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» Article: What is Required for a Domain to be Transferred?

Please note that your current ISP may not release your domain/domain information until your account has been settled.

1. To ensure the minimum amount of downtime for your business/website, we require the following for setup on our servers:

- FTP details
- Copy of your Database (where applicable)
- Authorization Code (if applicable)
- Unlocking of the Domain (if applicable)
- Email addresses that you require.

2. Advise your current ISP that you will be transferring your domain to


When Transferring a Domain from

Please give our Accounts Department ( a Calendar Month’s Notice and ensure that your account is paid up.

Thereafter, you shall need to liaise with your new hosting provider and get further instructions from them.

NB: Should you transfer your domain to another ISP, please remember to ensure that you cancel all your services pertaining to it. runs on an automated billing system which does NOT automatically cancel any services off a customer's account.


Fees for Transferring a Domain:

Transferring a local domain (e.g. is currently, free of charge. However, transferring an international domain (e.g. .com) usually incurs a fee. The fee can be in the format of paying an annual renewal fee at the time of transfer.

Should you wish to transfer your domain, please click on this link.

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