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Looking for Fast, Secure & Stable WordPress Hosting for Your Website?

It’s a known fact that a website will only be as effective as the web hosting that powers it. You wouldn’t rush when designing the perfect WordPress website for your business, would you? Neither should you hurry the decision for the right choice of WordPress Hosting plans to accompany it.

But what is WordPress Hosting anyway? Due to the immense popularity of the WordPress Content Management System (CMS), there arose a need for tailor-made hosting to accommodate it. WordPress Hosting, is a type of hosting specifically structured to optimise the speed, security, and performance of WordPress websites, was born.

In this article, we introduce you to WordPress Hosting, look at its advantages and investigate why you should sign up for one of our fast, secure, and stable hosting packages.

Introduction to WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting vs. Shared Web Hosting

When it comes to hosting your website, choosing between WordPress Hosting and shared web hosting can significantly impact its performance. As mentioned previously, WordPress Hosting is specifically optimised for WordPress websites, offering faster loading times, better security, and enhanced performance.

Shared web hosting on the other hand is suited to entry-level websites, small businesses, personal projects, and applications with modest resource demands and traffic expectations.

Advantages of WordPress Hosting

Which sounds better to you: an outfit that has been specifically tailored and optimised to enhance your best features, or one that has been taken off the rack?

Naturally, a custom-design will always be the winner, and this is especially true in the world of technology.

Over the years, WordPress Hosting has been fine-tuned to tick certain boxes. While the quality of hosting differs from provider to provider, the following benefits can generally be expected:

1. Ease of use with self-service tools

WordPress Hosting offers intuitive interfaces and a range of tools designed specifically for beginners, simplifying the process of website management. These tools typically include user-friendly dashboards, 1-Click installations for plugins and themes, automated backups, and monitoring features.

2. Automatic updates for security and performance

Outdated plugins not only affect the performance of a site negatively, but it also opens it up to risk. However, with this type of hosting you’ll benefit from automatic updates that will make your site less likely to experience compatibility issues, performance glitches, or downtime caused by outdated software.

3. Enhanced security features

Hackers are drawn to the world’s favourite CMS. That’s why you’ll find that WordPress Hosting offers built-in security features that have been specifically designed to protect your website from various threats like malware, firewalls, and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

4. Improved speed and performance

Optimised server configurations and caching mechanisms ensure faster loading times and better overall performance of your site. They play a crucial role in enhancing website performance by reducing loading times, improving server response, and handling traffic spikes more efficiently.

5. Reduction in plugin dependency

WordPress Hosting boasts integrated features that reduce the need for external plugins, thereby enhancing website stability. As a result, fewer compatibility issues arise, reducing potential conflicts between plugins, and streamlining the overall management and maintenance of a site.

6. Scalability and flexibility

It is important that your hosting grows along with your business. Hosting packages for WordPress are therefore generally scalable, allowing you to easily upgrade resources when you need to.

7. Additional WordPress-specific features and freebies

Some WordPress Hosting providers include free features like domain registration, SSL Certificates, backups, and various others. These bundled features not only save costs but also simplify the setup process and enhance the overall security and reliability of your site.

How to Choose a Reliable WordPress Hosting Provider

When selecting a WordPress Hosting provider, it’s crucial to compare the following key features as they can significantly impact your website’s performance, security, and management.

1. SSD Storage

Solid State Drive (SSD) storage offers faster data access and retrieval compared to traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDDs). Look for hosting providers that offer SSD storage, as it can improve your website’s loading times and overall responsiveness, leading to a better user experience.

2. Staging Environments

Staging environments allow you to create a replica of your website where you can test changes, updates, or new features without affecting the live site. This feature is valuable for developers and website owners who want to ensure smooth transitions and minimise the risk of errors or downtime during updates.

3. Automatic Backups

Reliable automatic backups are essential for protecting your website’s data and content. Find a hosting provider that offers regular automated backups of your website files, databases, and configurations. This ensures that you can restore your site quickly in case of data loss, hacking incidents, or other emergencies.

4. Uptime Guarantees

Uptime refers to the amount of time that your website is operational and accessible to users. High uptime guarantees, often expressed as a percentage (e.g., 99.9% uptime), indicates that the provider is committed to keeping online accessibility to your website. Choosing a hosting provider with a solid uptime guarantee helps prevent disruptions to your site’s availability, ensuring that visitors can access your content, products, or services always.

