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» Article: My Emails stay in the Outbox - Outlook 2003

The following are some common reasons why new Emails do not leave the Outbox in Microsoft Outlook:

1. If you use Offline folders or Remote Mail, you must use different commands to Send and Receive messages.

2. If you open an Email in the Outbox, or Edit it and then Save changes, the message is not sent.

- Open the message, and then click Send.
- Messages waiting to be sent are formatted in italic in the Outbox.

3. You may have specified that emails not be sent until the next Send/Receive.

- On the Tools menu, click Options
- Click the Mail Setup tab
- Select the Send Immediately when connected check box so that a message is sent when you click Send in the message.

NOTE: If you connect by using a LAN, messages are sent in the background. If you use a dial-up networking connection, Outlook tries to connect to the server after you click Send in a message.

4. If you are using Cached Exchange Mode, you might have chosen to work offline and have no Send/Receive group settings configured to periodically connect to the Microsoft Exchange Server.

- If you are working offline, the status bar will display Offline.

5. To return all accounts in the profile Online

- On the File menu, click Work Offline.

6. To only reconnect the Exchange Server email account

- On the File menu, click Connect to Microsoft Exchange Server.

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