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» Article: How to Secure your WordPress Site.

It usually tries to login with the Default Username: admin and then tries Common Passwords e.g. 12345, or abcd1234, etc.


Please change your Default Username: admin immediately!

1. Passwords need to be Strong with a combination of acceptable characters, numbers, lower and upper case letters.

2. Please ensure that you also change your Administration Email Account Password.

3. Turn on 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)

Please Note: You must have the latest version of WordPress to enable this. This will enable you to receive your Username and Password on your cellphone as well as your email.


Secure your Login Details:

  • Change your Username to something long and unique
  • Change your Password to something more complicated
  • Change your Email Password to avoid password retrieval
  • Enable Two-Step Authentication.


Additional Security suggestions:

  • Ensure you use a reputable WordPress Theme
  • Remove all Plugins that you no longer require
  • Ensure you have the latest version of WordPress
  • Consider setting up either a Safe List, or a Block List, or both, for your Admin

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