5. Customer Support

Efficient and responsive customer support is essential for addressing technical issues, resolving concerns, and getting assistance when you need it. Choose a hosting provider that offers expert support and showcases an ability to troubleshoot issues promptly to help minimise potential disruptions.

6. Reviews and reputation

Hosting providers will say they are the best around. But what do their customers think of their bold statements? Read reviews and get the bigger and more relevant picture on their reliability and performance, support, and overall satisfaction with the company. All this information can guide you in making an informed decision that aligns with your website’s requirements and expectations.

7. Pricing and value for money

Pricing matters, but what matters more than cost is the actual value you’ll get. Make sure that when you compare the prices of packages that you also pay attention to the finer details like the features, support and extras included (or omitted). Think long-term. Can you scale from one package to the next when your website needs to grow?

WordPress Hosting by Domains.co.za

Specific benefits, features, and extras

Apart from ticking all the general advantages mentioned above,

Domains.co.za’s WordPress Hosting offers the following additional benefits:

  • High-performance servers that have been specifically optimised for WordPress and WooCommerce websites.
  • Ultrafast speeds thanks to SSD Storage, LiteSpeed Caching and our local N+1 data centre.
  • Robust security features like Patchman Security, daily backups powered by Acronis, Smart Malware Protection, and 1-Click WordPress Security features.
  • Premium WordPress support and expert technical assistance and troubleshooting, as well as an extensive self-help library.
  • User-friendly management tools like cPanel Control Panel, a WordPress Staging Environment feature, 1-Click WordPress Install and WordPress Toolkits.
  • A free SSL Certificate and domain name registration*.
  • Scalable plans to accommodate your growing website.
  • Competitive pricing with transparent billing and no hidden fees.

*T&Cs apply. Applicable to .co.za, .org.za, .net.za, .web.za, .online extensions only and excludes all premium domains.

Which package is best for your WordPress website

Matching your WordPress website needs with an appropriate WordPress Hosting package, that is neither too big nor too small to accommodate your needs, is the next step in the process when choosing Domains.co.za as your ideal partner.

The right package ensures cost efficiency, optimal performance, scalability, efficient resource utilisation, and a positive user experience.

If in doubt:

  • Choose WordPress Basic for your entry-level WordPress website or blog.
  • Pick WordPress Starter if you have an intermediate website or blog site as it offers the perfect amount of storage and email accounts as well as the Deluxe WordPress Toolkit. This is also our most popular package.
  • If you have a more advanced website or e-commerce store opt for our WordPress Advance package.
  • Heavy duty e-commerce websites will benefit the most from WordPress Expert.


  • WordPress Hosting has been optimised to enhance the performance, security, and speed of WordPress websites.
  • Shared web hosting on the other hand is suitable to entry-level sites with modest resource needs and traffic expectations.
  • The benefits of WordPress Hosting include automatic updates, enhanced security, improved speed, reduced plugin dependency, scalability, and WordPress-specific features.
  • Look for a WordPress Hosting provider that offers SSD storage, automatic backups, high uptime guarantees, responsive customer support, a good reputation, long-term value, and scalability.
  • Domains.co.za’s WordPress Hosting provides high-performance servers, ultrafast speeds, robust security features, premium support, user-friendly management tools, a free SSL Certificate, scalability, transparent pricing, and tailored packages for optimal WordPress website management.


What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is a type of hosting specifically optimised for WordPress websites. It typically includes features like 1-Click WordPress installation, automatic updates, and performance optimisations tailored for WordPress.

Which WordPress Package will be the best for a blogging website?

For a blogging website, a WordPress package with features that include sufficient storage, bandwidth, an SSL Certificate, and support for plugins and themes would be ideal. Consider Domains.co.za’s WordPress Basic or WordPress Starter packages for your blog.

Is the WordPress website automatically connected to the WordPress Hosting?

Yes, a WordPress website is hosted on a WordPress hosting platform. The hosting provider ensures that the server environment is compatible with WordPress, making it easier to manage and optimise the website.

Is WordPress Hosting more expensive than web hosting?

WordPress hosting can be more expensive than generic web hosting because it offers specialised features and optimisations for WordPress websites. However, the cost varies depending on the provider and the package you choose.

Does a hosting provider affect a WordPress website’s speed?

Yes, the hosting provider can significantly impact a WordPress website’s speed if their infrastructure is not up to speed. A reliable and well-optimised hosting provider with servers and software maximised for speed, security, stability and caching mechanisms can greatly improve the website’s loading times.

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