New TLDs like .Tech help Setup Start-ups for Online Success

New Top Level Domains (TLDs) such as .tech are raising the bar for those start-ups and SMEs who are wanting to stand out online. How better to state your business’ involvement in a particular industry, than having it prominently displayed in the domain extension? As businesses within the technology industry rethink their current, or future domain names, .tech is the perfect shining diamond to attract attention.

Read our top 5 reasons why .Tech is the right domain for your business below:


1. .Tech is marketable


.Tech is short and sweet, easy to recall and it has a nice ring to it. With the traditional or .com domain extensions, technological companies had various marketing limitations in the recent past. In order to get the “tech” idea across, domain names often had to contain a word such as, “tech”, “technology” or “technologies”. Now, instead of a generic domain name, you can get one that is more unique and true to your brand with .tech. As it is a new TLD, domain name availability isn’t a problem.

Use .tech as a strategic brand positioning tool for your business and get the best exposure for your company.


2. Tech states your case for you


With a .tech domain name, potential customers immediately know how and where they should categorise you. Your business is either smack-bang in the technology industry (web developers, tech start-ups, etc) or your its passionate about the industry (IT events, tech education, etc.).

A .tech domain name adds meaning and relevance to your brand online.


3. Tech is innovative and forward-thinking


The technology industry is hip, happening, and always evolving. Businesses in this field need to remain at the forefront of trends and innovations. Opting for a new TLD that reflects that same innovation as the industry, is therefore a clever move.

.Tech’s slogan of “Build the future on .tech” shows just how forward-thinking this domain name is.


4. .Tech is heating up fast


Businesses, start-ups and ventures like web development, education, tech blogging, system administrators, research, communication, and the like, across 100 countries are registering .tech domain names at an incredible rate. Currently the list of .tech domain names is nearing the 400 000 mark.

Register your .tech early, to ensure you get the name you want.


5. .New .Tech registrations are now only R100 at is happy to announce our promotional offer of R100 per new .tech domain name registration. This great price offers tech SMEs and start-ups the opportunity to really consider their domain name extension and what it can do for their business brand.

Register your .tech domain name at today and let’s start building the future together.

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