How to turn your small business idea into a reality

You’ve got a great business idea, researched the market and found that there is a demand for what you want to sell. After some additional research and lots of conversations with experts in the field, you’ve come to a decision: you are going to do it! You are going to start your own small business. Congratulations!

Now the real fun can begin. Get ready, you are about to embark on one of the most challenging yet rewarding journeys of your life.

Step 1: Get the Domain Name

This is not only a tactical move but also a highly practical one. When registering your domain name you’ve literally purchased your own virtual real estate. The place your business will reside online once your company is up and running. It is liberating and an inexpensive way to motivate and inspire your progress.

Plus, with the domain name in your pocket you can rest assured that this name “belongs” to you. One less thing to worry about later on. If you need some assistance in choosing the right domain name, please click here.

Step 2: Sign up for Email Only Hosting

To give your business even more momentum, sign up for an Email Only Hosting package. This means that for a minimal amount per month you can send emails using your newly acquired domain name and look as serious about your business as you feel.

This is yet another tactical move that can motivate you to stick to your guns and give your dream wings with which to fly during the initial stages.

Step 3: Create a Business Plan

Business plans sound like a whole lot of admin and number crunching but they are an absolutely critical step. A business plan will allow you to organise your idea on paper and define the short and long-term goals you need to take in order to be successful. A clear business plan could also help you secure any investments that you need to take your business from the dream-phase to the building and execution-phase.

Step 4: Work at it Daily

Procrastination, or the fear of failing, often blocks one’s progress, that’s why taking small, daily steps are essential to keeping the idea alive and burning inside of you.

Expect that there will be days where negative feedback and other people’s fears could leave you feeling deflated. But don’t let that stop you. Try again tomorrow.

Here are just some general to-dos to add to your daily planner to help you soldier on and on...and on, until the race is won:

  1. Reach out to potential investors, partners, suppliers and collaborators (email, call, network) every day.

  2. Build/work on your idea...for example, if you want to launch a clothing line, then start designing and making samples of your clothing. If you want to open a gym, design ideas and research trends that will set you apart. In other words do something progressive towards the “building” of your product or service.

  3. Get the word out. Talk about your product and services. Start getting the public excited about your company so that when you launch you already have an audience.

At we believe that small businesses have an incredibly important role to play in helping the economy bounce back after the recent downgrades, job losses and pandemic-related swirl of bad business news.

We believe new opportunities will present themselves and entrepreneurs with the motivation and passion to see their dreams through; will eventually succeed!

As a hosting and domains company, it is our dream to assist startups, entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses by providing smart solutions to getting businesses online quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Learn more about our range of products and how we can help you by clicking here.