How to use a .click domain name

The domain name industry is not dominated by the .com’s,’s and’s alone anymore. Over the years ICANN has added new and innovative domain name extensions like .love, .tech, .online and since 2014, .click. Unique domain names like these are fast and furiously becoming a favourite selection for start-ups and small businesses. If you were wondering which companies are best suited for a .click domain name, read further.



What is a .click domain name?
When was the .click domain name launched?
How many active .click domains are there?
Use .click for your business in the tech space
Use .click for your eCommerce business
Use .click for your blog or content sharing website

What is a .click domain name?

A .click domain is a completely unique and versatile generic top-level domain (TLD) extension particularly suitable to businesses in the technology environment and eCommerce industry.

When was the .click domain name launched?

The .click domain name has been around since August 2014.

How many active .click domains are there?

There are currently more than 78,500 active .click registrations.

3 Ways to use a .click domain name for your start-up or small business

1. Use it for your business in the tech space

The technology space is booming. Developers, graphic designers, and digital marketers are ideally positioned to benefit from a .click domain name for their businesses or creative agencies. It is also ideal for start-ups within the technology industry, or even domain entrepreneurs who want to get their hands on .click real estate.

2. Use it for your eCommerce business

A .click is the perfect domain name for absolutely any eCommerce website. Whatever your customers are doing on your online store, whether it is just browsing, or learning more about a product, to adding items to their carts and checking out – all of these actions involve clicking. The sound and action of clicking has a positive connotation which will certainly benefit your online shop.

3. Use it for your blog or content sharing website

Websites that help people connect or network with each other can work well with a .click extension. An influencer website or blog, a dating website or a content sharing site (memes, gifs etc.) can use .click with great success.



The great thing about a .click domain name is that it is synonymous with the internet culture in general. From click to buy, click to share, click to learn more, click to watch – the list goes on. The adoption of this domain name can therefore be as diverse as you need it to be.

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