’s Gadgets Picks for Christmas [Part 2]

After a year like this one, everyone deserves a spoil. Here’s our second installment of the top gadgets we’d love to see under the Christmas tree. Missed the first part? Click here . Xbox Series X Xbox has just released its fastest and most powerful series yet. The Xbox Series X offers 4K gaming at 120 frames per second 8K HDR. It also boasts Xbox Velocity Architecture and 3D Spatial Audio for larger-than-life immersive gaming. Samsung 49-inch Super Ultra-Wide Curved Gaming Monitor Avid gamers will love the Samsung 49-inch curved gaming monitor . It is huge! Its HDR, metal Quantum Dot and QLED means you can experience the latest in colour technology. It is like having 2 x 27 inch 16:9 monitors side-by-side and is also perfect for [...]’s Gadget Picks for Christmas [Part 1]

It is hard to believe, but Christmas is almost right around the corner; visiting your nearest mall will confirm this, as the decor is already up! That’s why we thought it is a great time to share our favourite, most innovative, 2020 gadget-picks.    Whether you are staying home or heading out for the December holidays, here are a few practical gadgets that will either entertain you or simplify your life.     1. Nintendo Switch Not a fan of the kids hogging the television for their noisy games? Let’s talk about the  Nintendo Switch . This home console can entertain the kids literally anywhere and doesn’t need a TV in order to work. However, it can [...]

New Powerup 4.0: Twice the Power & Fun

A paper airplane is perhaps the only “toy” every child – and young-at-heart adult – across the world has in common. It is “free”, and it frees up the imagination. It also encourages children to be creative, learn from their mistakes, and most importantly: have fun. And then a genius innovator called Shai Goitein came along and literally powered it all up. Imagine being able to give your paper plane real flight power? Imagine being able to control it all via your smartphone? Well, you don’t have to imagine it anymore because it has been successfully done. In fact,  Powerup 4.0  will launch later this year. Powerup 4.0 and its three preceding paper airplane conversion kits are all part of   Kickstarter programmes  by pilot, [...]