What are the Discussion Settings on my WordPress Blog site?

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The options available under Discussion are:

-      Default article settings – setup your default setting for links and postings – these can be overwritten for each individual article as well.

-      Other comment settings – a variety of settings including: Automatically closing comments on articles older than a specific number of days; nested comments levels; breaking comments into pages, etc.

-      Email me whenever – when comments are posted and/or held for moderation.

-      Before a comment appears – select manually approved and/or author must have a previously approved comment.

-      Comment moderation – allows the system to hold back a comment that has more than a certain number of links contained in it (this halts any Comment Spamming). It also allows you to sift out comments that contain specific words in the content, URL, email address or IP address, or where the word forms part of another word.

-      Comment Blacklist – as above, but these will automatically be put in the dustbin.

-      Avatars – allow avatars for people commenting on your blog, including Ratings, a default Avatar.

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