Email Hosting

Affordable Email Hosting plans either for your business or your own personal emails

Save costs, while maintaining a professional image. is now offering great Email Hosting packages whether for the business owner or the individual. Create a more professional electronic image as a business or as an individual by moving away from the usual, ‘old’ generic email addresses. Domain-based emails immediately convey a professional look to your clients. Get Email Hosting for your business's domain name today with our affordable email hosting packages.

Email Hosting Packages

Email Hosting 10
R39 p/m
10 Email Accounts
5GB Disk Space
1 Email Domain
Domain Aliases
Free Domain Name
Free Email SSL
Email Hosting 20
R59 p/m
20 Email Accounts
10GB Disk Space
1 Email Domain
2 Domain Aliases
Free Domain Name
Free Email SSL
Email Hosting 50
R99 p/m
50 Email Accounts
25GB Disk Space
1 Email Domain
5 Domain Aliases
Free Domain Name
Free Email SSL
Email Hosting 100
R199 p/m Most Popular
100 Email Accounts
50GB Disk Space
1 Email Domain
5 Domain Aliases
Free Domain Name
Free Email SSL
Email Hosting 200
R399 p/m
200 Email Accounts
100GB Disk Space
1 Email Domain
5 Domain Aliases
Free Domain Name
Free Email SSL
Email Hosting 400
R799 p/m
400 Email Accounts
200GB Disk Space
1 Email Domain
5 Domain Aliases
Free Domain Name
Free Email SSL
* T&C's apply, Does not include domain registration.
All listed prices exclude premium domain names
* Free Domain Registration applies to the following extensions only -,.xyz,,,,.online
* Free Domain Registration is only applicable at time of purchase
* Excludes all premium domain names.

All Email Hosting Packages Include

DirectAdmin Control Panel
Webmail Access
POP3 & IMAP Support
SSL Supported Email
Spam & Virus Protection
Email Forwarders
Email Contacts
Premium Support

Who can benefit from our Email Hosting Packages?

Small business owners

Small business owners, consultants and entrepreneurs, that offer goods or services on a personal level, who don’t need a website but do want their own professional-looking emails.

Companies and organisations

Companies and organisations, whether they have a website hosting package or not, but need to increase their email server-storage space at an additional minimal cost to company and that can be upgraded to ‘grow’ with them.

Newly formed ventures, businesses

Newly formed ventures, businesses, partnerships, etc. that are still in the process of launching themselves into, and communicating with, the rest of the world whilst maintaining the identity of the recently established enterprise.


Families that want to enhance their privacy of communication and prefer not to utilise the ‘free’ services offered by @MWeb, @Google, @Yahoo, etc.

Gain client trust

Trust gained from looking more professional online with your email as rather than Customers are 9x more likely to use your business if your email address matches your domain name.

Securely stored emails

Having a secure Email Hosting account is perfect for clients who want to keep all their emails in a safe, secure and confidential online environment that they can access any time from any device.

Why Choose Our Email Hosting Service?

An email address that is domain-based has a far more professional-looking appeal for potential customers. Anyone looking online for service providers, contractors, consultants and suppliers, etc. are nine times more likely to choose a search engine listing with a ‘’ email address than a generic,, or, based one.

Easy-to-use Control Panel’s Email Hosting packages have a user-friendly Control Panel that allows you to effectively manage and customise your email accounts. Plus, you have the added benefit of being able to upgrade when you need more disk space.

Awesome Support

We're here for you with our awesome support. Call us and speak to a real, live email expert. An actual person, not an automated message.

World-Class security

Your Email Hosting package comes with our server-based SSL that provides encrypted security to all emails. Our clients can rest assured that our additional spam and virus filters are an effective back-up measure ensuring your protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade my Email (only) Hosting to include Website Hosting?

FAQ Answer

Yes, you can. Please send an email requesting the upgrade to and our sales team will assist you.

What is the mailbox size/limit for each email address?

FAQ Answer

The default space allocation for an individual email address is 500MB. Please note, that this can be increased or decreased via your Email Hosting Control Panel.

What are Domain Aliases and how do I use them?

FAQ Answer

If for you have the domain and an email address of, you could add or as a domain alias so that emails sent to or come into the mailbox.

What do I do if I need more space or want to upgrade an Email Hosting package?

FAQ Answer

You can upgrade your Email Hosting package via our website page and follow the upgrade process.

What is the process for setting up email accounts once I have an active Email Hosting package?

FAQ Answer

Login to your cPanel and create the email addresses you require, alternatively, you can send an email requesting and we will create them for you. Please note that the request MUST come from the registered email address we have on the system when you signed up.

Email Account Setup Instructions

What is the default Email mailbox size?

FAQ Answer

The Mailbox size is dependent on the disk space of the Email Hosting package you have, it can go up to ‘unlimited’.

What types of connections are supported on the Email Hosting packages?

FAQ Answer

The Email Hosting packages have both IMAP4 and POP3 connections available.

Will there be downtime when I migrate my emails from my current hosting provider/package to the Email Hosting package?

FAQ Answer

Usually not. Should our support team be able to manage the pointing of your domain, and can ensure that none (or limited) issues happen, then pointing your email records for your domain to your email hosting package can be done within 10 minutes.

Can I access my emails online?

FAQ Answer

Yes, you can via the webmail address that was sent to you, this will give you access to a webmail login screen.

Can I use the Email (only) Hosting package if my website is with WIX, or any other external provider?

FAQ Answer

Yes, you can.

Will my emails be secure on an Email (only) Hosting package?

FAQ Answer

Yes they will, we offer a free SSL that gets issued directly on the server.

Do I need to have a website?

FAQ Answer

No, this is for emails only, should you want to have a website you can upgrade your account. Please send an email requesting the upgrade to and our sales team will assist you.