7 Ways as to how Hosted PBX in the Cloud by Domains.co.za will add value to your SME

Switching from a traditional PABX telephone system to a Hosted PBX in the Cloud by Domains.co.za is not only quick, easy, and affordable, but it also unlocks a variety of other business-crucial benefits for SMEs in SA. Hosted PBX in the Cloud, also referred to as Cloud-based PABX, is essentially the making and taking of calls over the internet, with the ability to transfer to other extensions. A huge misconception is that Hosted PBX is only suitable for large organisations because it is too expensive and difficult to implement. This is completely false, of course; any size company with a team to manage and customers to support, can and should have Cloud-based PBX. Truth be told, no two Cloud-based PBX solutions currently on the market are the same. Domains.co.za has [...]

New TLDs like .Tech help set up start-ups for online success

New Top Level Domains (TLDs) such as .tech are raising the bar for those start-ups and SMEs who are wanting to stand out online. How better to state your business’ involvement in a particular industry, than having it prominently displayed in the domain extension? As businesses within the technology industry rethink their current, or future domain names, .tech is the perfect shining diamond to attract attention. Read our top 5 reasons why .Tech is the right domain for your business below: 1. .Tech is marketable .Tech is short and sweet, easy to recall and it has a nice ring to it. With the traditional .co.za or .com domain extensions, technological companies had various marketing limitations in the recent past. In order to get the “tech” idea across, domain names [...]

How to find the best web hosting provider for your website

A website is the ‘unsung hero’ for many companies. It is always on, always ready to convert visitors into potential customers, or relay their website queries through to your sales staff post-haste. Unless of course, your website hosting isn’t up to scratch, then the chances of any of the above actually happening are slim. Here’s the thing… web hosting from one provider to the next may look similar in theory but the way it functions can be an entirely different thing altogether. You didn’t spend all that time and money on creating a mega-machine-like website only to give it a fraction of the ‘power’ it actually needs. No, you need to power it up all the way with the best possible hosting. These features can help you separate [...]

Email is not dying - it is Adapting and Becoming Smarter

With the numerous collaboration platforms and popular instant messaging apps on the market, it is easy to think that email could be on its way out... However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Email for business is still the primary communication tool as it’s global and convenient.   Depending on your mailbox provider, they are becoming faster and larger, and now have features like:  Automatically decluttering and organising your inbox   Snoozing non-urgent emails and allowing them to pop back as priority at a later stage   Allow you to sign email attachments [...]

Reasons to update your WordPress Plugins

Regularly receiving SPAM or is malware an issue... check your WordPress Plugin updates, chances are you have several updates ready to be installed. With one in every three websites on the market powered by WordPress, the market for WordPress plugins is huge. Developers are regularly rolling out new or updated plugins that contribute to users’ experiences and websites’ functionality. By making sure your plugins are up to date you can ensure that your site functions optimally, from a front-end as well as back-end perspective. Why updating WordPress Plugins is essential It will improve your website’s security Perhaps one of the most critical reasons why it is important to run updates, is to protect your WordPress website from security [...]

Shared Hosting vs VPS Hosting

You’ve heard that there are different types of web and email hosting, mainly Shared Hosting vs VPS Hosting. Although both options will ensure your website is live on the internet and give you a professional email address, there are distinct differences between the two. What is Shared Hosting? Shared Hosting is an environment where multiple users on a server are allocated a set percentage of its full resources. This is an easily managed, affordable and securely encrypted option for the individual, entrepreneur and small business owner. Very Affordable: As the server resources are ‘shared’, it offers an inexpensive cost to company (or self) whilst still utilising full server functionality. Domains.co.za offers Shared Hosting from as little as [...]

Why the right domain name makes business sense

In a digital age, a strong online presence is non-negotiable. Making an impact on the World Wide Web involves a whole lot of thinking, planning and strategising, and it all starts with choosing the RIGHT domain name.  Years ago the options for domain name extensions were limited. You had your premium domain names like .com and co.za and generally, most companies went with something like BusinessName.co.za - and it worked. Today, there are far more options and simply registering BusinessName.co.za might not be the best and only way forward. Some companies could benefit from choosing a more modern domain name extension while others can benefit from sticking to a traditional extension but opting for a keyword name instead.  Here’s why choosing the right domain [...]

