Gearing up for Christmas Online: 3 Things to Do Right Now [Part 3]

With only three weeks left until Christmas, you might think it is too late to start a marketing campaign. The truth is, it is never too late. A large percentage of Christmas shoppers leave it until the last minute, either holding out for specials, or until they have time. ‘Now’ is therefore an excellent time to start and take your campaign to the next level with ideas like these:   1. Run a deal of the day Create daily deals and use all your marketing platforms (email, social, SMS and WhatsApp) to communicate them. See it as being similar to Black Friday, use these deals to create a sense of urgency and excitement amongst your customers, leads and followers. TIP: Utilise Facebook and Instagram Stories to give your deal extra exposure!   [...]

10 New Year Resolutions for Small Business Owners [Part 2]

Small business owners have a lot on their plates. Often times the planning and prioritising of certain tasks will fall onto the backburner. However, in today’s economic circumstances it is essential to cover as much ground as possible. The upside though, is you don’t have to manage it all on your own. Delegate what you can to other members of your team or consider outsourcing.   Click here to read Part 1 of this article.   6. Join a cause If there is one thing Covid-19 has taught every individual and every company it is that we are all stronger together. Do something good for the local community. Join and support a worthy cause.   7. Communicate like a Master Good communication is effective in every human relationship, especially at [...]

Why Local Hosting?

Is the website hosting that is powering your business’ website a priority of yours? Business owners have a lot to think about and hosting is generally the IT department, web developer or web designer’s “baby”. However, if your website’s performance is important to you, and we know it is, then so should your website hosting and its provider. Here’s what you can ask your relevant teams to ensure that your website performs optimally: • Do we have fast website hosting? • Is our website hosting reliable and secure? • Is our website hosting sufficient for the amount of visitors we receive and the content we display? • Is our website hosting company based in South Africa? Why it is a Good Idea to Host Locally 1. Local web hosting loads [...]

WordPress plugins and the security of your website. Are you asking to get hacked?

WordPress is most definitely a favourite in the Content Management System (CMS) arena. It's free, it's flexible and the amount of plugins available is unbelievable. Unfortunately though, without proper maintenance, the system's vast selection of plugins could also be its pitfall. In real life, a virus has disrupted the world as we knew it; in the cyber world an increase in viruses has been experienced, that are exploiting this disruption. Since the start of lockdown the amount of malware on South African websites increased by more than 300%. Now more than ever companies and individuals have to reconsider cyber security and how they will be protecting their businesses, websites, data, devices etc. going forward. Your website is a great place to start. With [...] partners with the world’s 3rd largest TLD: .Org has recently partnered with domain name giant, .org, to bring our customers this trusted, popular, recognisable and inspiring domain name extension for less. Either get it FREE when signing up for any of our Shared Hosting , newly launched  Premium WordPress Hosting or Site Builder plans, or shop it for the discounted price of R190. Both of these offers are valid until 5 November 2019 and ideal for any business or project, group or association with the public interest in mind. Did you know that .org is the third-largest To-Level Domain (TLD) in the world with over 10-million domains registered? While the domain was initially thought to be suitable for non-profit organisations only, this is no longer the case. The list of .org domain name owners includes [...]

Choosing the right web hosting hero to power your website

Web hosting is the behind-the-scenes HERO or VILLAIN of every website on the planet. But the true master-mind behind your website’s functionality is the web hosting company powering it all. Choose correctly –  and you’ll have a well-behaved website that functions precisely as it should. Choose incorrectly – and you could have an inconsistent, slow website that could be open to hackers and other security threats. So, let’s help you choose. Make sure your web hoster ticks the following boxes: Fast loading speeds Have you ever visited a website and waited for the content to download? Or even worse, some of the images didn’t display at all? Chances are you didn’t hang around to learn much about the website after that. As a website [...]

Is now the right time to start your small business? Hell yes!

by Wayne Diamond The past couple of years have by no means been an easy ride for South Africans, corporations or  startups. According to the Bloomberg’s Misery Index , the index that zooms in on a country’s inflation and unemployment figures, SA ranks third “miserable” out of 62 countries. Add loadshedding, fuel prices and retrenchments to the mix and the picture appears gloomy indeed. Should we all mope around or jump ship to more economic affluent countries? Or is there a glimmer of hope?  Some reports suggest that the economy is nearing the end of its slump. Mike Schüssler, a leading economist believes that we will start to see an improvement over the next few quarters . “We’re probably over the worst, and by [...]

How to make the most of your online store in 2019

Online stores are huge in America and China, but this trend is also on the rise in SA. An eCommerce report by PayPal together with research firm Ipsos, believes that the online market in SA will grow by R17 billion over the next two years (currently R43-billion). Being successful online requires several things of which a user-friendly, visually-pleasing website, with a memorable domain name and fast, reliable hosting forms the basis. Naturally, you also have to market your store via social media and other platforms to boost visibility etc., but there are a few other important factors that can contribute to the success of your online store, namely: 1.Safety According to a study by Sabric, SA has the third-highest cyber attacks in the world. Making your site safe [...]

Domains Website Builder vs. Professional Build: Which is best for an SMME?

Domains’ website builder, called Site Builder has multiple features and benefits for SMMEs. From as little as R85 per month, a Site Builder website can free up cashflow for other important expenses. But what is the best option for an SMME, our website builder solution or a professionally built website? As an SMME owner, you already know how important it is to have a website. It is like having a shopfront in the largest mall in the world – the internet. Unfortunately, like all things in business, getting from “I need a website” to “Ta-da!” requires making important decisions. Once you’ve settled on and bought your domain name , you still need to get the site built. There are basically two main options: A website [...]

Know your Netiquette

The internet has leveled the playing field for large and small businesses alike. In order to make this platform work in your favour, there are important rules to follow. Netiquette is a combination of the words “network” or “internet” and “etiquette”, and it basically means good internet manners. In general, netiquette follows the same rules as the “real world” like being polite and respecting others, but there are a few other rules that you need to follow. Don’t spam Subject: FW: FW: FW: FW: Funny cat falls from tree! If you’ve ever received one of these mails, you know what a pain spam can be. Spamming is when someone/or a company sends you (and a hundred others) a message that you haven’t subscribed to. [...]