Small Business Tips: 3 Reasons to invest in the upskilling of your employees

The future of work is adapting and evolving every day. New technology, digitalisation and trends are changing how we do things, especially regarding the simplifying and automating of various tasks. Now, due to hybrid and remote working models employees are exposed to new challenges too. Are they prepared enough?

Investing in your employees’ soft skills (i.e. communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, cybercrime awareness, etc.), as well as hard skills (i.e. technology, software, etc.), can contribute to efficiency in the workplace and sustainable growth for your business.


Why nurturing the potential of your employees is important:

1. It improves employee retention
Career development is one of the top reasons why employees choose to leave a company. Investing in the skills of your employees has proven to improve knowledge, competency and confidence which has a direct effect on job satisfaction and morale. 


2. It enhances productivity and service delivery
Learning and applying new software or other skills often improves the productivity and performance of teams to the benefit of co-workers and customers alike. Customers want to deal with motivated, positive employees, which is again an incredible bonus for the reputation of your business.


3. It allows you to promote internally
Finding the right talent is time-consuming, not to mention expensive. But what if you already had the right people on hand? Your best and most loyal intern today could be your best and most loyal manager tomorrow. Through mentorship and training, it is possible to enhance the knowledge and skills of any individual in your SME who is showing an eagerness to learn and accept more responsibility. is a proudly South African domain name and hosting company with a heart for entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses. We not only make it our business to bring to market innovative products and technology that help SMEs get online quickly, affordably, and securely, but we also bring value-added solutions and tips to help you succeed online.

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