How will I be billed for the ADSL Accounts that I activate?

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The ADSL accounts operate on a “paid-in-advance” platform as per our billing system.

However, as an ADSL Reseller you will be able to provision/activate accounts prior to making an initial payment (for the applicable account).

When you activate an ADSL account, our system will automatically generate the applicable invoice and add it to your account, with payment due at the end of the month.

You will then have the option to either pay the invoice immediately or leave it until the end of the month when it will fall due.* 

However, should you opt to leave the invoice for the end of the month, upon payment of the invoice (for the current month), our system will automatically generate the invoice for the upcoming month and this will need to be paid to avoid suspension of the applicable package/services.

* As you are aware, failure to pay an invoice within its time period will result in Suspension of that service.

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