Which SSL certificate is the Right Choice for your Website?

SSL certificates are an important part of any company’s security protocol but with the various options available, choosing the right fit for your business’ website can be overwhelming. In some of our previous articles we’ve looked at why SSL certificates are so significant in this day and age and also at the advantages SSL certificates can unlock for small businesses. Now, let’s unpack this topic further by helping you choose the right option.

Online security has come under massive scrutiny over the past few years. Companies across the globe are investing hundreds of millions of dollars on advancing cyber security in all aspects of their business. While government initiatives, such as the recently adopted General Data Protection Regulation , are making companies accountable, consumers are also doing the same.

The public is very much aware of the risks involved on the World Wide Web. They want to know what companies are doing to safeguard them from security breaches. If your website isn’t protected, they will simply browse on over to a competitor’s website that is. An SSL certificate is therefore the ideal solution to gaining and keeping your website visitors’ trust.

How does an SSL Certificate work?

Simply put, an SSL Certificate operates through two encrypted keys that scrambles and unscrambles data. Any data sent between your website and any other device, server, cloud etc. is therefore encrypted the moment it is sent, and decrypted on the other side.

Types of SSL: Domain Validated (DV), Organisation Validated (OV) or Extended Validation

There are three different types of SSL Certificates, namely Domain Validated (DV), Organisation Validated (OV) and Extended Validation. All SSL certificates essentially provide peace of mind to website visitors by encrypting communication between the two parties. Where they differ however, is the level of validation required between the company and the Certificate Authority.
In other words, the higher the level of validation, the more advanced the vetting of the company operating the website has been.

  • Domain Validated (DV) – A domain validated SSL certificate is a cost-effective encryption suitable for small to medium sized businesses. With this certificate in place an https and a padlock symbol will be enabled on your website address’ url. In order to activate a DV SLL certificate, the Certificate Authority would need to verify the ownership of the domain. This is a simple process and can be completed in under 10 minutes
  • Organisation Validated (OV) – An organisation validated SSL certificate offers the same level of protection to website visitors as DV, however, it requires additional validation. In order for a website to gain this seal, a Certification Authority needs to verify the organisation’s company name, company registration number, address and contact details etc. The OV certificate is suitable for any website that represents a company.
  • Extended Validation (EV) – An Extended Validation SSL certificate is the Rolls Royce of SSL Certificates and requires the highest level of validation. Through its green address bar, which displays the word “Secure” or the validated company name behind the website, customers will receive advanced peace of mind. An EV certificate is ideal for large companies and online stores (e-commerce).

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