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» Article: Why should I pay for an Antivirus?

- Online threats constantly adapt and change; a 'Paid for' Antivirus provider ensures that their Virus, Malware and Spyware definitions are immediately up to date and available to their clients.

- 'Paid for' Antivirus programs offer additional features and functionality, that are not included in the free Antivirus programs. (e.g. Social Media scanning, PC performance monitors, Clean up Tools, etc.)

- Companies that produce 'Paid for' Antivirus programs know that in order to say ahead of their competition, they need to ensure that they constantly update and improve their products to provide the best solution at the best price, which is unfortunately not the case with a Free program.

- 'Paid for' Antivirus programs offer a more elaborate Virus and Spyware screening process and will pick up threats that Free programs could miss.

- 'Paid for' Antivirus programs are generally easier to operate, setup preferences and manage.

- 'Paid for' Antivirus programs typically have fewer program conflicts as their developers understand that conflicts will cause potential clients not to purchase their products.

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