Signs you are ready for new and improved hosting

Website hosting is often one of the things a company take out and forget about. Things change. And surely your business have grown substantially. Don’t let bad hosting happen to a good company because it can do far more harm than good. How poor hosting can damage your company It can lead to a damaged reputation The way you portray your products and services online is critical to your brand’s reputation. A slow, ill-responding or poorly loading site could irritate potential customers and leave a bad impression about your company. It can lead to a loss of potential sales A website that isn’t functioning optimally could potentially cost you sales. Who would trust a site that takes too long to load or displays products disjointly?  [...]

Introducing Unmatched, Warp-Speed Premium WordPress Hosting

Domains.co.za is proud to launch our latest, industry-leading and innovative hosting solution: Premium WordPress Hosting . After multiple months of development, we can now offer customers an unmatched, optimised hosting solution tailored specifically for WordPress customers in South Africa. The 2nd Generation Intel Scalable 24-core CPU, redundant 10 GBit network interface and 8 x Samsung enterprise SSD in RAID 10 server hardware ensures “warp speed” WordPress hosting. “We have designed WordPress hosting packages that deliver on both performance and convenience, boasting server hardware that has been specifically configured for WordPress websites,” says Wayne Diamond, Domains.co.za CEO. “We have even gone as far as hosting client emails on [...]

Cyber security risks and your business

We live in an age that is entirely dominated by digital. A company’s ability to adapt to key digital advancements will directly affect how successful and agile it will be over the years to come. The digital space is vibrant, exciting and brimming with potential for businesses to automate and streamline processes. There is unfortunately a dark side to this too. Without critical data security measures in place, this new exciting field could open companies up to cyber security risks.  The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Risk Report of 2019 ranked “massive data fraud and theft” fourth and “cyber attacks” fifth. In 2018 personal data breaches via the MyFitnessPall encountered 150-million personal data breaches and Facebook 50-million. [...]

A Site Builder Website For Your Start-Up

Starting a new business is time intensive, and depending on the type of business, costly as well. Something every (new or established) business needs is customers. And the way to gaining customers is marketing. How and where you market will be largely dependent on the type of business you run and where your target audience spends their time. But one thing is certain, irrespective of where potential leads hears about you, they will all look for you online. What Site Builder can do for your start-up: The cost-effective way to get your business online A website is an important part of any company’s business module, but it is also expensive. With Site Builder you can create, run and manage your own professional website from R85 per month (website hosting and [...]

Start the virtual-side of your business in 30 minutes!

Small to medium sized businesses are the backbone of economies, and here in South Africa, and in 2019, we need more self-starters than ever. During his state of the nation address, President Cyril Ramaphosa expressed his vision for a tech-savvy, smart and small-business-orientated South Africa. While he has been criticised for being a bit too “dreamy”, those who don’t dream at all are those furthest away from achieving greatness, in my opinion. In times when companies are cutting jobs left, right and centre, there isn’t time to sulk and wallow, we need new business owners to create new opportunities.Marnus Broodryk, entrepreneur, best-selling Author and TV personality recently posted on LinkedIn: “It's a bloodbath out there. A few days ago, [...]

The rise of AMD

Since the launch of AMD’s EPYC™ 7000 Series processors in June 2017 , AMD’s server market share has quadrupled . Although this is still far from the 22% market share AMD held in 2006, the EPYC™ 7000 Series is already being backed by some of the world’s most renowned cloud computing companies including Amazon.com, Microsoft, DropBox, and Oracle. A short history Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) started manufacturing microchips in 1969, just one year after Intel. This would be the birth of a rivalry that would span more than half a century. Although AMD is often seen as the underdog, the company has managed to beat Intel quite a few times  when it comes to CPU technology innovation: 2000 – AMD produces the [...]

