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How to create a new e-mail profile in Outlook 2007 and in Outlook 2003

Follow these steps to create a new e-mail profile in Outlook 2007 and in Outlook 2003:

  • Click Start → Control Panel.
  • Switch to Classic View → then double-click Mail.
  • Mail Setup dialogue box → Show Profiles.
  • General tab → Prompt for a profile to be used → Add.
  • Profile Name box, type a descriptive name for the new e-mail profile → OK.
  • E-mail Accounts dialogue box → Add a new e-mail account → Next.
  • Click the appropriate server type for the new e-mail account → Next.
  • Type your account information in the required boxes → Next.
  • Click Finish → OK.

NOTE: By default, both the Outlook Address Book and the personal folders (.pst) files are automatically added to each new e-mail profile, except for those e-mail profiles that are created in Microsoft Exchange Server. By default, .pst files are not added to each new e-mail profile in Exchange Server.

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