SuperFast SSD Cloud Servers

We offer High Performance, High Availability SSD Cloud Server Hosting

Our server hosting is geared towards Hosting Resellers, SME businesses and developers. To ensure total peace of mind, our SSD Cloud Servers come backed with efficient service and support from our
dedicated teams as well as our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Our aim is to provide a high quality infrastructure with the highest level of performance and reliability in a Cloud Hosting
Environment that you can offer to your customers, with a 99.99% guaranteed uptime.

Fast and Reliable
Instant Activation
SSD Servers
Complete Control

Entry Cloud Servers

R159 p/m
1 Core Processor
1GB Memory
20GB SSD Disk
500 GB Traffic
R299 p/m
2 Core Processors
2GB Memory
40GB SSD Disk
1 TB Traffic
R599 p/m Most Popular
4 Core Processors
4GB Memory
80GB SSD Disk
2 TB Traffic
R899 p/m
4 Core Processors
6GB Memory
120GB SSD Disk
3 TB Traffic

Large Cloud Servers

R1299 p/m
6 Core Processors
8GB Memory
200GB SSD Disk
4 TB Traffic
R1799 p/m
6 Core Processors
12GB Memory
300GB SSD Disk
5 TB Traffic
R2399 p/m
6 Core Processors
16GB Memory
450GB SSD Disk
6 TB Traffic
R3599 p/m
8 Core Processors
24GB Memory
600GB SSD Disk
7 TB Traffic
All Prices Include VAT
VM Storage can not be downgraded
All Cloud Servers Include
Super Fast SSD SAN
Free Monthly Backups
99.9% Uptime
No Contracts
IPv4/IPv6 Connectivity
Custom Firewall
Private Networking
Hardware Failover
Additional Options
cPanel Licence R230 p/m
CloudLinux Licence R220 p/m
Extra IP's R50 per IP p/m
Windows 2008/2012 R425 p/m
Extra RAM R75 per GB p/m
Traffic Overage R3 per/GB
Extra SSD Space R5 per GB p/m
Weekly Snapshots 20% of VM cost

Available Operating Systems

Platform Features

Below is an overview of the platform features, these features are continually expanded on based on what our Registrars and Resellers are looking for.
Our domains solution will also offers .joburg, .durban and .capetown as well as numerous other new gTLD’s.

Super Fast SSD SAN

Our Cloud Hosting is done on a Super Fast, Self Healing SSD SAN. Ensuring that your Cloud Server has the best possible I/O performance for your applications and operating system.

Fast and Reliable

We only use the very best in SuperMicro hardware. All Hypervisors are configured with Dual Intel Xeon E5 Processors, 256 GB DDR3 RAM and Redundant Power Supplies.

Locally Hosted

Our servers are hosted locally in Johannesburg in a N+1 Data Center, on a Vender Neutral Network with multiple network providers for redundancy.

Instant Activation

When paying by Credit Card or PayFast Instant EFT, your Cloud Server will instantly be activated.

Complete Control

Take complete control of your Cloud Server with the ability to: Power On/Off, Reboot Server, Change Password, Change Hostname, Upgrade and instantly Reload your OS.

IPv6 Connectivity

Our entire infrastructure is native IPv6 and we offer full IPv6 connectivity on all our Cloud Servers with unlimited IPv6 addresses included as a default.

Free Monthly Snapshots

Get FREE monthly backup snapshots of your Cloud Server which can be used to restore your Cloud Server in the event of a failure or system error.

Private Networking

Interconnect your Cloud Server together on our secure Private Network which offers unmetered bandwidth

Full Root / Admin Access

You are provided with root or administrator access to your Cloud Server allowing you to take full control.

KVM Virtualization

KVM Virtualization is one of today's fastest-growing virtualization solutions and is designed to offer a high level of security and performance.

No Overselling

We have strict limits in place to ensure that No Overselling is done on our Cloud Infrastructure. This ensures that your Cloud Server will always receive the full resources it is allocated.

We are Not Resellers of Someone Else

Unlike some other providers, we own and manage our own IP Ranges (IPV4 & IPV6), Network Equipment, Server Infrastructure and Hardware and do not resell on rented hardware.