Keeping it local is lekker

There was a time when having a “.com” or “.co.za” behind your website’s name was an absolute necessity. The popularity of these domain name extensions have over the years left fewer domain name options for new businesses. A new shift in domain name extensions have created endless  Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) options such as .net, .org and .biz. for startups and entrepreneurs. In recent years, even more gTLD options became available, including some that show where your business operates from. These are called geographic domain names. Some of the available geographic domain names that are relevant to the South African context include .joburg, .capetown .durban and .africa. And if you get most of your business from the local market, [...]

Turn your business dreams into reality by registering the right domain name

It is not unusual to notice a spike in new domain name registrations during the first quarter of every year. Generally, the holidays offer entrepreneurs and startups with clarity surrounding great business ideas, whereas the hype of the New Year in turn, offers enough motivation to turn these ideas into viable businesses. And as we like to say: “It all starts with a domain name”. A domain name is an incredibly important part of creating and setting up a business. The physical location of your business is something no company will take up lightly. It should be the same when you choose a domain name. Your domain name is where your business will live on the World Wide Web. A domain name contributes towards your online visibility, that’s why the domain name itself [...]

Introducing our Epyc VPS hosting featuring the AMD EPYC Processors

We are excited to officially launch our new Epyc Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting solution featuring the new AMD EPYC™ 7000 Series processors. Over the past several months the AMD EPYC™ 7000 Series processors have created quite a stir in the Cloud industry. Innovators in the field, including Amazon.com, Microsoft, DropBox and Oracle, have all started using AMD processors in their infrastructure. We are extremely proud to join these industry-leaders as one of the first hosting providers in South Africa to make use of it for our VPS solution. The Domains.co.za’s Epyc VPS platform is built on SuperMicro servers with 512GB RAM and 24 x 2TB Samsung Enterprise SSD drives in Raid 100 configuration, which facilitates disk access speeds of 4 Gigabytes per second [...]

What is a domain name?

Back in the day, a business wasn’t a business if it wasn’t in the Yellow Pages. Nowadays, if a business isn’t on the internet it might as well be invisible. That is where domain names come in. Just like a telephone number, a domain name is unique to the business who owns it. This is the easiest and most direct way for users to find your business’ website on the web. Domain names were created to make it simpler to find a website. Before domain names, websites were accessed by typing in the IP (internet protocol) address of the host computer. But the internet is used by people, not computers, and we aren’t very good at remembering strings of numbers. And so domain names were born. The first ever domain name ever registered, symbolics.com, was [...]

Which SSL certificate is the right choice for your website?

SSL certificates are an important part of any company’s security protocol but with the various options available, choosing the right fit for your business’ website can be overwhelming. In some of our previous articles we’ve looked at why SSL certificates are so significant in this day and age and also at the advantages SSL certificates can unlock for small businesses . Now, let’s unpack this topic further by helping you choose the right option. Online security has come under massive scrutiny over the past few years. Companies across the globe are investing hundreds of millions of dollars on advancing cyber security in all aspects of their business. While government initiatives, such as the recently adopted General Data Protection Regulation , are [...]

7 Reasons To Choose Domains.co.za

At Domains.co.za, we know running a business, big or small is hard work. Business owners therefore need simple, smart and secure web solutions to get their business online.   Here’s why you should choose us to do just that:   1. We give domains and hosting the mojo it deserves Domains and hosting is often seen as the less exciting part of the web world. This couldn’t be further from the truth because here, “It all starts with a domain name!”. A great domain name together with excellent hosting are two of the key building blocks to ensuring your business’ online success. We make domains and hosting trendy and über cool by giving it its mojo back! Every business needs a professional email address from which [...]

Reasons To Start Your Own Business Reselling Hosting and Domains

Do you have some technical internet background and a whole lot of passion for the web? Do you want to start your own web business but lack quality products to sell? With domains.co.za’s reselling platforms, you can realise your entrepreneurial dreams as a hosting and domain reseller. Other benefits of starting your own business as a hosting and domains reseller include: 1. Make money : Whether you start your business on the side or decide to go into it full-time, reselling could earn you a generous income. It all depends, of course, on how effective you are at gaining leads and turning them into customers. 2. Do it your way: As the boss of your own small business, you can run your business exactly the way you want. You can set the goals and [...]