How to Setup your New Email Account on your Apple Mac.

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This tutorial will guide you through setting up a New Email Account on your Apple Mac, or adding an additional email account.

- Open Mail
- Select Add Account
    Should this be the first email account you are setting up on your Mac, then it will automatically redirect you to the Add Account window
- Select Add Other Mail Account - at the end of the default list that is displayed.
- Click Continue

- Enter the following information:
    Full Name: the name you wish to have displayed as Sender
    Email Address: the email address you have setup with your ISP
    Password: the one relevent to the above email address

Email Setup on Apple Mac-1

- Click Next
- You will recive an Account must be manually configured message - because Mail will attempt to contact the mail default server, which will not work.
- Click Next
- Enter the following information for the Incoming Mail Server:
    Mail Server: (as sent through by, or your IP address)
    User Name: this will be your email address
    Password: your email password

Email Setup on  Apple Mac-2

- Click Next
- Incoming Mail Server additional details
    Path Prefix: leave this text block blank
    Port: this will be based on the settings you have selected as:
       - IMAP:  143 (if you are using SSL then 993)
       - POP3:  110 (if you are using SSL then 995)
       NOTE: SSL Checkbox: Tick this box if you wish to connect SSL encryption. Please use the SSL Port as indicated above.
    Authentication: must be Password - select from the drop-down menu
- Click Next

Email Setup on  Apple Mac-3

- Enter the following information for the Outgoing Mail Server:
    SMTP Server: (as sent through by, or your IP address)
    User Name: this will be your email address
    Password: your email password
- Click Create

Email Setup on  Apple Mac-4

- On the Mail menu, select Preferences
- Select Accounts tab
- Select the your new email account from the left-hand column
- Select Advanced tab
- Uncheck Automatically detect and maintain account settings

- Navigate back to Accounts tab
- From the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) drop down menu - select Edit SMTP Server List
- Select Advanced tab
- Uncheck Automatically detect and maintain account settings

- Port: it is highly recommended to use 587 (without SSL or 465 with SSL) as many ISPs block the default port 25
- Authentication: select Password from the drop-down menu
- Check Allow insecure authentication
  NOTE: if you do not see this option, you may have to update Apple Mail or Yosemite to the latest version
- Click OK

Email Setup on  Apple Mac-5

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