched the market and found that there is a demand for what you want to sell. After some additional research and lots of conversations with experts in the field, you’ve come to a decision: you are going to do it! You are going to start your own small business. Congratulations! Now the real fun can begin. Get ready, you are about to embark on one of the most challenging yet rewarding journeys of your life. Step 1: Get the Domain Name This is not only a tactical move but also a highly practical one. When registering your domain name you’ve literally purchased your own virtual real estate . The place your business will reside online once your company is up and running. It is liberating and an inexpensive way [...]

Grow your small business despite Lockdown restrictions 

Lockdown restrictions and Covid-19 regulations are placing immense pressure on businesses across the world. Whether your business is currently unable to run normally, or at all, aim to use this forced “pause” in pace to reflect, adapt and find new ways to grow your company and sell your products or services. 1. Register a domain & build a company website A company website is an absolute must in the digital age. Yet, 40% of small businesses don’t have one. In 702 Radio’s #TheMoneyShow successful entrepreneur and businessman Pavlo Phitidis expresses that he has been urging businesses to digitize for a couple of years because of the value it could add to your business. Being too busy, not having the funds, or perhaps not realising its true value, could be behind [...]

Tips to starting a business of your own

There are many reasons to start a business. Perhaps you’ve got a great idea... Maybe you are looking for more flexibility with your time... But most probably you would like to create true wealth, right? But there is another influencer behind business innovation: Necessity! In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic and SA’s downgrade into Junk status, many South Africans might not have a job to return to after all this has blown over. Now is the best time to start your small business. Here’s how: Tip #1: Research the market: Having an idea is all good and well, but is there a market for it? And what does your competition look like? Before deciding on a business venture to pursue, make sure there will be a gap in the market [...]

Keywords in domain names: How important are they?

The right domain name can do a lot for your business behind the scenes, and should by no means be chosen lightly. While there are many that favour the branded domain name (i.e. your business name), others again believe a keyword domain name (i.e. what your business does) could be more effective in more ways than one. Is this still the case? To answer this, let’s take a step back and look at what the right domain name should do. The right domain name should: • Be memorable: A domain name that is easy to remember makes it easier for potential customers to recall and search it later. It is a cost-effective marketing tool that could help you get more traffic as a result. Just think about or . They are hard to [...]

What the right domain name can do for you

Choosing the right domain name is just as important as choosing the name of your company. It is not just as simple as taking your company’s name and adding extension to it.   Why not? Because you first need to know what the options are and what a domain name can do for you, before you can make an informed decision.   1. A domain name lets your company stand out Your website will form part of the billion plus websites out there. While Search Engine Optimisation, Google Adwords and other forms of online marketing will surely improve your awareness, a carefully chosen domain can make you more memorable, help build your brand and make it easy to find you online without having to spend extra.   [...]