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Pushing the reset button on the internet to offer the most flexible and affordable domain names ever. It is a bold, fresh choice for users who crave creativity and versatility in a domain name. .xyz gives internet users an innovative new platform to connect with the world in a whole new way.

Any domain name you’ve ever dreamt of having is now available with .xyz

Connect with the next generation of internet users with .xyz

The next generation of internet users want a neutral and flexible domain extension that can be molded around their own identity. .xyz does not tie users to a particular category, niche, or location, so individuals can be just that - individuals.

The go-to ending for your domain
.xyz is the largest and fastest growing new domain extension with nearly 500,000 .xyz registrations in the first three months of availability. .xyz is for all business sizes.
.xyz is affordably priced
Save thousands by registering a .xyz instead of a premium dot com. Affordable enough to register in bulk. Promote events and special offers on dedicated .xyz websites.
.xyz is a globally appealing brand
Build on a brand that appeals to young adults and forward-thinking users. Speak globally by registering .xyz domains in over 200 different languages.
Build an authoritative web presence
Secure short and memorable .xyz names to boost your online presence. Upgrade your existing domains, like instead of
Enhance your visibility with .xyz
Improve worldwide search engine rankings to get found. Get keywords linked to your business. Create microsites for your promotions, products, or recruitment.
It’s bold. It’s strong. It makes sense.
xyz offers choice to users when selecting a domain. The .com space is crowded. .xyz is pressing the reset button on the namespace, allowing for greater accessibility, variety, and innovation.
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Make your brand stand out with a .xyz microsite

A microsite is a stand-alone, simple website that is ideal for promoting specific products or campaigns. Any experienced marketer knows that a successful campaign results from delivering tailored content to a targeted audience. Microsites allow you to easily execute and accomplish just that. Below are five ways to maximize your microsite’s effectiveness to engage visitors and increase conversion rates with a .xyz domain name.

Keep your eye on the prize
Clearly define the microsite’s purpose and focus on your target audience. Whenever you’re making a content or design decision, ask yourself, “will this help me accomplish my goal?”
The power of your domain name
Your domain name is how users will recognize and find you. The best ones are short, memorable, and related to your content to avoid misdirected users.
Speak to your audience
Your microsite’s content must be compelling, relatable, and tailored to your target audience. It should keep visitors on your site and clearly state the product or service’s benefits.
Steer visitors to your call-to-action
Just like your content, keep your design simple. Don’t inundate your visitor with clutter and strategically utilize design elements that flow towards the call-to-action.
Gather smart data to improve your site
Microsites make it easy to gather and analyze specific user data to improve future campaigns. Google Analytics is one the most popular options to accomplish this.