The benefits of Inbound Marketing for your SME

Digital marketing is constantly changing and adapting according to the needs and behaviours of consumers. A method of marketing that is standing the test of time is ‘inbound marketing'. Inbound marketing is the use of digital tactics that draw in selective customers, as opposed to just sending out a message to ‘the masses’ (outbound marketing).

Essentially, inbound marketing aims to provide targeted individuals with interesting and/or educational content that’s relevant to them. Various types of inbound marketing include Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Call to Actions, Landing Pages, Whitepapers, Blogs, eBooks, videos, podcasts etc.

EXAMPLE: A hair salon will use inbound marketing to share hair styling tips and to educate customers (and potential customers) on the benefits of certain products and treatments.

In applying inbound marketing, businesses attract potential customers to their website, making it easier to guide these visitors through the online sales funnel.


Other benefits of inbound marketing include:

1. It’s cost-effective and delivers excellent ROI

Inbound marketing is intended to guide more traffic to your website. The more traffic, the more exposure your products and services will get, and ultimately, the more leads will come in. The quality of the leads will also improve. The Return on Investment (ROI) for inbound marketing campaigns is therefore better, making this form of marketing ideal for SMEs with a smaller budget.


2. It grows relationships and builds trust

Outbound marketing, such as cold calls, SPAM emails, radio and TV ads, has a tendency to annoy or alienate potential customers because they didn’t “ask” for it. Inbound marketing, on the other hand, puts potential customers back in control. It allows them to click the links, follow the social platforms, join the email database, etc.

By empowering potential customers with knowledge and by answering the questions they have, your business will be able to grow relationships and build trust with your target audience.


3. It’s measurable

One of the most exciting aspects of inbound marketing is that it is completely measurable. You can actually see how many people read your blog topic, watched your video or listened your podcast and found them interesting. You can also see what didn’t work and change course.

Testing marketing efforts is a huge trend for 2022 as businesses don’t want to spend large amounts of money on marketing that doesn’t deliver the results they are after.


4. It’s an approach that keeps on giving

Interesting and relevant content that lives on your website and social media platforms has a far longer shelf-life than once-off ads. People will continue looking for answers to the challenges or questions they are having, and if helpful and still relevant, your content will continue to rank for this. Remember this when you create your new content this year.


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