Gearing up for Christmas Online -- 3 Things to Do Right Now - Part 3

With only three weeks left until Christmas, you might think it is too late to start a marketing campaign. The truth is, it is never too late. A large percentage of Christmas shoppers leave it until the last minute, either holding out for specials, or until they have time.

‘Now’ is therefore an excellent time to start and take your campaign to the next level with ideas like these:


1. Run a deal of the day

Create daily deals and use all your marketing platforms (email, social, SMS and WhatsApp) to communicate them. See it as being similar to Black Friday, use these deals to create a sense of urgency and excitement amongst your customers, leads and followers.

TIP: Utilise Facebook and Instagram Stories to give your deal extra exposure!


2. Bring an influencer on board

Whatever you sell, there is a celebrity, stylist or industry persona that can help you sell it. Paid partnerships aren't uncommon and prices and packages are different from person to person. Make a few enquiries and choose something that is within your budget and will get the results you are after.

TIP: Provide your influencer with a Promo Code for an exclusive deal he/she can promote to his/her own followers, which allows you the opportunity to track the success of using this form of advertising.


3. Announce free shipping & “last calls”

Boost sales by announcing free or discounted shipping on orders for a limited time only. Don’t forget to let your customers know how many days they have left in order to receive their purchase in time for Christmas. Bear in mind that courier drivers are incredibly busy leading up to Christmas.

TIP: Consider delivering local parcels yourself, thereby making your service more personal. This way you can really leave a lasting impression with the people who are located closest to your business.

Christmas is the biggest retail event of the year. Don’t let it slip past without trying to obtain your percentage of this year’s sales.

Good luck!

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