Turning Obstacles into Opportunities: 10 Work from Home Ideas

A lot can happen over six months. During the first 4 levels of Lockdown many industries have shown agility in their “creative” responses; new ways of doing business have started and employees have adapted to the “new normal”. Unfortunately, there is the other side to this coin, where some industries have just been unable to survive, stores that have closed and employees that have been retrenched, or have had to take less than half their salaries in pay cuts.  


What can you do if nobody is hiring in your industry sector and your prospects seem bleak? What may seem like an obstacle, may actually be the perfect opportunity to start your own small business venture from home. Here are a few ideas to get you inspired. 


1. Start an eCommerce business 

What could you sell online?  

eCommerce has shown incredible growth over the past two quarters and even accomplished businesses are busy aligning their products and services towards this style of selling. Website builder software programs, like our Site Builder solution, make it possible for individuals with zero design, or development, backgrounds to create a website quickly, easily and affordably. Our Shop plugin allows you to sell products online too.  


2. Become a virtual assistant or a remote call centre agent 

Are you an excellent communicator, are hyper-organised and comfortable using various software tools? 

If you have access to a computer with a fast, reliable internet connection you could make a fantastic virtual assistant or remote call centre agent. Research opportunities for this online. You could perhaps just be the person a company in the UK or USA is looking for in order to cut costs on their side. 


3. Buy and sell things for a profit 

Are you a savvy bargain hunter?  

Why not turn this hobby into a business? Shop for antiques, furniture etc. online or in vintage stores at a good price and resell them at a profit. 


4. Sell your knowledge, skills or talent 

What are you an expert in?  

A musical instrument, tax consulting, languages, mathematics? Whatever your talent or skill, sell this knowledge online by becoming an online tutor, or hosting a webinar, offer online consulting or training courses etc. 


5. Become a freelancer/ part-time worker

Maybe no-one is hiring at the moment, but they could still need your services. Why not try offering your skills to multiple companies as a freelancer or part-time worker? If you don’t see any of these opportunities posted online, make contact with the relevant companies to introduce yourself and your services. 


6. Rent out your space;

Do you have a granny flat, spare bedroom or empty garage?  

Why not consider renting this space out? If you are located in a tourism town or city centre, it could be viable to offer this space for long or short-term lodging, provided that it looks the part of course. Offering your free space as affordable storage could also appeal to some people. 


7. Build, make or repair things you can sell;

Are you “crafty”, or good with your hands? 

Basic skills like cooking, baking, sewing, repairs etc. are things many people can do but don’t always have the time for. If you have the skills required and the time, consider offering this to others as a service. Bake cakes, cook meals, build furniture, repair fridges or turn your arts and crafts into sellable products. 


8. Blog

Can you write well? 

If you have the time, interest and commitment to manage a blog, it could become a great source of extra income. You can blog about anything that interests you and that others would find interesting and informative. For example, you could start a food blog; writing about recipes you are trying out. Blogging doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be an expert on a specific topic. You could be a complete and utter amateur in something but your journey of discovery could also appeal to others. 


9. Write a book

Now could be the time to write that novel that you have had on the “back-burner” for years. Or perhaps you have other skills, knowledge or lessons learnt, that you could share in the form of a business or self-help book. Maybe your life story is something that could make a great read. Write, write, write!  


10. Offer your services as a career

Great with kids or pets?  

Offer your services as a childminder, or pet sitter at your home. If you have a car you could offer pet sitting services in a wider proximity from your home. You can even live in people’s homes to temd to houseplants, or water the garden and look after the pets while they are away. 


If you look hard enough, opportunities are everywhere! 


Domains.co.za is a domains and hosting provider in South Africa with a passion for startups and entrepreneurs. Our range of products and solutions are ideally positioned to help startups, small and medium sized businesses get online quickly and securely as affordably as possible. A business challenge doesn’t have to be the final straw but could in fact become the start of something new for you.