How AI can help your small business thrive

From everyday mundane, repetitive tasks to more complex ones – Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help your small business do more with less. While AI might seem “new” and perhaps even “futuristic”, you might be surprised to learn that you may already be using it. Many search engines, social media platforms and eCommerce websites are using Machine Learning and AI to simplify your life as a consumer. Now, let’s see what it can do for your business.



  1. What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
  2. What is Machine Learning?
  3. 4 Ways small businesses can use AI
  4. Use AI to improve customer experience.
  5. Use AI to take your marketing to the next level.
  6. Use AI to prevent security breaches.
  7. Use AI to tweak and enhance your business offering.


What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is software programmes that can process information and simulate human thinking however, in order to do so, human input and Machine Learning are required.


What is Machine Learning?
Machine Learning is an integral part of AI, as it is the process of teaching "machines" how to think and respond to information.


4 Ways small businesses can use AI

1. Use AI to improve customer experience.

Customers adore prompt service and accuracy, and AI is nothing if not quick and precise. That's why small businesses can benefit by using AI for everyday processes like order confirmations, courier tracking, support tickets, accounting (Xero and QuickBooks), support, and even sales. Chatbots or conversational AI tools like Drift can automate responses and learn from every answer they receive in return.


2. Use AI to take your marketing to the next level.

What's standing between you and new business? Marketing! Your brand needs to be visible to your target audience. But as a small business marketing can be very intimidating, luckily now you've got AI. Use ChatGPT to help you write better content for your campaigns. Use Meta Business Suite to help you facilitate smart social media marketing campaigns for Facebook and Instagram. Use Mailchimp to send advanced email marketing messages. Use Site Builder to create a professional website in a flash. And so on, and so forth, the list of tools is endless.

While these tools can help you achieve more with your marketing efforts, it is essential to have a human oversee all content, especially to ensure the intended tone of voice and to add context and character to your brand messages.



3. Use AI to prevent security breaches.
AI can see patterns faster than humans can, therefore cybersecurity powered by AI is crucial in business. It can help find suspicious activity and raise alerts, safeguarding your company and customers from potential threats. Examples are Darktrace, an AI tool that employs machine learning algorithms to instantly spot and counteract cyber dangers. In addition, there’s Check Point CloudGuard, which helps small businesses protect their cloud infrastructure and applications.


4. Use AI to tweak and enhance your business offering.
What do your customers want? What content do they want to see more of? What are they using your product for? How could your product be better?

Raw data can be pulled from all sorts of places these days, but what then? By knowing where your pitfalls are you can improve your product, service or entire offering and even expand your target audience.

Large organisations have had the resources to obtain and interpret insights for ages, and now with AI you can too. Use tools like Microsoft Power BI or Polymer Search to make your data clear and understandable.


- AI tools can help to increase efficiency and accuracy and cut costs.
- AI software can help you understand your customers better and grow your business' potential.
- Using AI should never replace the human touch - ensure an employee oversees and manages it.


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