Launches the Perfect UnCapped* VoIP PBX Solution for Small Business is proud to launch their latest innovative product for the SME market: Cloud based VoIP PBX, Powered by 3CX with UnCapped Calling* Powered by VOX Voice. This solution is set to change the telephony industry within the South African SME market forever! Boost your business’ communications with this fully managed, Cloud-based, PBX phone system with its world-leading; 3CX software, VOX carrier-grade Voice and Uncapped local and cell phone calls.

SME businesses across SA have had to face many challenges over the past 15 months. These range from load-shedding, copper cable thefts and remote working due to lockdown, causing complications with traditional PABX systems.

At, we do not believe making and accepting calls needs to be part of those challenges. Now, thanks to our new VoIP Solution businesses can make and take calls from anywhere - to anywhere, unhindered by these interferences.

Reasons why VoIP PBX by is a gamechanger:

  • Uncapped* means your business can make local and cell phone calls and save on monthly traditional telephone bills as this is included in the pricing*.
  • It makes use of the world-class 3CX Software with built-in security and backup, live chat and video conferencing.
  • With more than 150 features*, your business can expect everything a traditional switchboard can do PLUS more, e.g., live chat, video conferencing, Click2Meet, Click2Call and several time-saving features. (*Package specific)
  • The system is built on’s locally hosted, solid infrastructure (99.99% uptime) and professional monthly management.
  • VoIP PBX by has scalable packages and is powered by VOX Carrier-Grade voice, so customers can expect crystal-clear voice calls and affordability.
  • Wherever your employees are – at the office, or at home – telephone conversations can continue professionally via smartphones, laptops, or desktops disruption-free.

With 3CX software, VOX carrier-grade voice and’s infrastructure, the quality of this product is unmatched in the industry. Experience fast, crystal-clear voice calls cost-effectively, with VoIP PBX by Learn more by clicking here.

*T&C’s Apply
*Fair Usage Policy Applies