What the right domain name can do for you

Choosing the right domain name is just as important as choosing the name of your company. It is not just as simple as taking your company’s name and adding a.co.za extension to it.


Why not?

Because you first need to know what the options are and what a domain name can do for you, before you can make an informed decision.


1. A domain name lets your company stand out

Your website will form part of the billion plus websites out there. While Search Engine Optimisation, Google Adwords and other forms of online marketing will surely improve your awareness, a carefully chosen domain can make you more memorable, help build your brand and make it easy to find you online without having to spend extra.


2. A domain name lets you look the part

Credibility in business is everything. Your own domain name shows you are a professional company with your eyes set on the long run. It allows you to build trust and it also shows that you care enough about your business to invest in it.


3. Get email addresses @yourdomainname

It is not only about having a domain name or a website with your domain but it is the professionalism of having an email address @yourdomainname. Think about it. If somebody sends you a quotation from a @gmail.com or @mweb.co.za, you probably won’t find it professional and you may even wonder whether or not you should use them. On the other hand, receiving a quotation from a company email like yourname@yourdomainname.co.za instantly instils professionalism and brand awareness.


4. A domain name lets you share where you are and what you do

If your company’s name isn’t wow or clear enough, choose something that will resonate with your potential customers instead. For e.g. if you own a store that sells glassware choose something like www.everythingglass.co.za


Although .co.za is a perfectly good extension for your South African business, did you know that .joburg, .capetown and .durban could also give you that Proudly South African feel you are after? Or if your company’s target audience is based across Africa, why not go with .africa?


Your domain extension can also tell others exactly what you do i.e. .online – for your online store, .love – for your dating site, .accountant – for your accountancy firm, etc.


Tips to help you choose the right domain name:

  • Keep it short
  • Make it easy to remember
  • Avoid strange spelling of an existing word
  • Make sure people will be able to pronounce it (because word-of-mouth is vital)
  • Choose a unique name and extension that fits with what you do or where you do it in


Do you need a domain name?

Search for your new domain and register it now:  https://www.domains.co.za/domain-registration