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» Article: How to Setup your New Email Account on your iPhone

Setup your new Email Account on your iPhone:

1. Go to Settings

2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars

3. Select Add an Account

4. Select Other (usually at the end of the list)

5. Select Add Mail Account and it will display a New Account screen

6. Enter the following information:

    Name: the name you wish to have displayed as Sender

    Email: the email address you have setup with your ISP

    Password: the one relevant to the above email address

    Description: a pertinent one especially if you have more than one email address registered to your phone

Setup Email Account - iPhone - New Account

7. Select Next

8. Select the protocol IMAP (preferred) or POP3

9. Enter the following information for either of them:

    Incoming Mail Server:
    Host Name: (as sent through by
    User Name: this will be your email address
    Password: your email password

 Outgoing Mail Server:
    Host Name: (as sent through by
    User Name: this will be your email address
    Password: your email password

Setup Email Account - iPhone - Incoming and Outgoing Mail Servers

10. Select Next

11. If you have selected IMAP you can now enable Mail & Notes and then select Save and the automated system will complete its required validity checks.

12. Once the validity checks have been completed it will revert back to Mail, Contacts, Calendars - please select the newly created mail account.

13. Scroll down and select Advanced, where you will need to setup additional Incoming settings for IMAP or POP3

14. IMAP connection uses Port 143 incoming (where SSL has been disabled)

15. POP3 connection uses Port 110 incoming (where SSL has been disabled)

Setup Email Account - iPhone - Advanced Settings

16. Return to the previous screen i.e. Account and select Outgoing Mail Server by selecting SMTP

17. Scroll down and select Advanced, where you will need to setup additional Outgoing settings

18. Both IMAP & POP3 connect using Port 587 outgoing (where SSL has been disabled)

19. Please ensure that Authentication displays as Password

Setup Email Account - iPhone - Server Port Authentication

20. Select Done

Your new email account should now be functional.

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