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The African continent is brimming with opportunity. Not only is it a top tourism destination, host to an abundance of wildlife and nature, but it is also a continent rich in a diversity of cultures, languages, cuisines and traditions. With a population nearing the 1.4-billion mark, business opportunities on this huge (30,37 million km²) continent are looking very promising. Its wide-open spaces and bright sunny days make it ideally suited for renewable energy for example, and plans for biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar and wind power plants are extremely topical at the moment. 


While access to reliable energy will boost Africa’s mining, agriculture and industrial sectors, the lack of internet infrastructure is a major challenge for its growth. Current available statistics indicate that only 39% of the African population has access to the internet. Since Covid-19 it has become abundantly clear that internet connectivity is extremely important on many levels. For this reason, and because there is an incredibly large untapped market, companies like Facebook and Google  are already hard at work to get rural areas on the continent connected.  


Africa’s time is now! So, get your domain name too... here’s why:


1. Get the name you want before someone else does! 

If you already own a, .com or any other domain extension for your business, then now is the perfect time to get the equivalent name in a .africa domain too. This domain extension is fast growing in popularity, which could make it difficult to get your domain extension at a future date.


2. .africa domain name shows community.

One of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is “belonging”; most people have the need to feel part of a community. As an African business, irrespective of the country, it is a great privilege to be a part of this amazing continent. .africa domain name could help your business show this ‘continental’ pride to your customers.


3. .africa domain name shows vision.

You might own a small logistics business in Upington today, but who’s to say what the future could bring? Perhaps with the right mind-set you can grow your business across the border into Namibia and or Botswana. If this is a dream you have for your business, a .africa domain will showcase the bigger vision you have for your enterprise.


4. .africa domain name shows authenticity

Geo-based TLDs (Top Level Domains) stand out from the normal, .com and other popular gTLDs. As a result, your business domain name could be more memorable and create a lasting impression with potential customers if it has a .africa domain suffix. It also takes away the risk of user-confusion; if your target audience lives in Africa, tell them with a .africa domain name. is a South African domain name registrar, specialising in local and international domain extensions, website hostingWordPress hostingSSL’s and a wide range of other complementary products. 

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*Valid until 31 December 2020. Only applicable to new domain name registrations. Renewals at standard price. Ts & Cs apply.