sponsoring local youth’s soccer team

There are lots are passionate about. Entrepreneurship, cool domains names, UltraFast and secure web VPS hosting as well as delivering incredible service to our customers, but these aren’t the only things. We are passionate about giving back to the community too. Through last year’s  947 charity drive  we were able to help nearly 70 charities by donating thousands of water bottles for the cyclist who were competing for their respective causes. Helping charities through events that encourage physical fitness are particularly important to us as we believe that leading a balanced lifestyle is crucial in the demanding and stressful times we live in.

That’s why we are happy to announce that we are sponsoring a local soccer team for this season. The team of young dynamic players are all in their 20s and are participating in the Discovery Soccer Park League’s Monday night 6-a-side division.

“As a company based in Johannesburg, we wanted to do something positive for our local community. Group sports like soccer is great for strengthening a person’s mental and physical capabilities, and we are excited to see how this team will do this season,” says CEO, Wayne Diamond. will also be sponsoring charities in this year’s Cape Argus taking place in March.