Reasons to Start Your Own Business Reselling Hosting and Domains

Do you have some technical internet background and a whole lot of passion for the web? Do you want to start your own web business but lack quality products to sell? With’s reselling platforms, you can realise your entrepreneurial dreams as a hosting and domain reseller.

Other benefits of starting your own business as a hosting and domains reseller include:

1. Make money: Whether you start your business on the side or decide to go into it full-time, reselling could earn you a generous income. It all depends, of course, on how effective you are at gaining leads and turning them into customers.

2. Do it your way: As the boss of your own small business, you can run your business exactly the way you want. You can set the goals and deadlines that you are comfortable with and sell where, when and how you have always wanted. It is never easy being the boss but it can have great rewards if you succeed.

3. Live the dream: If you have a passion for the web industry, reselling hosting and domains offers you the opportunity to work in the field of your interest, learn more about it and become the success you know you can be.

4. Exploit online sales tools: Although there are many traditional sales tools that are still effective, new, online methods make it easier for you to cast your net over a wider audience. From using social media marketing to Google AdWords, the options to attract quality leads are plentiful.

5. Exercise flexibility: As a small business owner everything about your business is flexible and customisable according to your preference. If you are a classic night owl and find yourself more productive after hours, reselling domains and/or hosting gives you the flexibility to work whenever you want.


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If you have no web knowledge or zero internet tech skills, reselling may not be for you. Although offers our Resellers with some great tools, all domain and hosting resellers have to provide support to their own customers.

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