Become a Domain Reseller

Reselling domains has never been easier with the Domain Reseller solution. Register, transfer and manage domains with ease on
our hassle-free domain management platform. You can become a Domains Reseller quickly and easily and there no monthly fees.

No Monthly Costs
Local & International Domains
Free WHMCS Module
Only R76
Only R76
Only R76
Only R76
* Minimum 25 domains within 90 days
* Minimum Top-up R250

Available TLDs

See what our Domains' Reseller solution can offer you

Easy Domain Management

Use our custom built, white-labelled control panel to manage all aspects of your customers domains, from domain registrations and renewal to domain transfers and nameserver management. Make use of our free Premium DNS service if you do not have your own nameservers.

Nameserver/Registrant Templates

Using the reseller control panel you have access to create custom pre-set templates for both nameserver and registrant details, allowing quick and easy population of frequently used information from the templates created, helping to improve workflow, increase efficiency and prevent typos.

API Interface

Our feature rich API is the backbone of this solution and we provide you the reseller full access to this API which you can use to integrate into your own website, billing system or CRM. Through this API integration you can enable automated domain management inside your custom software solution. Read More

Free WHMCS Module

As a reseller we provide you with our Domains WHMCS Module at no additional cost. This module allows for the automation of domain registration, transfer and renewals through the WHMCS Billing Control Panel. API WHMCS Integration

Poll & Email notifications

We provide direct notifications from the registries regarding any action or pending action on your domains in the form of API Poll Messages or Email Notifications. These notifications include domain renewals, domain transfers, nameserver updates and registrant contact updates.

No Technical Accreditation

As a Reseller there is no administrative or technical accreditation that is required to be completed, you can be up and running in a few minutes. As a domain Reseller you have almost identical features as a Registrar.

Platform Features

Below is an overview of the platform features, these features are continually expanded on based on what our Registrars and Resellers are looking for.
Our domains solution will also offers .joburg, .durban and .capetown as well as numerous other new gTLD’s.

Secure Communication

All communication done on the platform is done using 2048-Bit SSL Encryption.

API Security

SSL Encryption and API IP Lockdown prevents unauthorized access to the API interface.

Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator provides a 2-Step Verification on login to protect your account from hijacking by adding another layer of security.

API Interface

Comprehensive, Scalable and Secure API interface featuring more than 48 domain management functions.

Make Money

Registrars can create Resellers, define their pricing and accept immediate payment via PayFast


The platform is white-labelled and allows for notification and control panel branding.

WHMCS Module & Widget

A WHMCS Registrar module and dashboard widget is available to Registrars & Resellers and a white-labelled version is also available.

Development Assistance provides development assistance to Registrars and Resellers wishing to integrate into their own systems.

Registry Liaison has built up a strong working relationship with the various Registries and will liaise with them on behalf of Registrars.

Legacy Migrations

The platform provides the facility to automate the migration of legacy domains to EPP.

New Development is in constant contact with ZACR and international Registries in order to ensure that we are abreast of current and future developments.

Easy Administration

Easy to use, intuitive control panel makes domain administration a simple process through the use of bulk actions and Nameserver, Registrant templates.


Registration, Transfer and Renewal Reports are all available through the Control Panel.


Graphical statistics are provided for Domain Registrations, Renewals, Deletions, Transfers and Domain Expiries.

Add Credits

Applicable to Resellers only - Resellers can add credits (funds) into their account as a real-time transaction by using our PayFast gateway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a R500 setup Fee?

FAQ Answer

R250 is an administrative fee and R250 is automatically allocated to your Domains Reseller account and can be used for future registrations and renewals.

Do you also support international domains?

FAQ Answer

Yes, we support both local and international domains (, .com, .net, .biz, .org, .info, etc.) within the same control panel via our ICANN accreditation.

Is there a monthly cost?

FAQ Answer

There are no monthly costs, you ONLY pay when you actually register, *transfer and renew domains.
* A Domains Reseller only pays R76 for a registration/renewal, transfers are free, international domains vary in price depending on the respective TLDs.

Do you offer .joburg .durban and .capetown

FAQ Answer

Yes we do, We offer these domains at the lowest cost amoung all domain providers at *R150 incl vat.
* This fee excludes premium domain names.

Why use as a Domain Reseller Provider?

FAQ Answer

We are one of the only operation ICANN Accredited Registrar in South Africa and currently the largest ICANN Registrar in Africa.
Some of the largest companies in South Africa look to us for solutions because of our expertise and extensive experience in the domain name industry.