How to make the most of your online store in 2019

Online stores are huge in America and China, but this trend is also on the rise in SA. An eCommerce report by PayPal together with research firm Ipsos, believes that the online market in SA will grow by R17 billion over the next two years (currently R43-billion).

Being successful online requires several things of which a user-friendly, visually-pleasing website, with a memorable domain name and fast, reliable hosting forms the basis. Naturally, you also have to market your store via social media and other platforms to boost visibility etc., but there are a few other important factors that can contribute to the success of your online store, namely:

According to a study by Sabric, SA has the third-highest cyber attacks in the world. Making your site safe for your shoppers is therefore non-negotiable. Encrypt your online store with an SSL Certificate and be sure to make use of anti-virus software that can protect you, your company and your customers from ransomware.

2. Payment options
People have diverse likes and dislikes when it comes to many things, including how they wish to pay for goods. With an online store the “less is more” mantra doesn’t work well. Provide your customers with at least three different and diverse ways of payment. The more options you give, the more convenient the shopping experience for your customers and the wider you will be able to cast your net. A good option to include is Instant EFT through OZOW, which allows customers to securely do an EFT payment without “leaving” your store or needing to log into their bank accounts. Shoppers log into their online banking profile in real-time while on your site.

3. Service
Online stores are popular because they have the ability to feed the human need to shop at a whim from anywhere at anytime. It is utterly convenient. Delays when it comes to processing and delivering orders are therefore unacceptable. Customers will return to your store if you give them a pleasurable shopping experience from start to finish.

4. Eco-friendliness
A greener approach to literally everything is a trend that is here to stay. eCommerce should follow suit. Think outside the box when it comes to your packaging. Do you need such a large box plus a bag or are there other greener ways to wrap your products safely for delivery?

5. Product displays
Give your sales a boost by working harder to engage with your customers on each of your products. Utilise product descriptions, multi-angle imagery, video and styled photographs to showcase your products in all their glory.

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