Why Local Hosting?

Is the website hosting that is powering your business’ website a priority of yours? Business owners have a lot to think about and hosting is generally the IT department, web developer or web designer’s “baby”. However, if your website’s performance is important to you, and we know it is, then so should your website hosting and its provider.

Here’s what you can ask your relevant teams to ensure that your website performs optimally:

• Do we have fast website hosting?
• Is our website hosting reliable and secure?
• Is our website hosting sufficient for the amount of visitors we receive and the content we display?
• Is our website hosting company based in South Africa?

Why it is a Good Idea to Host Locally

1. Local web hosting loads faster
Statistics have indicated that local hosting can be as much as three times faster. The reason for this is simple, every time a visitor accesses your website, data needs to travel from the server it is hosted on, so if your target audience lives in South Africa, so should your hosting company.

2. Local web hosting is better for SEO
Google and other top search engines are essentially “data matchmakers”, in that they aim to link browsers with the best and most relevant content. That is why they aim to match local IP addresses with local relevant websites and in doing so they also factor in a website’s speed and performance. Local web hosting therefore hits the mark for SEO in more ways than one.

3. Local web hosting helps you support a local business
Supporting local businesses has never been more important than now. All local companies support the economic viability of South Africa by contributing toward vat, taxes, creating local jobs and investing in local office space etc.

4. Local web hosting offers excellent technical support
Operating locally offers a hosting company more control in ensuring that schedule updates and maintenance, as well as upgrading and installation of software & hardware are all aimed at benefitting their customers. A local support team is able to communicate and understand, as well as offer better and faster support to a local client base as well.

Domains.co.za’s Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, WordPress Hosting and Email Only Hosting solutions offer optimum reliability, stability, performance and security. We are based in Johannesburg and our N+1 Data Centre boasts redundant cooling, fire suppression, UPS and generator backups, as well as a carrier grade networking infrastructure with IPv4 & IPv6 connectivity.

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