Can I invite certain people to view my WordPress Blog site and have access to it?

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You will need the person’s name and their email address and then you can select which option you wish them to have. The available options are:

-      Administrator – this allows access to virtually everything that you as the owner can access.

-      Editor – this selection will have access to pages, categories, tags, posts, comments and links.

-      Author – can write, edit, publish and upload images top their own posts.

-      Follower – can read and comment on pages and posts on a Public Site.

-      Viewer – can comment and read on posts and pages on a Private Site.

-      Login to your WordPress site

-      Click Manage

-      Select People

-      Open the Invite tab

-      Enter the Email address

-      Select the Role you want them to have

-      Write your Custom Message

-      Click Send Invitation

The person you invited will receive an email with an Accept Invitation button, which they will need to click on to accept.

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